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Dick and Jen have their most intense confrontation yet

Daniele and Amber leave to compete in THE POWER OF 10

Jen is unanimously evicted, and Jessica wins HoH

Are You Ready to Rumble?
Meanwhile, back outside Jessica suspects something is afoot with her housemate and warns the others Jen is “going to do something crazy.” Dick realizes Jen’s likely plans and heads inside to take his cigarettes up to the safety of the HoH room, but finds them missing. He is furious and asks Jen where she put them. Jen ignores him as Dick goes after her. “Going out with a bang, huh? Go cry some more, go have a turkey burger,” he snarls. Jen shrugs her shoulders and smiles, “Okay.” Dick storms outside and tells the others what Jen did. He then tears through the entire house to find his cigarettes but fails, only finding Jen’s stuff hidden in trash bags. He takes the bags up to the HoH where he holds them for ransom. “I’ve dated girls like this before; it’s not a good thing!” Jessica alerts Jen she can see Dick taking trash bags up to the HoH. Jen laughs and heads to the kitchen. Dick finds her a little while later and whines, “Why are you still here?” Dick accuses Jen of acting like a child because she’s been outplayed by others. Jen walks outside with fruit, cottage cheese and a burger in her hands, ignoring him. “I’ll now perform, eating,” she announces to Jameka, Eric and Zach. Eric draws attention to the fact that Jen is breaking the rules, since she promised in the HoH competition to be on slop for 120 days. Zach is equally peeved, commenting that what Jen is doing is akin to “cheating,” and Eric is “dumbfounded” by Jen’s audacious actions. Midway through her burger Jen is pulled into the diary room by the BIG BROTHER 8 producers. She is told she has a penalty vote against her on Thursday as punishment for her breaking the rules. Jen accepts her punishment and returns outside to finish her apple. Spoiling for trouble, Dick walks over to her and blows smoke in her face. Jen asks him to stop but he continues and when she makes a grab for the cigarette, she gets burned by it. Jen yells he is purposefully burning her while Dick lets loose his pent up dislike for his housemate, yelling, “Go home, just go home.” Jameka breaks up the confrontation by pulling Jen away. She leads her to the bathroom where they find the burn is minor, but Jen’s fury is major.

Power to the Girls
Amber and Daniele embark on their New York City trip to compete on the POWER OF 10. “We’re gonna meet Drew Carey!” Daniele squeals with excitement. Amber laughs with pure joy, “We’re going to be on a game show.” Amber loves the limo drive and when they board their private jet, the two HouseGuests are wide eyed with wonder. “New York City here we come!” Amber says. They share a champagne toast and take off. Arriving in New York, the girls meet Michael Davies, the executive producer from POWER OF 10. He explains how the show works and that they have flown in someone special for each of the girls to act as their support when they compete. Both are left to wonder who it could be. In another room Nick waits for his chance to see Daniele. Amber’s cousin Katie is there to support her, admitting she can’t wait to see Amber again. The girls are in and out of the make-up chairs quickly and ready for their big appearance. Amber sighs, “[It feels like] you’re actually somebody” with all the attention. POWER OF 10 host Drew Carey announces them on the show and Amber and Daniele take their places to compete for $10 million. How did Daniele and Amber do on the POWER OF 10? Find out this Tuesday, August 28 at 8pm et/pt.

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