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Author: Kaleb Debbage Published: Monday 26 February 2007 (Issue 189)

Alarming consequences for student pranks

We are all familiar with the student halls false alarm scenario: it's 2am and you're revising for tomorrow's exam, working for that essay deadline or maybe just asleep.

Then the alarms go off. And they don't stop until the firefighters have checked the building and at least half an hour of impromptu nightwear modelling in the car park has passed.

During a recent incident, a UWE student deliberately activated the same fire alarm at their halls of residence three times. The first alarm was around 2am, the next at 4.30am, and then once more just after 6am.

One minute before the alarm was activated a second time, the Fire and Rescue Service received a 999 call reporting a house fire in Bristol. One person died and another was rescued by firefighters. Fire Officer Jack Russell pointed out, "As far as the responding firefighters are concerned there is no such thing as a false alarm - every callout is treated with the same blue light urgency."

There were 184 callouts to Bristol University during the 2005/06 period, 20 of which were deliberate.

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