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Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi everyone, I just wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas while I was at the computer. I hope everyone got everything that they could have possibly wished for. I got more than I could have ever wanted this year, including an i-cybie (next generation of Aibo dogs). This is a glorious day. How long I've waited for one of these:) I also had the chance to upload two new screenshots from the KQ2 and QFG2 games, between playing some new computer games. You can find them on the screenshots pages of those sites, or by looking at the KQ2 news page, and checking out the links I've provided. Once again, merry Christmas everyone! We'll continue posting updates as we jump back into work after the holidays have passed.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hey guys! I just wanted to wish a happy holidays to everyone! Development on the game has been going well, but we're all going to slow down the speed a few notches over the next week or two to take time for the holidays. We've been working so hard on games for the past year and a half or so, that we've almost missed the upcoming holiday! Of course we'll continue working on the games, but, will mainly concentrate on not giving ourselves early deaths from stress induced heart attacks, and will instead concentrate on eating more candy canes, doing some christmas shopping, and drinking some hot chocolate. Wow,...taking it easy. It's a really new phenomenon to me! Anyhow, if there is anything that anybody really wants to see, just let us know in the forums! It's been a while since we've posted any screenshots or anything, so let us know if there is anything that you'd be interested in seeing! Also, I might mention, I'll be moving back to America next month to go back to college, so things have been really hectic for me lately, with getting packed and getting reregistered into school. So, if I haven't answered any emails or haven't been answering the posts on the forums much, just give me a light nudge if you really need an answer. I'm reading everything, but have been putting things off that seem like they can wait...but sometimes forget to get back to them! Anyhow, hopefully when I get back to America, I'll even have more times for game making than usual. Think about it. Free food. Free board. Everything you could possibly need on campus. And no need to work. Just a few hours of classes per get a college degree, and a heck of a lot of time to do creative stuff! I'm looking forward to this. Once again, I hope everyone has a great holiday, and that you get everything you could ever have wished for!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

I just realized it's been a while since last posting, and decided I'd give everyone an update. First off, happy holidays to everyone. I didn't realize it was already near the end of December! What a great time of year. As for the game, we've been working non stop, and have released another demo (only to the game developers). It's so difficult telling you guys how the demo is, because I always have only pssitive things to say, so it seems that I am just...well, a positive person! But, the truth is, I am always utterly amazed when I see it. When I think it's impossible to top off the coolness of the last demo, I'm completely surprised to see the newest demo is at least 10 times cooler! There were really cool special effects in this one...funny dialogue, a whole entire new section of the map for the game done, and...well, this really neat scene that I don't want to tell too much about, becaus ethat would give away too much! Anyhow, Wookie has been busy writing up background descriptions...AGD2 has been busy scripting, Tom making music, and me, drawing. I must say, we're really deep into this game now. I'm starting to see the peak of the mountain...and hopefully, we'll start heading downhill soon. Hehe, of course, we'll hit another mountain when it comes to beta testing, but nothing we can't overcome. We did it once, we can do it again!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hey guys! It's time for another update. We've all been so busy with the games lately, that I totally forgot to post updates about our progress! I guess that CAN be a good thing! It's amazing how much work a game is to make. Honestly, I think it's safe to say, that if you have time to sleep, eat, have a social life, go to school, have a close relationship to your family, keep a pet, use the restroom...then, you are not going to finish a game in your lifetime. You've got to give up at least a handful of the previously mentioned things if you are ever going to finish a game, and I speak from experience. Sure, you say, the game might be done in 50 years, even if you DO use the restroom. But the truth is, in 50 years, you are going to be so sick of your game..everyone who waited around for it is going to be sick of hearing about it, and to top things off, computers will be so advanced, you'd have to recreate the game engine from scratch because your game wouldn't even WORK on the new computers anyhow! I must admit, I do eat every so often, and I sleep at least once a month or so. I have a job, I do see friends every once in a while. And my family and I are at least on speaking terms. But, you must remember, I do this all quickly. For instance, I pick up lunch, and I walk back home AS I'm eating it. It's all about optimizing your time. So, my point is, we've been putting in a LOT of time and energy into these games, and I think you are all going to be really excited with the results! All the game developers got a chance to play the newest demo of the game, which had a HUGE portion of the game done! I didn't realize how far along we were! Today, I made quite a few animations, and a really cool, full screen drawing/animation as well. I love how much detail is going into this game. Honestly, there are more little cool things to do in this game than in any other adventure game I've ever played! But, of course, I'm you guys will all have to wait and see for yourselves:)

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hello once again! If you haven't noticed, we've released new screenshots from the KQ2 and QFG2 games! So, you'll want to be sure to check them out. In the KQ2 screenshot, you'll be able to see a bit better what direction we're taking in the game. You'll see new geography, new characters, and new puzzles right before your eyes! I also just had the chance to check out a new demo, featuring a nearly completed puzzle/quest that has been scripted. It's REALLY cool! I was literally laughing and smiling the whole way through. It's so much fun to see my dialogue pictures come to life in the game! I saw the characters in my mind, and in the storyline...but, when they're finally put in the game, and scripted, with their animations, and dialogues playing at the same time, they really come to life for the first time, and it's a great feeling to see this. Anyhow, I finished up another dialogue picture today of one of my favorite characters in the game! We actually have a couple dialogue pictures of that character. I think people will enjoy the fact that we didn't skimp on dialogue pictures in this game! We have made and animated several dialogue pictures for the same character if the plot calls for it! So, that is definitely an added bonus in this game! Anyhow, I've been really tired today, so I think I'm going to call it a night and get back to work tomorrow. Hope everyone enjoys the newly released screenshots though!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hey guys! I had the chance to play through the newest Kolyma walkable demo today, with music, puzzle backgrounds, some characters, dialogue pictures, dialogue, etc, and even I, a person who's been working on it for quite some time, was awe! Not only is this game turning out much more awesome and professional than the KQ1VGA remake...but, this game has even more detail and cool stuff in it than most Sierra games that I've played!! I think that the VGA remake of KQII is really doing justice to the game, and making it everything it could have been and more! Like, it's bringing the KQ2 game up to the level of complexity of the KQ6 game, which I know is one of the favorites amongst the fans. Anyhow, I just received some more music to play along with the demo, so I'm going to go and check it out again. I also might mention that I made another dialogue picture today. And, you guys are going to be really surprised with how many new characters are in this game! I also did a lot of work on some secret stuff as well. Anyhow, I'm off to try the demo with more music!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi everyone! I thought it was about time for another journal entry about the progress of the KQ2+VGA remake! First off, I've been hard at work today, creating more dialogue pictures for the game. I designed two more, drew them, scanned them in, and colored them. Right now, I'm off to work on my third one. It's amazing how fast we've gotten at completing stuff, and for some reason, it looks even better than the stuff we used to take a long time on. I guess we're just getting more experienced! AGD#2 has been adding really cool effects to the KQ2 backgrounds! I think it will be pretty exciting for you guys to see these neat little additions! The backgrounds are also coming along really fast now. As you probably already heard, the main Kolyma maps are done, with special puzzle screens added, and also, we're making a lot of progress on the remaining screens of the game as well! This game is really a huge step ahead for us, and even I'm getting excited to play it!!! Ok guys, I'm back to work again, so I can get another dialogue picture done before I call it a day!

Cadbury Wookie

I think I've finally done it. After all this time, I believe I have achieved the impossible. I have also - as far as I can tell, from where I'm sitting - completed the screenplay. That is, is has been reworked, tweaked, edited (and recently, added to significantly) so many times now that I feel it is time to hand it over fully to AGC#1, AGC#2, Tom and Dianne so they can work from a script they know will not be changing greatly from now on. Does that mean I've totally finished with it? Most likely not. I'll probably find myself looking at the thing and asking myself, "I wonder how that would sound if the scene went THIS way..." thus causing a rather extensive domino effect of brain-pain reorganisation. But seriously, there comes a time when one has to stop tinkering, and allow the screenplay to stand up by itself - for conversion into a game. There is still a ton of work for me to do though: background descriptions! I'm simply amazed at how fast the backgrounds are being done. I would not want to put a time estimate on it at this stage... but I can definitely see the light at the end of this tunnel. (And so can Graham, assuming he remembers which way to go from... ah, but that would be telling!) So as of now, I can concentrate on the background descriptions, with the comfortable feeling that the game is (on paper at least) done!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi everybody! I just wanted to give you a quick update and let you know how things are going. Last night I just played through the finalized Kolyma walkable demo, which includes all backgrounds from the mainland Kolyma map, and it's so cool! The detail in there is incredible. I was so proud to see my own original drawings in there as well, that weren't included in the original game! It's the coolest feeling to see your own work as part of the King's Quest II game! This game is really starting to remind me of a KQ/QFG hybrid. The best of both worlds if you ask me! The land feels so much more worthy of exploring, and has such a cool atmosphere created. Before, everything was so bright and cheery in Kolyma. In our version, there is so much more depth to everything! Hmm, oh, someone that isn't on the actual dev team tested out the intro sequence for the game. Perhaps I should leave off this design journal entry with their response to the demo!

I have only one word that can describe my impressions of the KQ2+ introduction. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must tip my hat to EVERYONE involved in this project, as they have done an EXCELLENT job with the introduction. KQ2 was my very first King's Quest title and seeing the introduction to KQ2+ brought it all back and more.
I must say I am eager to see the finished product. If the introduction is any indication, KQ2+ will eclipse KQ1VGA in every category. The ************** was impressive, as was the ******************. The portraits are extremely detailed, with much more detail than the portraits of KQ1VGA.
I truly am amazed and simply can't wait to see the finished product. Well done indeed. =)

Well that's it folks! That's the initial response to the introduction sequence of the game, and it continues to get better and better! Ok guys, it's late, and time for me to get some sleep so we can continue to make games!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Short update from me, guys. I just drew, and colored, a top secret KQ2 background with marker and colored pencil on bristol board. Additionally, I'm going to get to work on drawing a new dialogue picture for Nepture, where he is standing in the same position as the other character dialogue pictures in the game. Oh gosh, I don't know what to say now...because, I'd like to let you know what else has been going on behind the scenes, but now everybody has the ability to write their own design journals! Hmm, since I'm not sure if anyone else will post anything today, I'll just let you know what the others have been up to. AGD#2 has been making some really cool animations for the ocean, and has been getting the whole land of Kolyma in tip top shape, adding fine little details to make everything seem more alive. Cadbury Wookie has been busy writing an introductory story to go in the game's manual. And Tom has been busy making more music. The intro scene is now pretty much finalized, and pushing the 9 minute mark. It's as entertaining as watching a movie though! I don't want to reveal too much about it, but it just turned out awesome. The screenplay, art, and music in the intro really just make it exciting to watch! Anyhow, like I said, I'm going to try to work on that Neptune picture before I call it a night!

Tom Lewandowski

Hello, everyone! It's an honor to have this opportunity to share with you regarding the King's Quest II+ project, from a musical prospective. Though the soundtrack for this game is but a small portion of the total picture, it's exciting nonetheless to be a part of this ‘adventure' and to actually be able to see and hear the results together as they're being created. Some of you have asked if a KQII+ soundtrack preview is available. After some discussion with the AGD's, I'm pleased to present these two, short MP3 selections from the game: and I'm afraid I can't tell you from what parts of the game these two excerpts are from, but at least you can have some fun trying to guess. I hope you enjoy what you hear! The KQII+ project is very important to me, and I take this project very seriously -- devoting all my free time to the music. Not only is this something I've always wanted to be involved in, but it's also very rewarding (and LOTS of fun) to see the game grow and come to life!

Anonymous Game Developer #2

Hey everyone! Once again, we've completed quite a bit of work over the last few days! As of today, we've finished several new animated dialog pictures, some dialog scripting for characters, and we've also inserted every background for the Kolyma mainland area into the engine. The introduction sequence was also finished late yesterday, and is now just awaiting Tom's final musical masterpiece to be inserted into it, then that too will be %100 complete! It's really a great help having a dedicated plot writer AND musician on the KQ2+ project. It definitely makes everything a lot more organized and helps progress to flow much more smoothly! Admittedly, KQ1VGA was a little less hectic, and I wasn't really expecting OR prepared for the amount of organization that came with KQ2, but it's turning out to be challenging and fun. Plus, we can see all of our combined work coming together to make a game which really DOES resemble a Sierra product. KQ2+'s musical score sounds fantastic, and each piece has been uniquely composed according to how its scene plays out. The plot is very intriguing and will certainly add a lot of longevity to this classic game - even for those of you who know the original back to front! And the art contains many more extra features than KQ1VGA utilized; such as better quality dialog pictures, close-up scenes and animated cut scenes. I'm also constantly amazed at the quality of work from our new members! Both Cadbury Wookie and Tom's work-rate and reliability is incredible! I feel very lucky to be involved in a team that works so well together, where we are able to make speedy progress, without being hindered by immature attitudes or personal disagreements.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi again! Wow, today has been a really fun and productive day. I've drawn three new dialogue pictures for the game today, and colored them all as well! I'm proud to say that my coloring skills are really improving with as much artwork as I've been doing lately, so this KQ2VGA game is going to knock the socks off the KQ1VGA remake artwork wise! And, as you know, the storyline is going to be amazing since Cadbury Wookie has been working on it, and even the scripting is top notch! It's amazing how much you learn by making your first game. We've learned so much from the KQ1VGA remake, that now, we can improve little details here and there in the KQ2VGA remake to make it even more professional and more fun! You guys are going to love the music made by Tom as well. He's added so many cool little easter eggs in the music. You'll see what I'm talking about when you play the game. We're really moving along now...almost the whole entire main land of Kolyma has been finished background wise. I'm really impressed with how fast this is coming along! Anyhow, it's late, so I'm going to take a look at the latest version of the game, including Tom's new music!

Cadbury Wookie

22nd October, 2001 (How it all came to be...) Wow. Has it really been four months since I first wrote those first three chapters (a revamped introduction, conclusion and a mid-game cut-scene) to complement the original KQ2? That was, honestly, the extent of my intentions at first. Early on, I had little interest in completely redesigning the entire game, from beginning to end. But it seems that the more one tinkers with something, the urge to keep tinkering grows. Fortunately, nothing blew up in my face. And what grew to be a one hundred page (plus) novel by the end of August, was rewritten to become a screenplay in early September. This, believe it or not, was among the first big challenges that I faced. While I am quite critical of anything I write, I was quite proud of my mini-novel. The two AGC’s provided nothing but positive feedback ever since they saw the three aforementioned ‘chapters’. However, I realised that the ever lengthening novel was becoming very difficult to update and include the information relevant to actual gameplay. Sure, I had a story. I had fleshed-out characters, extensive dialogue, and even comprehensive puzzles. However, the multiple “do’s and do nots” inherent in an adventure game had not been properly (if at all) addressed. After all, the player is not expected to watch an animated movie based on my novel, right? Thus began the painful experience of shortening, editing, culling and scrapping many elements (jokes and lines in particular). They had worked well in a novel format, but would never translate well into a game. So it became a concerted procedure to convert a novel into a document with which the AGC’s could use as a reference when programming the game into AGS. The better part of that month passed, and finally the first draft of the screenplay was submitted for the AGC’s to review. Thankfully, they loved it, and thought it would make their job “that much easier” when it came time to actually scripting the game. The weeks that followed saw many changes to the screenplay: alterations, additions, line re-writes, accounting for the many ways Graham could solve a puzzle, and more importantly... die! At this time, KQ2+ was to be third on the list of Tierra’s priorities. Interestingly, certain events transpired which altered that situation. First of all, it was realised that KQ2+ existed in fairly large chunks - in one form or another - in the body of the KQ1VGA remake. So a significant amount of the programming work was essentially already done! This bumped KQ2+ ahead on the priority list, in front of the proposed QfG2 remake. But that still left Royal Quest, soon to be released... or was it? As it turned out, the AGC’s decided to cancel RQ (and quite rightfully so, I think - but that is just my humble opinion). They believed that it did not promote the values and tone they were trying to preserve in remaking the old Sierra classics. The effect of this was that KQ2+ now stood at the forefront of Tierra’s production efforts (alongside another ‘secret’ project). Hurray! Believing that I could now sit back, relax, and watch the AGC’s do all the rest of the work, I was surprised to find I was still being kept busy making the aforementioned regular changes to the screenplay. Simultaneously, I felt obliged to provide ‘constructive feedback’ on the background screens that were being made, as well as the character dialogue pictures. On top of that, I was still responsible for writing the specific screen descriptions for each background scene, based on a predetermined list of ‘hotspots’. My part in it had certainly not concluded! Come October, some really exciting progress had being made. Tom Lewandowski, who is known for his spectacular renditions of past Sierra classic melodies - including his own arrangement of the music for KQ1VGA - was brought on board the project to write some original music for KQ2+. Now I could see the game being made... and hear it as well! Additionally, work had commenced on the intro sequence; the direction and quality of which I found immensely pleasing. Whereas before I had hoped we could make a good game... now, I know we WILL! 4th November 2001 (The development continues) And thus begins my monthly reporting. While barely two weeks have passed since the journal began, already decent progress has been made. New screenshots have been created and scripted, along with numerous recent additions to the (remake’s) ‘original’ design... Not the least of which is a multi-screen area which players may find reminiscent of the witch’s forest in KQ5. On the music front, more songs (both full and incidental) have been splendidly composed and arranged by Tom and his wife, Dianne. The latest score for the introduction is superb... one the best I’ve heard for a game, ever! For my part, aside from the usual background ‘hotspot’ descriptions, a few additional scenes have been added to the screenplay. In one case, this has meant a new character, in another a small extension to the ending (I like full length endings!), a number of small adjustments in the script itself (lines and puzzles), and a way presenting the credits which will (I hope) please the fans. I am also in the process of writing a historical / legend style intro for the game manual. As Kolyma has altered so significantly, it has developed its own history - unique to this game, but still in the flavour of King’s Quest. For those who feel this game may be an abomination, or do not think that non-paid game makers can succesfully re-write history... I think you will be in for a pleasant surprise! I’ve only seen but small part of this game in ‘action’, but I already believe we have something very special in the making...

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi guys! I've finally got this website somewhat updated. I've taken down the Royal Quest links on the sites, and have taken down the index page for the Royal Quest site. You may still find that some of the RQ pages are up, but I've done that just in case there was something important that was being linked to. But, once I am positive that nothing important is left on the RQ site, I'll take it down once and for all. And, in the future, I hope to replace it with the secret project website. Additionally, I've made it possible for the other game developers to include designer journals as well. So, look forward to hearing more from them! I tried fixing the errors on the website as well, but to no avail. I erased the lines of code that were giving errors, but, even with them gone, the internet explorer seems to think they still exist! So, the only way around this for the time being is to download a different version of IE. I'm using IE5.0, and I don't get any error messages...I think that IE6.0 works as well without that annoying little popup box saying that there are errors. So, hopefully that will help you guys. Anyhow, I'm going to keep quiet for now so that the other game developers will have more to talk about for their first design journal entries! I think this will be exciting to get perspectives from all departments on the upcoming games!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Happy Halloween, everybody! And a very happy birthday to our very own AGD#2 tomorrow! Well, today I've been very, very busy. I drew nearly 20 backgrounds! Tomorrow, I will try to color them all. Also, since it's a holiday tomorrow, I'm going to try to get the website fixed up finally. I'd like to take down the RQ site, get the design journals working for each game developer, have the journals on the official site, and on the individual project sites as well. And, since somebody has brought up the error that occurs on some internet browsers when viewing the site, I'm going to take a look at that again, and see if I can get it fixed once and for all while I'm fixing up the website. AGD#2 has continued making backgrounds as well, and Cadbury Wookie has been busy making touchups to the plot. The new plot is absolutely fantastic. Every detail has been taken into account. Also, I love the geography of the game. The land includes so much more than before! Tom has also been doing an ubelievable job in the music department, putting in 12 straight perfecting one song! You'll definitely be able to tell once you hear it! Anyhow, I'm very tired after all the work I've done today, so I'm going to head out, make some dinner, and watch a DVD to celebrate halloween.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hello once again, everybody! Just wanted to give you a quick update on what's going on here at Tierra. First off, the King's Quest 2 VGA remake is coming along great. More music is being written, which sounds great, and more demos are being released to the members, so that we can all walk around Kolyma! A swamp demo is schedualed to be released to us members soon as well. We've opened a new forum for members, called the Music forum, so that the musician and plot writer can talk back and forth as needed, to perfectly match up the original musical score with the new plot. Anonymous Game Developer #2 has been spending an extensive amount of time making backgrounds, animations, and scripting, as well as keeping everything running smoothly. Neocron has been doing an excellent job at keeping questions in the forums answered, and our secret worker has been doing great scripting the secret project! I, myself, have been waiting for my new computer, as this one won't do much of anything anymore. In the meantime, I've drawn and colored literally hundreds of background and dialogue pictures by hand for the game, since my Photoshop won't even open anymore. Sure, it's more expensive to create art by hand, since you have to use real supplies, but, I think the results will be worth it. Photoshop is a great tool, but in my opinion, doesn't allow you as much freedom as paper and real time drawing mediums. I've been creating backgrounds using prisma color and farber castel colored pencils,oil pastels for large undetailed areas, and special alcohol based markers on bristol board paper. I think you guys will be pleased with the results! Also, soon I'm probably going to make some changes to the site regarding design journals. I want to make them available on the main page and the individual project pages. As you can see, we've also taken down the RQ game forums, just to keep things easier, and also, we'll be taking down the RQ site for now, and in the future, we'll replace it with a secret project page. Ok guys, I'm back to work on more artwork! Once I get my new computer, perhaps I can scan in some screenshots...but for now, the scratch disks are too full to scan.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi again, everyone! Good news! It looks like I may finally get to order my new computer this week. I'm looking forward to this, as I can dive into more KQ2VGA work once it arrives! As for progress on the KQ2VGA remake, things are going excellent. A new demo was just released to us game developers, and we were able to walk around Kolyma for the first time, in beautiful VGA graphics, and new geographical locations! Kolyma still feels like the Kolyma you've come to know from the second game, but with so much added to it, it feels larger, and like there is so much more to explore than before! What I love is the atmosphere created near the poisonous river. Let me just warn you, there are no more bright and happy colors in this area of the game...but instead, it's dark and dreary and quite frightening! It all adds to the suspense of the game! Cadbury Wookie has just been doing an amazing job reworking the KQ2 plot. You guys are going to be so impressed with all he's done. I know I am. And, AGD2 had been hard at work, scripting this game at lightening speed to get it done in record time. As you might have noticed, we've released a 1/4 screenshot of one of our secret projects in the general forum. You won't want to miss that, and be sure to make a guess at what the game is! Anyhow, it's time for me to get back to work on some very top secret artwork...

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi everybody! Everything is going great as usual behind the scenes at Tierra. The King's Quest II VGA project is really coming along. More background screens have been made, and scripting continues as we speak. I'm not sure if I mentioned it in the last design journal entry, but the introduction sequence has been finished, and it's just inspiring to watch! Honestly, it's like watching a movie at the cinema. I would pay five bucks to see it. It's unbelievable how much experience we've gotten with making the King's Quest 1 VGA remake. What we've learned has really helped us in making this King's Quest II game. There is so much attention to detail that is being put into KQ2VGA, and without our past experience with the other remake, we wouldn't have even thought of all these extra little things to add. So, I'm pretty sure you guys are really going to like this new game. Additionally, work has also been underway on the "secret project". Who knows. Maybe you'll have two games to play around the same time, because they're both coming together pretty fast. Maybe we can give you some clues sometimes soon about what the secret project might be. In fact, we have a lot of surprised up our sleeve at Tierra. You'll be sure to want to stick around in the near future, as we have tons of new and exciting things that I'm sure you'll all enjoy. I'm off to work again!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi guys! I'm just writing an experimental design journal entry to see if this is going to work. We think we may have gotten the whole situation straightened out with our host, but, we're not sure if the database will be working properly. So, please bear with us for a couple more days. As I've said in the forums, progress on King's Quest II, and our secret project is going great! I can't wait to post some more screenshots, and maybe some dialogue pictures, in the near future (not for the secret project though...just the KQIIVGA remake!). Anyhow, if this update works, then within the next week or so, we hope to create a program that will enable us to make updates which will appear both on the individual project updates page, and on the main Tierra site. That way, you can be notified of any news on the Tierra site, then just follow the link to the individual project page! Anyhow, let me post this and see if it works. And if it does, then expect to see design journal entries, and plenty of updates all the time, up to the projects' release dates, in the near future!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Wow, lots of news to report. Negotiations have been finalized, and our game will appear on the cover CD of the Hungarian version of GameStar magazine! Also, they will include us in an article as well! Many thanks goes out to Gergely for all his help. Also, I've just finalized the introduction dialogue for RoyalQuest, making sure all spelling errors were gone, and got all the animations together, so that we can script the intro scene tomorrow. After that, we will script the ending scene. We've already finished the Fairy God Mother scene, so we'll just finish scripting all other scenes after the previous two I've mentioned! Original music is being made for the Royal Quest game by Tom from Quest Studios! He's sent us the theme song for Royal Quest, and it is excellent I must say! He'll be working on the intro and end game music after we send him the scripted scenes within the next few days. I've done updates to the website, including adding artwork to the fan gallery. It looks like Fribbi is finally getting the competition that he wanted! We're thinking about perhaps working on the KQ2 game before QFG2, as it will take less time to finish, and more features might be added to AGS in the meantime. That way, you guys could all get another game sooner. Royal Quest should be out first though, and should keep you entertained until we get the other games out! By the way, I might request, that people try to send questions that they have to the forums. It's becoming very time consuming answering the amount of emails we're getting, and it takes away from the time we can work on the game. If your questions could be answered by other fans, or if it's already posted in the FAQ section, please use these resources first, as it gives us more time to make games. Thanks! Oh, and I might mention, before calling it a night, that the game has been downloaded nearly 7,000 times, and the voice pack has been downloaded over 1,000 times since release! Unbelievable.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hey everyone! We Anonymous Game Developers have been really busy lately, with getting out the game, then the voicepack, and now the websites, newsletter, answering emails, and releasing news on the new projects, as well as working to get Royal Quest complete! But, it's all worth it, knowing that we are making our contribution to the adventure gaming genre, and bringing hope to the fans of adventure gaming! I wish there were more hours in the day, though. Well, actually, I take that back...if there were more hours, we'd be too exhausted to even work further! We're excited with the positive responses the new websites and projects have received though. I think I'm going to call it a night...but I'll be sure to drop by the forums tomorrow and see what everyone has to say!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hey everybody. A lot has gone on since I've last written a journal entry. Over 5000 people have downloaded the game, and we've been thinking a lot about future projects! We've welcomed Tom Lewandowski and his wife to our team to create an original soundtrack for the Royal Quest game. They've already begun creating the official theme song for the game. Tom additionally has worked hard at creating improved music for the second version of the King's Quest game that we recently released. We have also finished the final touches on the voice pack, which is now available for download. Additionally, we've worked at revising the game manual, fixing up any typos, so that it will be ready for printing. We are in the process of working out a schedule for completing the Royal Quest game. I'll keep you all updated on the progress of Royal Quest as we continue to work on that project full time from now on. On top of that, be sure to check out the fan gallery, which has once again been dedicated to Fribbi, our honorable fan from Iceland. He's submitted new works, and you won't want to miss them. If anyone else has any fan works, please email them to us at Thanks!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hey everybody! It's my birthday today! Whoohoo! It's actually tomorrow, but it's past midnight now, and I just realized it. Anyhow, I've made several updates to the website today, including adding character and concept art to the screenshots page. I've also made an update of all the information on the site, and added articles and screenshots to the press page. Anonymous Game Developer #2 has been working on another website for a future project. Anyhow, I think I'll call it a night so I can be up early and celebrate my birthday all day long!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Wow, nearly 3,000 people have downloaded the game now! The number doesn't seem to be slowing down. Today, I played through the game again, checking the volume of voices on my computer, making sure that they worked correctly on Windows2000. I gave a detailed report to Anonymous Game Developer #2, who is currently in the process of fixing up any voices that were too quiet, or had static in them. Tom lewandowski from Quest Studios has finished composing all the new midi files for the game, which will probably be in the next updated release of our game. Anonymous Game Developer #2 is fixing those up, for volume, but most are in the game already and they sound great! Hopefully in a few more days, the next bug-fixed version of KQ should be ready for release, providing that Tom sends the remaining few midi files by then. Anonymous Game Developer #2 has also been printing some manuals and such for future competitions. Anonymous Game Developer #3 has finalized all Royal Quest dialogues for good now. I've made some updates to the testimonials page and have been trying to answer all emails that have come to the Royal Quest account. Also, I've sent all the finalized dialogues and all the Royal Quest animations to Anonymous Game Developer #2 to look over.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been around for the past few days, but my internet connections just stopped working, so I was unable to check emails, the forums, or just keep things running altogether. Anonymous Game Developer #3 has made some extra dialogue for the end game which is really funny, and Anonymous Game Developer #2 is working on the voice pack right now. There seems to be a problem with the volume, so I'm going to make sure it's not something that can be changed on the computer. If it can't be changed, it will most likely take longer than we expected to release the voice pack, and it all depends on when Anonymous Game Developer #2 can get it to work, as I don't have access to those files. I've been putting all the dialogues together for Royal Quest, and now have compiled the completed list of dialogues that will be used in the game. Also, I've updated the Art Gallery with more Fribbi Art, and you'll be sure to want to check that out, since he's our artist of the month!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi everyone. I worked on finalizing the Royal Quest plot and design today, making sure there were no loose ends, and trying to work aspects of new and old dialogues together to come up with a good comprimise. There were over 30 pages of dialogue, single spaced, and at 8 size font! I also updated the fan gallery, but my internet connection is having problems today, and there was an error while uploading it. So, I'll try to reupload all the new art again tomorrow, and hopefully it will work. I also emailed Anonymous Game Developer #2 about the voice pack, and hopefully he should work on finalizing that for the release, raising the volume a bit, as it was too low to hear properly on my computer. Once all the bugs are out of the King's Quest game, which should hopefully be very soon, we'll release the new version and start scripting the finalized version of Royal Quest!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi everybody, I'm back from vacation! Hopefully we can get the voicepack tested this week and make sure it works correctly on my computer. If everything works well, then we'll release the voice pack soon after. We'll let you know once it's released by notifying you on the updates page. The rate that the game has been downloaded at hasn't seemed to slow down! It's been downloaded over 1600 times in less than a week, and is still going strong! I might mention, if you've emailed me over the past week while I was on vacation, and if you didn't receive a response, please email me again, as I've most likely forgotten whether I emailed you back already. Sorry about that, but it was difficult to keep track of things being away from my computer. Anyhow, I'm glad to be back and continue to make progress on these games!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Thought I'd give another quick update on how the game is doing. In less than three days, over 900 people have downloaded the game! I must remind you all, this is without doing any extensive PR. I'm quite amazed by this rate! If you know of anybody who might enjoy this game, please let them know how they can obtain it. It's really making a point that adventure games are by no means dead, and people still do want them! Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to download the game and relive the adventure. Ok, I'm heading out into town, as I'm still on vacation, but am looking forward to getting back and working on Royal Quest!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Amazing. I had the goal, when the project started, to get this game out to a total of 400 adventure game fans within the span of my lifetime. In less than 48 hours, 700 people have alreay downloaded a game that exceeds 20MB. That's really inspiring news! It doesn't look like the number of people downloaded has started to dwindle, but instead, it seems to continue to grow even stronger! We'll try to get the news out of our game to others that haven't heard of it, and a feature article should come out within the next week or so. Last time an article not even half the size was released, we got over 2,000 people to the site within a day. So, I believe that a feature article will bring a lot of new fans to the site, and allow them to enjoy the King's Quest series all over again. It's just awesome to see how many people still love these games nearly two decades after they began. Goes to show that a great series will ALWAYS be great, even after quite a bit of time. Anyhow, I'm on vacation right now, but have got a computer set up. I don't know if I'll be able to update the site as much for the next week, but I'll do my best at keeping everyone notified of news.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

The day has finally arrived! The King's Quest VGA remake is available for all the fans! After nearly a YEAR of non stop hard work, the game is finished!!! We have worked nearly the full day trying to get this game availble to download, and it was no easy job! Between no sleep, my sister having a baby, an impending vacation, and an internet connection that didn't want to cooperate, it is quite impressive the game has actually been uploaded and is now ready for the fans to download! I am leaving it at this, going to get some sleep, wake up early, and go on vacation first thing in the morning. I will be back next week, and am excited to hear of everyone's experiences with the game! Please email us or post on the forums if you have any problems, and we will get back to you as soon as possible (but please be patient due to this break. I am not sure if I will have an internet connection). Enjoy!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

As you have hopefully already noticed, we are planning on releasing the completed KQ1VGA remake game this Tuesday/Wednesday! We will most likely release the game without the voicepack because there is still a slight glitch in the AGS engine regarding sound volume with voices. We did not want to keep the fans from downloading the game, so we will most likely release the voice pack in the near future as a separate download unless the bug is fixed by tomorrow. I have created a newsletter, notifying everybody that signed up for it about the imminent release of the game. I've also included extra information that you will hopefully find interesting. I already sent that out, and I will post the newsletter on the forums as well so that those who didn't receive it by email can still read it. I have additionally written a press release that I will send to the journalists tomorrow. Anonymous Game Developer #2 worked on the Readme.txt for the game. Additionally, we've finished the downloads page, and will put that up and test it out tomorrow. After the release of the game, I'll be leaving the country as I mentioned in previous journal entries. I wanted to get the game out to the fans before I left though, as I won't be back for a week. And since the game is done, there is no use putting it off for a week. Well, it's going to be a big day tomorrow, so I think I better get some rest!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Just Adventure Ezine is almost done writing a feature story on our games! I've sent them exculsive screenshots from Royal Quest that you won't want to miss. I'll be sure to let everybody know once the article is released. As for the King's Quest VGA remake, we're just waiting for the beta version of the AGS engine to be finalized. Also, we've been thinking about starting the competition soon to win a copy of the game. Within the next few weeks, big things will probably happen in the areas of game release, competitions, articles, visitors to the site, etc. It will be fun to see things pick up. As I said, I will be gone in Austria for a few days, but should be back before the release of the game, just to make sure everything goes as planned. I'll be sure to keep everybody posted over the next few weeks on all the exciting things going on.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi everybody! Chris Jones has finally been able to fix the bugs in the game engine, although the updated version is still in it's beta phase. We're in the process of testing the KQVGA game on the updated engine, and it seems that the color bug is entirely eliminated, and the sound bug is also pretty well taken care of, with perhaps a few minor problems relating to timing, but not very noticable. We are thinking of releasing the KQVGA game without the voice pack, and then making the voicepack available for download at a slightly later date. We still need to finish one more chacter for the voice pack, and we want to touch up the voices to make sure that their quality is all consistant. I will be going out of the country this week, and we are thinking of releasing the game after I get back. That will allow us to make sure the game is in perfect condition, and also, allow us to wait for the final verison of the AGS engine, as we don't want to release the game when the new AGS update is still in it's beta phase. So hopefully, within the next week or two, the game should be ready for release. We'll keep you updated!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

This is just a short update of what's been going on behind the scenes. We are still waiting for Chris Jones to update AGS. In the meantime, we have been working on dialogue pictures, background screens, and music for our next project. That is coming along really well. As for Royal Quest, we're adding extra humorous dialogue to different scenes in the game since we have some time. The improved storyline for KQ2, written by one of our faithful beta testers, is excellent. He's a talented writer and has a great sense of humor. Anyhow, we'll continue to work on our future projects and touch up stuff for the RQ game until the new version of AGS is released.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi everybody. I was planning on writing an entry yesterday, but my internet stopped working, and I just finally got it running again. Well, we're still waiting for those bugs to be fixed in AGS, and supposedly, Chris Jones is back from Paris, but his computer crashed...meaning, he cannot update his engine yet. I guess there is nothing we can do but wait a bit longer, until he fixes those problems, so we can release the game. In the meantime, we've been working at making our own game engine, for future projects, so that we don't have to rely on other people to fix any problems, and we can take care of everything ourselves. The game engine is just about complete, although we won't be transfering the KQ or RQ games to this engine, because a lot of time and work would be wasted since the games are already entered and scripted in AGS, and the KQVGA remake has already been beta tested. While I've been waiting for the AGS fix, I've also been playing old games, seeing what makes a good adventure game, and also practicing with new techniques in art. I'm trying to learn more and constantly improve so that each project will be an improvement from the last. I'm very proud of our projects, but feel that you should never stop learning and trying new things, and I want to find out what extra we can bring to future projects. So, I'm just working on that until the bugs are fixed in AGS.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

I will make this short, as only one thing really needs to be mentioned, and it's already been mentioned several times before, "we're still waiting for the update to the AGS engine." We can't release the King's Quest VGA remake until this is done, and we can't finish scripting Royal Quest until this is done, because it would need to be rescripted with the new updated version. So, we are just working on our next game project, making backgrounds and dialogue pictures, until the update to AGS is released. Hopefully, the new version will fix all the old problems so we can release the game right away.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

I've made a few more animations for the Royal Quest game, and Anonymous Game Developer #2 has done the same. Anonymous Game Developer #3 has submitted some more ideas, and we've tried to tie them into the game. We've also added some pretty funny new events in Royal Quest as well. We are still waiting for Chris Jones to make the update to the AGS engine. He supposedly is in Paris right now, and won't be back until next week, so we can only hope he has it updated by then. I received an offer today to have the game translated into Danish! I've got to go and answer emails, and then I'm planning on doing some more game art.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hey everybody! I've made the endgame picture for the game, which turned out pretty cool. We've added another scene to Royal Quest, and have extended most other scenes as well. We're adding extra dialogues and puzzles, so that the game will be entirely new and quite challenging to complete. There will be tons of humor, since it's a parody, but the game in itself will be entirely new with original quests and puzzles that have never been seen. It will be very difficult to complete the game with maximum points, and if you can do so, you will get a bonus at the end of the game. We've completed a few animations that are really funny, and we will continue to make more today. Anonymous Game Developer #3 will be working on adding more dialogue to the game as well. Other than that, I've added two new pictures to the fan gallery that were sent in by our fan, Fribbi, so you should be sure to check those out. They're really funny. Ok, that's all for now. We've got to get back to work, but will keep you updated on what has been done.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

The box cover is finally finished, and we're going to post pictures of that soon for all of you to see. Additionally, we're in the process of planning a contest, and deciding on which and how many prizes we'll give away! This will be our biggest competition to date, and you will not want to miss out, as the prizes will be fantastic. Another animation was created for Royal Quest today, and after seeing the response from Anonymous Game Developer #3, it seems to be quite the animation! I admit, I find it very hilarious myself, and can't wait until you will all be able to see it in the Royal Quest game! We've also been discussing another aspect of plot today, and got that worked out. Additionally, we received three new pieces of fan art that I've posted on the site. Well, now it's time for me to get back to work on the games!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hey everybody! Anonymous Game Developer #2 and I have been busy again, today, finishing up things for Royal Quest, and also doing some work on the packaging of the game. We made several animations, and I just about finished the box cover drawing, minus the two tree branches that I still have to color. I somehow missed them, and will finish them tomorrow. Right now, we're incorporating the picture into the box design to see how it will look! Soon, we'll get some pictures up of the boxes, manuals, and CDs for the game so that you can all take a look for yourselves! Additionally, we've updated the site with some new screenshots, one being from King's Quest VGA and the other being from Royal Quest. We finished 4 new backgrounds and put them into the game engine. That leaves, if I'm remembering correctly, one more background to make for Royal Quest. We also made several animations today for the game. We're trying to get everything ready for when AGS is bug free, so that we can begin scripting immediately, and not have to worry about making anything else for the game. We also received an updated version of the KQ2 plot from a beta tester the other day, and I'm still trying to get a chance to read over that, but today has been too full with getting stuff ready for these games. But, hopefully I can get a chance to look over that soon, and let you guys know more about it.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Anonymous Game Developer #2 and I have just about finished up the entire manual for the KQ1VGA remake! There is one more section that we need to edit, and then it will be done. I'm also nearly completed with the box cover drawing, which will be incorporated to the already finished box design. Additionally, we've sent in the answers to the journalist that will be writing an article about us Anonymous Game Developers and our game, and she responded, telling us that she isn't sure when the article will be released, because she's waiting for a "key" person to respond. So, I'll be interested in seeing who she's asked about our game! I'll keep you all posted as to when the article comes out. On top of that, Anonymous Game Developer #2 and I have broken down the remaining animations needed for RQ, and we are going to finish those up while we wait for the bugs to be fixed in the AGS engine. Once those are fixed, we can get KQ out, and finish scripting RQ. We just want to have everything ready for when the bugs in AGS are fixed, so we can get everything done and out as soon as possible. Also, we received updates to the improved KQ2 plot from one of our beta testers, and I'm going to look over that when I get the chance. I'm sure it will be great, just like his first submission was. On top of that, Anonymous Game Developer #2 and I have been discussing a plan for a future game, and are seriously considering the possibility of making it. Also, we're looking into printing prices, so that we can make a limited number of boxed versions of the game, which would most likely include a manual, and a CD, with both the KQ voice version and RQ, as well as the Spanish translation of the game.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Today, I emailed Andy Hoyos about computer game art, and filled out the questions for a magazine article that's being written by Just Adventure ezine. I'm going to proof read the answers tomorrow and send them in to the journalist. Additionally, I finished sketching the box cover onto some nice bristol board paper, and will begin coloring that by hand tomorrow. Anonymous Game Developer #2 and I have made a table of contents for a manual for the game, and are going to begin writing and making the layout of the manual tomorrow. We've also completed the front and back of the box design, and will add the completed artwork, once it's done, to the front cover. We're going to look up printing prices and see the likelyhood of us being able to hold a contest to give away some free boxed games, including manuals and CDs. Also, we've gotten an offer from a fan to translate the game into Icelandic! It's been another busy and interesting day of game making!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Chris Jones has been working on fixing the bugs in AGS, and some have almost been fixed, but some are still present. Every so often, fixing one bug will cause another bug to appear, which must then also be fixed. But Chris Jones is really doing a good job, dedicating his time to making the engine in tip top shape, and I thank him for all his hard work. Without it, the project would definitely run into problems. Anyhow, other than that, Anonymous Game Developer #2 has been fixing a few more bugs that I found while beta testing the game. I'm going to start working on the art for a box cover for the King's Quest VGA remake game. Once I have that finished, Anonymous Game Developer #2 will most likely make the box design, and we can post what we come up with. I also might mention, we've been given permission to write to Andy Hoyos (I'm sure most of you already know who this is without me going into it), the lead artist for some of our favorite Sierra games! We are so excited about this, and will let you know more about it after we talk with him!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Today, we finished scripting the Fairy God Mother scene, and it is just great! I always wondered how the jokes in Royal Quest would come across with visuals added to the dialogue, and it is even better than just reading them. We made an extra animation for that scene, and touched up the old animations. Additionally, we fixed up one of the Graham dialogue pictures, and made an entirely new screen for the Royal Quest game, as well as touched up an old King's Quest 1 VGA screen so that it would be ready for Royal Quest. We also discussed some additional dialogues that could be used for the witch scene, and made several background comments for different scenes in the game. It's all coming along great, and we're just going to keep doing what we're doing until the game is finished!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Today, I spent some time sketching three new Graham dialogue pictures that will be found in the Royal Quest game. Anonymous Game Developer #2 and I just finished coloring them, and then continued to touch them up until they fit perfectly into the game. The first scene of the game is almost completely scripted, and we're going to try to keep this pace up, and complete a scene a day for the game. Fortunately, there aren't TOO many scenes. Other than that, Anonymous Game Developer #2 sent me an important animation for Royal Quest, which looks great. Hopefully, we can keep this working routine up, and the Royal Quest game will be done in no time at all! I also had the chance to update the website quite a bit today, and am in the process of uploading all the new information right now.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hey everybody. Well, we're still waiting for the allegro bug to be fixed so that the KQ1VGA remake can be released. We've fixed all the bugs, except for that color and sound problem, which are out of our hands. So, we just have to patiently wait until they get fixed. The good news though, is we started scripting Royal Quest today! We'll continue scripting that full time, scene for scene, until it's done. Hopefully, it will not take too long. Perhaps, by the time we're done scripting Royal Quest, the bugs will be fixed, and we can release both games. But hopefully, the bugs will be fixed before we finish scripting Royal Quest, so we can get the KQ1VGA remake out to the fans. We'll keep you posted on the progress of the bug fix, and the Royal Quest scripting.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hello everybody, it's been a hectic week! The beta testing process of the KQVGA game has been going very well. Our beta testers have been doing a superb job at reporting bugs, and now our list is becoming smaller and smaller, with only the same bugs being reported over and over by different testers. Soon, we hope to get our second round of beta testers in to test the updated game. Today, Anonymous Game Developer #2 and I split up the scripting job for Royal Quest, and are uploading the backup files of the game as we speak, so that we can both begin working on completing that game soon. We've chosen a music competition winner, and have posted the winning entry for download on the music competition page. It was a hard job choosing the winning song, as all entries were very good. Just Adventure Ezine has been sent out to do an article on our game, so the Anonymous Game Developers should be interviewed soon by one of their journalists. We'll keep you updated on the progress of that article. Anyhow, I'm going to get back to work on updating the site, responding to emails about the games, and getting RQ ready for scripting.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

We finally narrowed down the choice of beta testers from a pile of over 300 applicants! It was a tough job, but we think we chose some strong applicants. We're looking forward to this beta testing process, and getting the finished game out to everyone else soon! Within the next few weeks, we may choose another batch of beta testers to help us out, so you can keep sending applications if you wish. We're looking for testers with unique hardware and software from the beta testers already chosen, so, you may just be that person we're looking for! Additionally, the music competition has been extended due to the fact that we have been receiving last minute applicants, and we have time. We'll need the theme song chosen by the end of the beta testing process though.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

The day has finally arrived! The King's Quest VGA remake is finished! Now, we will need to go into the beta testing phase before final release. We are looking for beta testers at the moment, and would like all applications to be sent to In your application, please state the following things: 1. What operating system are you using. 2. Which sound card are you using? 3. Which graphics card do you have? 4. Will you have time over the next few weeks to beta test and give us feedback on the game? 5. Please include any other comments on why you think you would make a good beta tester, and anything that would make you stand out from the other applicants. We're looking forward to receiving your emails, and finding some people to test this game. Hope to hear from all prospective beta testers soon!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

I've finally got the legal information up on the site for those of you who want to check it out. I also finished writing the first newsletter to send out, and will get that on it's way. We'll try to put another poster on the downloads page and also the 3D Tierra logo animation very soon. I looked at the list of animations to make for Royal Quest, and it's become quite small. We don't have too much work now before there are none left. Anonymous Game Developer #2 made a giant/graham animation today, and it turned out exactly as I was imagining it to be. Anyhow, be sure to check out the newsletter that's being sent, as we have a surprise about the game development that we think you'll enjoy reading about.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hello everybody. Today I finished 7 new Royal Quest animations and made and animated another dialogue picture that I seemed to have forgotten about. Additionally, Anonymous Game Developer #3 finalized the endgame of Royal Quest. I think that makes the game just about finished dialogue wise, although we'll still need to come up with more comments for backgrounds. The list of animations is becoming smaller and smaller as I finish the animations scene for scene. Hopefully we'll be able to finish up the KQ scripting soon so we can start on the Royal Quest scripting.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hey again. I talked with Anonymous Game Developer #2 today about getting a disclaimer up on this website, so we're working on that. I've also made several animations for Royal Quest, which are top secret in nature. Additionally, we have a new poster on the downloads page that you can take a look at that shows our stance on people trying to get this project shut down. Anonymous Game Developer #3 sent me a revised dialogue between Graham and the dwarf. I just can't wait to get this Royal Quest game done.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi everyone. I've made some updates to the site today, adding more information on the King's Quest game. It seems that a lot of people don't realize that we're making a remake of the King's Quest game in VGA as well as the Royal Quest parody, which is striking to me, because so many people are talking about the KQVGA remake that I just assumed everyone had been able to find the information on the game. But, now we have made a separate page of information on the game and also included information on the index page as well. Other than that, the AGS update has finally been released, meaning that we can resume the final scripting and add the remaining animations for the King's Quest game! Then, we will need to decide the best method for choosing beta-testers, and go into that phase of production! I'm so excited to get this game finished so the fans can finally get what they've all been patiently waiting for, and the Anonymous Game Developers can finish up Royal Quest.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hey guys. Well, it looks as if Chris Jones will have his AGS update out sometime next week. It seems he's been having some computer problems, but he says he has about 2 more hours of work to go on the game engine, then it will be ready. Other than that, Anonymous Game Developer #2 and I have been considering spiffing up this site a bit and adding more about the King's Quest VGA game. Right now, it's pretty much only about the Royal Quest project, but, we'd also like people to be able to find out information on the KQVGA remake. So, we'll just have to see what happens to the website over the next few days. Also, we're thinking about releasing a newsletter (I've already written one up, but just need to edit it, and check it over with the others), so that might be sent out within the next few days.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hey guys, well, today Anonymous Game Developer 2 and I spent the whole day (since we had time because we're still waiting for the AGS update) going through every single animation we have made for the King's Quest VGA game, and edited them, to make sure that they looked absolutely perfect. We wanted no inconsistency in the animations, so, we made sure that every character looked exactly the same no matter which animation he was in. I'm pretty proud of our results. Other than that, I added two more screenshots to the additional art updates page as Mandaren requested. Today, an unbelievable amount of visitors have come to the site, and the rate people are signing up for the notification newsletter is out of control! I'm really excited that so many people are interested in checking out the games. I also found out some very awesome news today that everybody would be majorly happy with, but, I'm going to keep this hush hush until I am sure that it will actually happen. Also, I found out that quite a few websites have published us in their news section, which is really exciting. Anyhow, I'm going to head out and get some food then come back and get to work again.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi guys, just another quick update on how the games are going. Yes, we are still waiting for the AGS engine update to be finalized (that's really new information coming from me, huh?). Other than that, I've spent a lot of time today with Anonymous Game Developer #2 going over the whole plot of Royal Quest, and tying up any lose ends, making sure that everything works together logically. I also made a complete list of things still to be done on Royal Quest, and split the list up between the two of us. Once the new version of AGS comes out, we're going to start scripting that game. Anyhow, I've gotta get something to eat, and figure out which order I'm going to do the final tasks for Royal Quest, then get to work on getting everything finished up.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Well, we're still waiting for the beta version of AGS to become the final version. In the meantime, I've made a program for the website to track how many people are downloading the KQVGA game. Also, it will allow the person downloading to recommend the game to friends if they so desire. I'm thinking about making one more animation for the KQVGA game while we're waiting for the final updated version of AGS. The animation isn't really needed in the game, but, it will make the other animations that we already made run smoother. Only a few more sound effects need to be added to the game,but really, we are just waiting for AGS. Once that's out, we can really start testing the completed game, then make it available for download, and during that time, we can finish up Royal Quest. We might make some new banner advertisements or do some PR while we're waiting for the final updated version of AGS.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi again, everybody. I got back from my trip to find out that my grandma AND cat died, which was definitely a downer. I've been a bit out of it today, so I didn't get a chance to work on the game. But onto more positive things, I am glad to hear that the updates to AGS have been made although they are still in the beta version. That means that we should be able to resume working on both games soon, and hopefully get the KQVGA remake out for you guys to play relatively quickly. I was playing the VGA remake again today for a little bit, and I was glad to see that I'm still excited to play it, and find it to be totally awesome. That amazes me, because with most things I do, after a few weeks, I'm totally bored with the result. But with this game, I continue to be in awe:) Anyhow, I'm going to email both other Anonymous Game Developers and see where we stand at the moment, so that we can finish up whatever needs to be completed, and get these games out.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hey everybody! Whoohoo, I get to go out of the country again...this time, with last minute notice. So, I will be gone for the next week, so don't expect to see me on the forums or updating the site. Actually, take that back. If I find an internet connection, I will try to post, but if I don't, that's why you won't see me around here. Anyhow, I have to go and pack, but hopefully by the time I get back, Chris Jones will have a new version of AGS with the requirements that we need. Maybe that's wishing a little too much, but still, it would be nice, because then we could finish the games.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

We are still waiting for the update to be made to AGS. Other than that, I sent Anonymous Game Developer #2 the 3D logo animation for the beginning of the game. Anonymous Game Developer #3 is reworking his endgame dialogue to add more of a challenge to it. I made a few more royal quest animations, as well as some sprites. Other than that, I've spoken with Anonymous Game Developer #2 about making future games, and we already have a screen finished for the KQ3VGA remake. We're not sure whether we'll get around to making it, but, it's definitely an idea that we are taking seriously. We may even decide to make a KQ2VGA remake, but add a lot of new things to it to make it much better than the original. But, first, we want to get RoyalQuest and KQVGA finished before we seriously decide whether we will remake the other games as well.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Well, I've finished 9 more animations for the Royal Quest game, and I'm slowly running out of things to do! Chris Jones made updates to the AGS engine, but hasn't increased the sprite limit like we need. So, it looks like we're going to have to wait to see if he'll update that in the next version. But, our hands are kind of tied until that can be done. Anyhow, other than that, I've also created the 3D Tierra logo animation that will go at the beginning of the game. That's rendering as we speak. Anonymous Game Developer #3 has added a bit more to the leperchuan dialogue that he wrote, and finalized it for the game. Anonymous Game Developer #2 has been spending time adding sound effects to the game, but cannot proceed further with scripting until the new version of the AGS engine is ready. I've already started beta testing the KQVGA game though, looking for bugs that we can fix once the new version of AGS is out.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Yesterday, I created 8 animations for the Royal Quest game, and Anonymous Game Developer #3 made another dialogue for the game as well. The dialogue was written for the scene with the leperchaun king, and is super funny. That leaves only the dialogues for the ogre scene, dwarf scene, and end game to be written, although all are already planned out. As Anonymous Game Developer #3 works on those, I'll be finishing up the animations for Royal Quest, and Anonymous Game Developer #2 will be scripting. As for the KQVGA remake, I can honestly say, I love that game. It may be immodest to say something like that, but, I am utterly amazed when I play it. I can't believe that this project we started over half a year ago has turned into this! The game is basically finished and we are just waiting for Chris Jones to add some features to AGS so that we can put them into the game before we release it. We have a few more animations that need to go into the VGA remake, but we've taken up all the animations slots already, and need that limit to be increased. Hopelly, Chris Jones will increase the limit soon. I've started playing the game from beginning to end, and am testing for bugs and seeing how the game flows. And, gosh, it's just an amazing feeling seeing the first King's Quest entirely in VGA! I can't describe how good it makes me feel to play it...and how great it is to actually be finished making it! Anyhow, we're going to try to do plenty of beta testing over the next couple of weeks while we're waiting for the updates to the game engine. We want to find as many bugs as we can and get rid of them so that you'll be able to enjoy the game even more. Ahh, I can't wait to play the game some more...

Anonymous Game Developer #1

I didn't get a chance to come into the office until later this evening, but I did a lot of work for the Royal Quest game. I made five top secret animations, recolored a dialogue picture, and animated the talking sequences of two characters. I also designed two extra rooms that will be found in Royal Quest, but not in the KQVGA remake. Now it's past 1am, so I better get some sleep so I can work some more on the game tomorrow.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hey there, this is just a short update on what I did this evening. I animated the last two dialogue pictures that I have to animate, and also drew and colored a new crown for the king. Anonymous Game Creator #2 also animated two dialogue pictures, meaning that all dialogue picture animations are now complete! In addition, I went through all the sound effects that I have stored away, sorted them, and sent the ones that we will use in the game to Anonymous Game Developer #2. I'm just about running out of work to do on the KQVGA. I guess that means within the next few days, I'll have to start working full time on Royal Quest. I'm excited for everyone to be able to play the KQVGA remake though. That way, we can fix any little annoyances you find in there for the Royal Quest game and make it perfect. Also, it will make the jokes in Royal Quest much more obvious, because you'll understand what we are making fun of. Anyhow, it won't be long now until the KQVGA remake will be released. I'm also thinking about adding some stuff to the website, but even if I do, that won't be for a few days most likely. Ok, I'm going to go and see exactly where we are on the Royal Quest game so I can figure out exactly what I need to finish up for that game when the time comes.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Today, I worked on, and finished, an animation for Royal Quest. I also finished the credits screen for the King's Quest VGA remake and sent that to Anonymous Game Developer #2. Anonymous Game Developer #3 has finished his testing, and had the chance to look over my dialogues, and approved of them. In addition, Anonymous Game Creator #3 plans on working on a dialogue for the leperchaun king this weekend. I also had the chance to find various sound effects for both the King's Quest and Royal Quest games, and hopefully we will implement those sounds into at least the VGA remake sometime within the next few days. We were also glad to find out that Chris Jones is back and plans on making the needed updates to AGS, and we look forward to the next release. Hopefully, everything we asked for will be included in the next version so that we can finish up these games. I would say that the King's Quest VGA remake is now about 98%done. Anonymous Game Developer#2 is going to do some scripting on the game while I work on animating the last few dialogue pictures, and will send me the nearly completed game to test. I can't wait to play it. In fact, I was playing an older version of our remake just today, and I am so amazed everytime I see it. I can't believe we've come so far. Anyhow, once again, it's late. I've got to get some sleep so I can get up tomorrow and make the introductory animation for the game, finish up the animating of the last dialogue pictures, and finalize which sounds will be used in the games.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

I had a long chat with Anonymous Game Developer #2 today to discuss the progress of both games. Lucky for us, it seems that Chris Jones is back, and hopefully, he will be able to fill us in on updates being made to AGS. We've made a list of things still needing to be done for both games. KQVGA looks to be about 98% done right now. We need to make a credits page, which I plan on doing tomorrow, and also we are going to put some sound effects into the game within the next few days. As of right now, Anonymous Game Creator #3 is looking over a few dialogues that I've written, and will hopefully respond with edited versions of them soon (although, he is taking a test to get into Graduate school this week, so I don't plan on pushing him too hard to complete this task until that's done with). I added a dialogue picture to the additional art updates page, and everyone should be sure to check that out. It's the first picture released on this website that is entirely unique to the Royal Quest game. It's late, and I have a lot to do tomorrow on the game, so I better get some sleep.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Ok everybody, I'm back from the United Arab Emirates, and boy was that an amazing adventure. I highly reccommend a trip there if you ever have the chance to go, and especially a jeep safari over the sand dunes in the desert (it's better than the Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland, but the feeling is very similar). I also got to ride camels, watch the sunset, eat out under the desert stars, and watch a belly dancer by campfire. It was amazing. Anyhow, I'm back now, totally refreshed from my vacation, ready to work on the game fulltime, but am unbelievably tired right now. I woke up at 4am, after going to bed at 2am, and it's now near 9pm. I've been flying all day, and am ready to collapse. I worked on, and finished, two new dialogues on the airplane, and finalized a few quests ideas. I emailed both other game developers right when I got back, and hopefully will hear their status by tomorrow, and we can get the show on the road again. But for now, I've got to get some sleep.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi everybody! I'm in the United Arab Emirates right now, sitting on the couch with a keyboard, after just running on the beach, and writing a designer journal entry on the 41" TV screen. This is too cool. If you ever have the chance to come to the UAE, I highly reccommend it. It's very much like the Southwest of the USA, but with a great beach with plenty of seashells, a very international population, great weather, great service, no crime, not too middle eastern, but still with this middle east touch. It's great here! Anyhow, I finished up that last animation before I left for the UAE and sent it to Anonymous Game Developer #2. I haven't worked much on the game from here because I've been working on it full time for the past half of a year, and decided it was a good time to take a small vacation since all the animations were done for the first game, and Royal Quest scripting can be started once I get back. Anyhow, I did still bring some work for the game, just incase I have a creative surge and want to work on it from here. Well, I think I'm going to head out and play some volleyball on the beach. Actually, I'm first going to check out on the internet what kind of exotic fish live in the Persian Gulf just to be sure I won't be eaten alive when bodyboarding later on.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

I'm leaving for the United Arab Emirates tomorrow morning, so I will be gone for the next week. I might have an internet connection there though, and I will be bringing along my laptop with some work to do on the game. Since the designer journals are now database driven, I can make updates from any place in the world, including Dubai. I'm going to finish up one more animation before I go and pack, so that the scripter has all the animations needed to complete the KQ remake while I'm gone. Perhaps by the time I get back, the scripting for that game will be done, and we can go into beta-testing and start scripting Royal Quest. Other than that, we've made a newsletter feature on this site. If you sign up for the newsletter on the updates page, you will receive general information about the progress of the game every so often. If you sign up for the one on the downloads page, you will receive an email telling you when the Royal Quest and KQ1VGA games are completed. Additionally, I decided to find a map today and color in all the countries that have visited this website (those countries are colored in blue). It seems that the word of the games is spreading fast! I've posted the map here so you can see for yourselves. Well, that's all for now. I've got to go, finish that animation, and get ready for the trip!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

It's been a busy day for me working on Royal Quest. In fact, I've done so much animating and coloring that I am actually dizzy and need to go and take a rest. I've completed 8 animations, most of them being over 20 frames each because they are important parts of Royal Quest. Additionally, I've got the database up and running now so that I can update the website any time and from any place. This will be benificial, because I'll be in the United Arab Emirates next week, and will have no access to the office computer. I also had the chance to work on, and complete, a new dialogue picture that is unique to Royal Quest and will not be found in the KQVGA remake. Anonymous Game Developer #3 has been working hard lately on dialogues and quests, and has created several very humorous ones. They are quite a bit more complex than the original King's Quest dialogues, and have more difficult puzzles to solve. The only drawback is that they require many intricate animations, and I am basically the only one at the moment animating for the Royal Quest game. It seems like a never ending list of animations coming my way. But, I'm trying to keep on top of them, and finish them scene for scene as the dialogues come in. I've actually finished the most difficult of the animations, but still feel as if the pile is never ending. Hopefully Anonymous Game Developer #2 will finish the scripting of the KQVGA remake soon so that the Royal Quest scripting may be started. Once I see some of the Royal Quest animations put into the game engine, I think I'll feel as if my work load is getting smaller. Anyhow, I'm going to go and take a rest so that I can get back to work on these animations.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Welcome once again! I've done quite a bit more work on animations for both the King's Quest VGA remake and Royal Quest. In fact, I was so into my work last night, that I went to bed and had nightmares all night long dealing with one of the animations that I was making! How's that for taking work home with you? Anyhow, I've done the following work:

-I retouched the already retouched walking goat animations, and now they are finalized
-I completed the north, south, east, and west goat butting animations. These were the last animations for the goat, and now he is totally finished.
-I made two top secret animations for Royal Quest. One of them was over 20 frames long, and included two different characters in the animation, so it felt as if it was 40 frames long! This animation was one of the most important that will be found in Royal Quest.

In additional to all of this, we've created a program so that the designer journals can be database driven from now on! That means there will be more updates because the whole process of updating is much faster. We just have to fix up the program slightly, then it will be ready to use. On top of that, Anonymous Game Developer #2 has begun the final scripting task of adding the witch scenes to the game, and also fixed some small bugs. I've made a list of all the animations that still need to be made for Royal Quest, and am planning on making my way down that list, and completing them one by one. I'd better go and get started on that.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hey again, everybody! Thanks to a great PR move by a visitor to our site, we've gotten quite a few additional visitors within the past day! A lot of work has been done since yesterday. Anonymous Game Developer #2 has spent most of the day scripting the invisible ring scene. I have spent my time animating several movements for Royal Quest, and also, touching up the goat animation that I made previously. Here's a more detailed list of what's been done:

-another top-secret animation was made for Royal Quest
-I redid all goat animations, including him walking north, south, east, and west. Since those animations are complete, now I can continue with the butting animations, and should have those done soon.
-I've also worked out a schedual to try to maximize my time working on the project, as if I already don't spend enough time on it, hehe.

Additionally, Anonymous Game Developer #3 has edited my two previous dialogues, adding much humor, and has also stoned all previous dialogues that were written! We hope to have the majority of dialogues finalized by Thursday or Friday. I also added two screenshots from the KQVGA remake to the Additional Art Updates page, so be sure to check those out. Well, I'm going to go and grab some dinner now, so I can come back and animate some more.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

I finished up several animations today, including several that are unique to Royal Quest, and won't be found in the VGA remake of King's Quest 1. I'll list which animations I made for both games:

King's Quest VGA remake:
-witch east walking animation
-witch casting spell animation
-witch turning Graham into a Gingerbread man animation
-witch falling into the cauldron animation
-witch stepping onto a stool animation

That completes all witch animations for the King's Quest remake. Now, I think I only have to make a goat butting animation, and all animations will be completed for that game. I also worked on several Royal Quest animations, and completed four. I'm not going to reveal what the animations are, but I will say that they are all used during the dialogue with the witch. Speaking of the witch dialogue, Anonymous Game Developer #3 has been catching up on his work, and sent me a new, more elaborate, and improved witch dialogue. Anonymous Game Developer #2 has continued working on scripting for the KQVGA game. He's down to the little, boring, tedious aspects of scripting, and he's asked for another week to work on it. With all the hard work he's putting into the KQVGA remake, it will be done in no time. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I colored the doctor dialogue picture, so I think we've officially completed all dialogue pictures for the game. Now, the ones that haven't been animated with mouth and eye movements will have to be animated, but that takes very little time. I also added some EZboard forums to the site so that we will have a better posting environment. Well, that's about all for now. I was going to do some PR this week, but a helpful visitor has offered to spread the word of the game. That is very benificial, because now I can spend all my time working on completing the game, rather than advertising it. I'm going to go and get back to that goat animation so that all KQVGA animations can be completed once and for all.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Well, I had the chance to color the Royal Quest wallpaper, and plan on posting that on the website under the Downloads section. Be sure to check that out. Also, the team realized that we still needed a doctor dialogue picture, so I drew that, and will color that today. Additionally, I will work on the remaining witch animations, the goat butting animation, and the last Graham animation, and then, the animations for the KQVGA remake should be finished. It's amazing how many animations it takes to make an adventure game. Anyhow, Anonymous Game Developer #3 reviewed my dialogues, and seemed to like them. I've asked him to touch them up a bit. I also emailed him with an idea that a visitor brought up in the forums. We've been thinking a lot about the Royal Quest game, since the KQVGA game is almost done, and we have come up with a lot of new little ideas on how to let the player interact with Daventry on a greater level. We'll continue to discuss those, as we want to make the game as entertaining for the player as possible. Anyhow, I'm going to get back to work on coloring the doctor, posting the wallpaper, and finishing up animations.

Anonymous Game Developer #2

Today I put every single one of those sprites Anonymous Game Developer #1 made into the game! The elf scene is totally finished now. I've added his animations into the game and you have a random chance of meeting him, and he also can give you the ring. I scripted the ENTIRE end game sequence, using the doctor sprites Anonymous Game Developer #1 made a while back..and I made the few remaining doctor animations today myself. I scripted the walkway screens, refined the condor scene, added some of the protection spell and some of the magic ring scripting and all the animations for both.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Yesterday, I had the chance to rewrite the elf dialogue myself, as well as create a dialogue and quest for the sorceror. I've also worked a bit on other aspects of plot. Additionally, I sketched an idea for a wallpaper and redrew it on nice paper. I'll color that soon and make it available for download. Today, since the weather is nice, I plan on going to the park with my trusty pad of paper, and coming up with more dialogue ideas. So, I'm heading out now, and I'm sure I'll have more updates later on.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

I've just completed several animations and finalized the coloring on a few dialgoue pictures. Here's the list of what's been done:
-witch south animation
-witch north animation
-elf north animation
-elf vanish animation
-fairy god mother dialogue picture
-guard dialogue picture
Additionally, the development team has decided to post a thread in the forums which is somewhat of a competition. We want to hear what all of you would like to see in the remake of King's Quest. Whoever comes up with the best ideas will see their suggestions implemented in the actual game, and their name will also be listed in the credits. So, stop by the forums if you have a chance. Also, I should mention, Anonymous Game Developer #3 has agreed to rewrite the Royal Quest elf dialogue with added humor and should have that completed in no time.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hi again,everybody. Yesterday was once again a busy day. I had the opportunity to go Western riding and work on the game, although the two are not really related I guess. Anyhow, I have created the witch and elf sprites, and animated 3 different movements. The witch can now fly on her broomstick, and the elf can walk both south and east. Today I will continue working on the animations for these two characters. Additionally, I had the chance to discuss game ideas and the progress of the game with Anonymous Game Developer #2. We came up with some new dialogue ideas for the elf, and I emailed them to Anonymous Game Developer #3, and he's going to work with these new ideas. On top of that, I submitted this website to various search engines, but it should take a few days before we see the results of that. Also, the development team has decided that we will probably start a small PR campaign this coming Monday. That's all for now. I'm going to get back to work on those animations.

Anonymous Game Developer #2

I nearly have all of the screen descriptions finished now, and there are only 9 to go for the normal Daventry screens! After that I will finish the clouds, and leprechaun screens and finally insert all the sprites Anonymous Game Developer #1 is animating at the moment, add the witch screen, elf screen, the goat, a few little bits of scripting to link it all together. And then lucky last, I'll animate the rest of the dialogue pictures.. and THEN we will have ourself a roughly finished game.. ready for beta testing!

Anonymous Game Developer #1

I just got back from CeBIT last night (you can see a thumbnail picture of the convention to the right), and am still extremely tired. I promoted Royal Quest several times while I was there, and talked to a number of industry sources including Intel, AMD, Microsoft, and especially Nvidia. It seems that 3D graphics are becoming quite interesting for the first time, which is good news for a future game project that I have on the back of my mind. Also Microsoft C# could have a lot of potential, but I doubt that it will be realized. Anyhow, I'm glad to be back and working full time on Royal Quest again, because I don't think my feet could take anymore standing, walking, and business meetings.

Thanks to Anonymous Game Developer #2's hard work on scripting over the weekend, the King's Quest VGA remake is in its final stages right now. Only the witch and elf animations, as well as a goat butting and a couple of Graham animations, are left to make. Over ¼ of background comments have been entered into the game engine, too. But instead of just speaking about what needs to be done, I might as well mention what has actually been done over the past few days:

-Condor scripting has been done. He can now fly down and carry you off if you jump and grab onto his talons at exactly the right moment
-Troll screens all completed (apart from goat butting)
-Graham can fill the bucket from any pool in the game (with bucket filling animations)
-All areas in the game where animation bugs could occur have been fixed
-The sliders were made to be more accurate when auto-timing a game scene
-Wolf scripting and death scene added
-Ogre, sorcerer and dwarf scripting added. All animations and death screens for them also added
-Made dwarf sometimes appear randomly on the walkways
-Started adding look, touch, talk room messages

Today, I plan on starting the elf and witch animations. Those should be completed within the next few days, and then I will make the remaining Graham animations and the goat butting animation. We have so many animations in the game engine now, that we have taken AGS to its upper limits. Overall, the progress of the game is going better than we could have ever expected, and I will get back to work now so that we can keep this progress at the level that it's at.

Anonymous Game Developer #1

Hey everybody. It's been quite a hectic week, but still quite a bit has been done on the game. Most importantly, the website was designed and completed. Also, scripting of several new screens have been done, and the introduction to the game has been animated and scripted. The last dialogue picture was drawn and colored, and some more character animations were done. Tons of stuff. Anyhow, I just wanted to leave a quick note, because I'm going to be gone for a few days. I'm heading out for the CeBIT computer convention in Hannover, Germany to do some research on the newest technology for games. I'll be back on Tuesday, and already have a list made out of the things that I will work on for the game when I get back. I'll also be bringing a laptop with me, just incase I can squeeze in any work time while I'm there, although I don't know if I'll be able to find a place to sit. So, I hope we get some visitors in the meantime. I look forward to hearing from all of you and answering your questions once I get back on Tuesday.

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