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Bully boys stamp on free speech

4th February 2005

News article filed by BNP news team

St. Andrews University - forced to cancel BNP invitation.
St. Andrews University - forced to cancel BNP invitation.
A threat of physical violence by forces opposed to democracy has forced the cancellation of a university debate.

BNP Chairman, Nick Griffin had been invited by the Debating Society of the University of St. Andrews to debate the motion that "This house believes that the multicultural experiment has failed." The debate scheduled for next Wednesday had attracted the attention of the Scottish media with the usual anti BNP bias.

Since the story broke a number of threats of physical violence had been made against those students involved in organising the debate. While Fife Constabulary and the University authorities had approved the debate and were prepared to ensure the safety of the participants, the students were clearly unnerved by the threats.

This afternoon the Student Union at the university held an emergency meeting to discuss the threats and it was reluctantly decided to cancel the debate. What should have been a private debate between members of the university and invited guests had become a political football for the forces of anti-democracy. Those who are quick to falsely accuse the patriotic folk of the BNP of being "fascists" and "nazis" are the cowards who resort to making threats against young students. It is these anti-democrats that are the real nazis and fascists.



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