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Jackie Chan's Operation Condor 3
Date: August 1, 2007

By: Ryan 'The Rican with the Irish name' McLelland
Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Jackie Chan may have Rush Hour 3 coming out next week, but the monster news this week is that the world's biggest action star is returning to one of his best franchises!!!

Chan will write, direct, and star in Operation Condor 3: Chinese Zodiac which he'll start filming on April 1st 2008 according to Rotten Tomatoes

Some may be confused on the title, since part 2 was not even released in theaters.   The Operation Condor series goes by Armour of God in the East with the sequel being Armour of God 2: Operation Condor.  When Jackie got big here in the States after Rumble in the Bronx, AOG2 was released here as simply Operation Condor with a video release of Armour of God titled Operation Condor 2 and thought of as a 'prequel'. 

Yes, yes, quite a messy name game but all you have to know is that the Operation Condor/AOG series is a modern-day Indiana Jones adventurer with Jackie going after mythical artificats and kicking some major butt.  It was also the series where, when shooting the first film, Jackie missed a jump from a wall onto a tree, fell, and almost lost his life.  The encounter left him with a permanent hole in his head, a loss of hearing in one ear, and some great bonus footage for the closing credits (no lie!).

"Next year, April the 1st, I start a new movie," Chan said. "I direct, I write my own script. It's called Operation Condor 3: Chinese Zodiac. Big action.  I haven't been directing for more than 10 years, even though I'm helping all my directors on the set. But now this time I'm totally in control. I write my own script. You'll see what happens.  Directing you can do a lot of things. I can put all my messages inside, I can put all my ideas inside. It's the feeling I create something."

Never hurts to go back to the well especially with this classic franchise!

Chan's currently filming The Forbidden Kingdom alongside co-star Jet Li which has the duo teaming with a kid (Sky High's Michael Angarano) who is tossed back to ancient China after finding a staff that belongs to the mythical Monkey King.  The flick, directed by Rob Minkoff with action direction by Yuen Woo-ping opens April 18, 2008.  Rush Hour 3, Chan's latest with Chris Tucker, opens August 10th.

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