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Star of the Week


Zach and Kendall (Thorsten Kaye and Alicia Minshew)

"Zen" Paradise

1. Why did Kendall end her engagement to Ethan?

  1. She wouldn't agree to the terms of his prenuptial agreement.
  2. He lied to her about having seen Zach kill Edmund.
  3. She caught him playing Twister with Simone.
  4. Opal's tarot card reading made her believe they weren't destined for each other, after all.
2. When Zach first shocked Kendall with a proposal, she admitted to Zach that it would be worth it to marry him just to see what?
  1. The look on Ethan's face
  2. The look on Erica's face
  3. The look on Ryan's face
  4. The look on Greenlee's face
3. Zach and Kendall secretly tied the knot on the eve of what major event?
  1. The 32nd Annual Daytime Emmys
  2. AMC's 35th anniversary
  3. The launch of Fusion's new fragrance
  4. Jack and Erica's wedding
4. Which of these people was the first to discover that Zach and Kendall had wed?
  1. Greenlee
  2. Ryan
  3. Bianca
  4. Lily


5. What did Erica do to Zach when she got confirmation that he had become her son-in-law?

  1. Hugged him
  2. Shook his hand
  3. Slapped him
  4. Tampered with the brakes on his car
6. On the night that Zach's casino opened, he and Kendall made a $5,000 bet over what?
  1. Which patron would drink the most
  2. Whether Erica would show up
  3. Whether one of the guests would get shot
  4. Whether she'd have fun
7. Zach blocked Kendall from entering a storage shed that he'd just exited. What was he hiding inside it?
  1. Money
  2. Mementos of Maria
  3. Ryan
  4. Divorce papers
8. Who did Kendall catch crying in Zach's arms at Wildwind?
  1. Maria
  2. Di
  3. Dixie
  4. Julia
9. When Zach hired minions to trail Kendall, where did they follow her to?
  1. Greg's clinic
  2. The airport
  3. The Valley Inn, where she trysted with JR
  4. The set of NEW BEGINNINGS


10. Which of Kendall's actions prompted Zach to call her a "betraying bitch"?

  1. She blabbed to Greenlee about Ryan's vasectomy
  2. She fertilized her own egg instead of Greenlee's with Ryan's sperm
  3. She told the police where they could find Julia
  4. She slept with JR
11. Though she denied that she was talking about Zach, Kendall admitted to someone in September 2005 that she feared she might be falling in love with someone. Whose ear did she bend?
  1. Myrtle's
  2. Greenlee's
  3. Reggie's
  4. JR's
12. What did Zach give Kendall when she confirmed that she was pregnant?
  1. A fashionable maternity gown
  2. Cigars made of bubblegum
  3. An ice chest filled with pickles and ice cream
  4. An at-home sonogram machine
13. Who allowed Zach to listen in on Kendall and Ryan's private conversation following Ryan's return from the "dead"?
  1. Julia
  2. Di
  3. Anita
  4. Hazel


14. Zach kissed Di after admitting what to her?

  1. That he found her extremely attractive
  2. That he'd orchestrated the black-out on the night Kendall was inseminated
  3. That he regretted not having been a real father to Ethan
  4. That he was in love with Kendall
15. Kendall was unconscious in the hospital the first time Zach declared his love to her, but she remembered his confession. Who lied to her that he'd never been to see her?
  1. Greenlee
  2. Ryan
  3. Greg
  4. Erica
16. What became of Kendall's first wedding ring from Zach?
  1. She traded it in for earrings
  2. She asked JR to dispose of it for her
  3. She recycled it for their second wedding
  4. She threw it off the Fusion rooftop
17. What was Zach's divorce gift to Kendall?
  1. Dragonfly earrings
  2. Dragonfly necklace
  3. Dragonfly bracelet
  4. Dragonfly brooch
18. On what holiday did Zach and Kendall finally exchange "I love you's"?
  1. Christmas
  2. New Year's Eve
  3. Valentine's Day
  4. Arbor Day
19. When Erica found out that Zach and Kendall were a full-fledged couple, she asked her family members to raise their hands if they believed that "Zendall" actually had a future together. Who didn't raise their hand?
  1. Zach
  2. Kendall
  3. Jack
  4. Myrtle
20. What is the name of the boat on which Zach and Kendall married in May 2006?
  1. At Peace
  2. At Last
  3. At A Glance
  4. At Ease


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