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David S. "Diesel" LaForce

Roleplaying Game Credits:
Book Publisher Credit
Dungeon Crawl Classics #18: Citadel of the Demon Prince (d20 System (generic)) (2005) Goodman Games Interior Artist
Old Vinnengael: City of Sorrows (Sovereign Stone) (2002) Sovereign Press Cartographer
Dungeons of Despair (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1999) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Faction War (Planescape) (1998) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Jakandor, Isle of Destiny (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1998) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Jakandor, Land of Legend (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1998) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Road to Danger (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1998) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Children of the Night: Ghosts (Ravenloft) (1997) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Jakandor, Island of War (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1997) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Lands of Intrigue (Forgotten Realms) (1997) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Hellbound: The Blood War (Planescape) (1996) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Last Tower: The Legacy of Raistlin (Dragonlance: Fifth Age) (1996) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Rod of Seven Parts, The (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1996) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Uncaged: Faces of Sigil (Planescape) (1996) TSR, Inc. Dabus Pictograms
World Builder's Guidebook (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1996) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
AD&D Player's Handbook, 2nd Ed. Revised (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1995) TSR, Inc. Diagrams
Birthright Campaign Setting (1995) TSR, Inc. Cartography and Diagrams
Blood Enemies: Abominations of Cerilia (Birthright) (1995) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Complete Book of Necromancers, The (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1995) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga, The (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1995) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Dark Sun Campaign Setting, Expanded and Revised (1995) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Dungeon Master Survival Kit (Mystara) (1995) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Elminster's Ecologies, Appendix I: The Battle of Bones & Hill of Lost Souls (Forgotten Realms) (1995) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Factol's Manifesto, The (Planescape) (1995) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Moonsea, The (Forgotten Realms) (1995) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Planes of Conflict (Planescape) (1995) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Ruins of Zhentil Keep (Forgotten Realms) (1995) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Thri-Kreen of Athas (Dark Sun) (1995) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs (Dark Sun) (1995) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Black Spine (Dark Sun) (1994) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
City by the Silt Sea (Dark Sun) (1994) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
City Sites (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1994) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Council of Wyrms (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1994) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
First Quest (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1994) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Forest Maker (Dark Sun) (1994) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Kromosome (Amazing Engine) (1994) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Planes of Chaos (Planescape) (1994) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Poor Wizard's Almanac III & Book of Facts (Mystara) (1994) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Rogues in Lankhmar (1994) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Will and the Way, The (Dark Sun) (1994) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
All Animals Are Equal (Gamma World) (1993) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Astromundi Cluster, The (Spelljammer) (1993) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Black Flames (Dark Sun) (1993) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
City-State of Tyr (Dark Sun) (1993) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Complete Gladiator's Handbook, The (Dark Sun) (1993) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Dragon Mountain (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1993) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Dragon's Crown (Dark Sun) (1993) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Dragonlance Book of Lairs (1993) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn (Dragonlance) (1993) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Earth, Air, Fire, and Water (Dark Sun) (1993) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Elves of Athas (Dark Sun) (1993) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, 2nd Ed. (1993) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Ivory Triangle, The (Dark Sun) (1993) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Marauders of Nibenay (Dark Sun) (1993) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Merchant House of Amketch (Dark Sun) (1993) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Poor Wizard's Almanac II & Book of Facts (Mystara) (1993) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
A Mighty Fortress Campaign Sourcebook (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1992) TSR, Inc. Cartography and Diagrams
From the Ashes (Greyhawk) (1992) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Haunted Halls of Eveningstar (Forgotten Realms) (1992) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Knight's Sword (Dragonlance) (1992) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Menzoberranzan (Forgotten Realms) (1992) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Night Howlers (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1992) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Quest for the Silver Sword (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1992) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Rock of Bral (Spelljammer) (1992) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Tales of the Lance (Dragonlance) (1992) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Treasures of Greyhawk (1992) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Valley of Dust and Fire (Dark Sun) (1992) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Veiled Alliance (Dark Sun) (1992) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Anauroch (Forgotten Realms) (1991) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Dark Sun World Boxed Set (1991) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Endless Armies (Forgotten Realms) (1991) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Five Shall Be One (Greyhawk) (1991) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Goblins' Return (Spelljammer) (1991) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Goblins' Return (Spelljammer) (1991) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Howl From the North (Greyhawk) (1991) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Legend of Spelljammer, The (1991) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Ruins of Undermountain, The (Forgotten Realms) (1991) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Under the Dark Fist (Spelljammer) (1991) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Wild Elves (Dragonlance) (1991) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Black Courser (Forgotten Realms) (1990) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Blood Charge (Forgotten Realms) (1990) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Dwarves Deep (Forgotten Realms) (1990) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Forgotten Realms Adventures (1990) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Horde, The (Forgotten Realms) (1990) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Lost Ships (Spelljammer) (1990) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Old Empires (Forgotten Realms) (1990) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Wildspace (Spelljammer) (1990) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
AD&D Dungeon Master Screen, 2nd Ed. (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1989) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Child's Play (Greyhawk) (1989) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Dragon Magic (Dragonlance) (1989) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
In Search of Dragons (Dragonlance) (1989) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Queen's Harvest (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1989) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Republic of Darokin, The (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1989) TSR, Inc. Cartography and Graphics
Spelljammer: AD&D Adventures in Space (1989) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Tantras (Forgotten Realms) (1989) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Test of the Samurai (Oriental Adventures) (1989) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Time of the Dragon (Dragonlance) (1989) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Waterdeep (Forgotten Realms) (1989) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Castle Greyhawk (1988) TSR, Inc. Keylining
Greyhawk Adventures (1988) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms (Oriental Adventures) (1988) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Lords of Darkness (Forgotten Realms) (1988) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Ruins of Adventure (Forgotten Realms) (1988) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Tales of the Outer Planes (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1988) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Crown of Ancient Glory (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1987) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Forgotten Realms Campaign Set (1987) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Kingdom of Ierendi, The (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1987) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Kingdom of Ierendi, The (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1987) TSR, Inc. Graphic Design
Realms of Horror (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1987) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Shattered Statue, The (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1987) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Skarda's Mirror (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1987) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Wrath of Olympus, The (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1987) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Dragons of Faith (Dragonlance) (1986) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Dragons of Triumph (Dragonlance) (1986) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Dragons of Truth (Dragonlance) (1986) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Marvel Super Heroes Advanced Set (1986) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Mines of Bloodstone, The (Forgotten Realms) (1986) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Night of the Seven Swords (Oriental Adventures) (1986) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Queen of the Spiders (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1986) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Ravenloft II: The House on Gryphon Hill (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1986) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Treasure Hunt (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1986) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Bane of Llywelyn, The (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1985) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Bloodstone Pass (Forgotten Realms) (1985) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Castle Caldwell and Beyond (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1985) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Conan the Buccaneer (1985) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Conan the Mercenary (1985) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Conan Triumphant (1985) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Dragons of Ice (Dragonlance) (1985) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Earthshaker! (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1985) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Into the Maelstrom (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1985) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Oriental Adventures (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1985) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Savage Coast, The (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1985) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Thunderdelve Mountain (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1985) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
To Find a King (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1985) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Conan Against Darkness! (1984) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Death's Ride (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1984) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Dragons of Desolation (Dragonlance) (1984) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Dragons of Despair (Dragonlance) (1984) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Forest Oracle, The (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1984) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Journey to the Rock (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1984) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Lost Island of Castanamir, The (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1984) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Midnight on Dagger Alley (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1984) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Quagmire! (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1984) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Quest for the Heartstone (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1984) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Rahasia (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1984) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Sabre River (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1984) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Secret Wars (Marvel Super Heroes) (1984) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Test of the Warlords (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1984) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
War Rafts of Kron, The (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1984) TSR, Inc. Cartographer
Against the Giants (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1981) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1981) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Descent into the Depths of the Earth (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1981) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Isle of Dread, The (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1981) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Keep on the Borderlands, The (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1981) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Legion of Gold (Gamma World) (1981) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Palace of the Silver Princess (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1981) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Secret of Bone Hill, The (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1981) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Top Secret, 2nd Ed. (Boxed) (1981) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Deities & Demigods (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1980) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Expedition to the Barrier Peaks (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1980) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Ghost Tower of Inverness, The (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1980) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, The (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1980) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Queen of the Demonweb Pits (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1980) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Rogues Gallery, The (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1980) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Slave Pits of the Undercity (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1980) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1979) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
White Plume Mountain (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1979) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Vault of the Drow (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1978) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Other Game Credits:
Product Publisher Credit
AD&D Monster Cards, Set 2 (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1982) TSR, Inc. Card Art
Magazine Credits:
Magazine Credit
Dungeon #49 (Sep/Oct 1994) Cartographer
Dungeon #45 (Jan/Feb 1994) Cartographer
Dungeon #43 (Sep/Oct 1993) Cartographer
Dungeon #42 (Jul/Aug 1993) Cartographer
Dungeon #41 (May/Jun 1993) Cartographer
Dungeon #40 (Mar/Apr 1993) Cartographer
Dungeon #39 (Jan/Feb 1993) Cartographer
Dungeon #38 (Nov/Dec 1992) Cartographer
Dungeon #37 (Sep/Oct 1992) Cartographer
Dungeon #36 (Jul/Aug 1992) Cartographer
Dungeon #35 (May/Jun 1992) Cartographer
Dungeon #34 (Mar/Apr 1992) Cartographer
Dungeon #33 (Jan/Feb 1992) Cartographer
Dungeon #30 (Jul/Aug 1991) Cartographer
Dungeon #27 (Jan/Feb 1991) Cartographer
Dungeon #25 (Sep/Oct 1990) Cartographer
Dungeon #14 (Nov/Dec 1988) Cartographer
Dungeon #11 (May/Jun 1988) Cartographer
Dungeon #1 (Sep/Oct 1986) Interior Artist
Magazine Article Credits:
Article Credit
"After the Storm" in Dungeon #6 (Jul/Aug 1987) Cartographer
"Artisan's Tomb, The" in Dungeon #10 (Mar/Apr 1988) Cartographer
"Artist's Loving Touch, The" in Dungeon #68 (May/Jun 1998) Cartographer
"By Merklan's Magic" in Dungeon #68 (May/Jun 1998) Cartographer
"Caermor" in Dungeon #2 (Nov/Dec 1986) Cartographer
"Convergence" in Dungeon #68 (May/Jun 1998) Cartographer
"Crusader" in Dungeon #76 (Sep/Oct 1999) Cartographer
"Crypt of Istaris, The" in Dungeon #9 (Jan/Feb 1988) Cartographer
"Deep Freeze" in Dungeon #83 (Nov/Dec 2000) Cartographer
"Dragonwyr: Wrymspotting" in Dragon Annual #2 (1997) Cartographer
"Dying of the Light, The" in Dungeon #84 (Jan/Feb 2001) Cartographer
"Earth Tones" in Dungeon #76 (Sep/Oct 1999) Cartographer
"Escape from the Tower of Midnight" in Dungeon #4 (Mar/Apr 1987) Cartographer
"Ever-Changing Fortunes" in Dungeon #85 (Mar/Apr 2001) Cartographer
"Evil Unearthed" in Dungeon #82 (Sep/Oct 2000) Cartographer
"Eyes of Evil, The" in Dungeon #5 (May/Jun 1987) Cartographer
"Flowers of Flame, The" in Dungeon #8 (Nov/Dec 1987) Cartographer
"Fluffy Goes to Heck" in Dungeon #4 (Mar/Apr 1987) Cartographer
"For A Lady's Honor" in Dungeon #8 (Nov/Dec 1987) Cartographer
"Forbidden Mountain" in Dungeon #6 (Jul/Aug 1987) Interior Artist
"Ghostship Gambit, The" in Dungeon #9 (Jan/Feb 1988) Cartographer
"Golden Bowl of Ashu H'san, The" in Dungeon #9 (Jan/Feb 1988) Cartographer
"Gorgoldand's Gauntlet" in Dragon Annual #5 (2000) Cartographer
"Heart of the Forge: The Dwarven Smithy" in Dragon #245 (Mar 1998) Interior Artist
"Hirward's Task" in Dungeon #5 (May/Jun 1987) Cartographer
"House of the Brothers, The" in Dungeon #6 (Jul/Aug 1987) Cartographer
"Huddle Farm" in Dungeon #12 (Jul/Aug 1988) Cartographer
"In Defense of the Law" in Dungeon #8 (Nov/Dec 1987) Cartographer
"In the Dwarven King's Court" in Dungeon #2 (Nov/Dec 1986) Cartographer
"Intrigue in the Depths" in Dungeon #12 (Jul/Aug 1988) Cartographer
"Iriandel" in Dungeon #83 (Nov/Dec 2000) Cartographer
"Jingling Mordo Circus, The" in Dungeon #7 (Sep/Oct 1987) Cartographer
"Kappa of Pachee Bridge, The" in Dungeon #5 (May/Jun 1987) Cartographer
"Keep at Koralgesh, The" in Dungeon #2 (Nov/Dec 1986) Cartographer
"Kingdom in the Swamp" in Dungeon #4 (Mar/Apr 1987) Cartographer
"Lady of the Lake" in Dungeon #5 (May/Jun 1987) Cartographer
"Light of Lost Souls" in Dungeon #12 (Jul/Aug 1988) Cartographer
"Lord of the Scarlet Tide" in Dungeon #85 (Mar/Apr 2001) Cartographer
"Lurkers in the Library, The" in Dungeon #9 (Jan/Feb 1988) Cartographer
"Made-to-Order Clerical Orders" in Dragon #142 (Feb 1989) Interior Artist
"Matchmakers, The" in Dungeon #7 (Sep/Oct 1987) Cartographer
"Monsterquest" in Dungeon #10 (Mar/Apr 1988) Cartographer
"Mountain Sanctuary" in Dungeon #8 (Nov/Dec 1987) Cartographer
"Mysterious Ways" in Dungeon #86 (May/Jun 2001) Cartographer
"Nightshade" in Dungeon #7 (Sep/Oct 1987) Cartographer
"One Winter's Night" in Dungeon #68 (May/Jun 1998) Cartographer
"Playing with Fire" in Dungeon #82 (Sep/Oct 2000) Cartographer
"Plight of Cirria, The" in Dungeon #9 (Jan/Feb 1988) Cartographer
"Rana Mor" in Dungeon #86 (May/Jun 2001) Cartographer
"Rotting Willow, The" in Dungeon #5 (May/Jun 1987) Cartographer
"Samurai Steel" in Dungeon #7 (Sep/Oct 1987) Cartographer
"Secrets of the Towers" in Dungeon #10 (Mar/Apr 1988) Cartographer
"Shrine of Ilsidahur, The" in Dungeon #10 (Mar/Apr 1988) Cartographer
"Stepping Stones" in Dungeon #68 (May/Jun 1998) Cartographer
"Stolen Power, The" in Dungeon #5 (May/Jun 1987) Cartographer
"Strongholds Three" in Dragon #145 (May 1989) Cartographer
"Swamp Stomp" in Dungeon #93 (Jul/Aug 2002) Cartographer
"They Also Serve…" in Dungeon #10 (Mar/Apr 1988) Cartographer
"Threshold of Evil" in Dungeon #10 (Mar/Apr 1988) Cartographer
"Tortles of the Purple Sage - Part 1" in Dungeon #6 (Jul/Aug 1987) Cartographer
"Tortles of the Purple Sage - Part 2" in Dungeon #7 (Sep/Oct 1987) Cartographer
"Totentanz" in Dungeon #90 (Jan/Feb 2002) Cartographer
"Trouble at Grog's" in Dungeon #4 (Mar/Apr 1987) Cartographer
"Trouble with Mylvin Wimbly" in Dungeon #5 (May/Jun 1987) Cartographer
"Valley of the Snails" in Dungeon #87 (Jul/Aug 2001) Cartographer
"Warships of the Sea" in Dragon #250 (Aug 1998) Interior Artist
"White Death" in Dungeon #6 (Jul/Aug 1987) Cartographer
"Wounded Worm, The" in Dungeon #8 (Nov/Dec 1987) Cartographer
Fiction Credits:
Book Publisher Credit
Planar Powers (Planescape) (1997) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Blood Hostages (Planescape) (1996) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist

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