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During the period 1986 - 1988, after recording "Children of the Revolution", the Femmes broke up.  Gordon joined a hard-rocking gospel band called the Mercy Seat, featuring Zena Von Heppinstall on lead vocals, Gordon on electric guitar and backing vocals, Patrice Moran on bass and vocals, and Fernando Menendez on drums and vocals.   The Mercy Seat released a self-titled vinyl album on Slash in 1987.  It's now out of print but copies can occasionally be found at used record stores.

plays violin on Ben Vaughn's album "Dressed in Black", released in 1990 on Restless Records.

appears, along with Brian and Victor, on the song "Down In the Cider House" on Tony Trischka's album "World Turning".  This album was released in 1993 on Rounder Records and is widely available.  Tony is the banjo player who played in "Country Death Song" on the Femmes' second album.

plays guitar and sings on the songs "Million Dollar Bash" (a Bob Dylan cover) and "Ice in Her Eyes" on the album DeathGrooveLoveParty by Carmaig De Forest and DeathGrooveLoveParty.  This album was released in 1993 by Knitting Factory Records and also features appearances by Will Rigby, Jim Sclavunos, and Sara Lapsey.  It's available online direct from Knitting Factory Records.  Carmaig was also the opening (solo) act at several recent Femmes shows.

plays fiddle on the song "Ruthie Lingle" on 16 Horsepower's album "Sackcloth N' Ashes".  This album was produced by Warren Bruleigh and was released in 1995 on A&M Records.  Supposedly Gordon was so into this band that he kept bugging them until they let him play on their album!  They're Christian/French gothic/country, and their music is indescribably delicious.  Check out their website at .

with Warren Bruleigh, produced Rebecca Blasband's demo tape in 1993, then an EP in 1995, and then her debut album, "Rapt", which was released on Mercury Records in 1996.  This album is widely available.

appears with the Femmes on Elliot Murphy's album  "Selling the Gold", released in 1996 on Dejadisc.

coproduced and performs on the Irish band An Emotional Fish's album "Sloper", engineered by Warren Bruleigh and released in 1996 on the Pure label.

wrote and sings the song "Only the Lonely" on the album "No Talking, Just Head", by the Heads (the Talking Heads minus David Byrne.  This album was released in 1996 on Radioactive Records and is available everywhere.  Jerry Harrison, the Heads' keyboard player, produced the Femmes' third album.

wrote and recorded the soundtrack for an indie film called "Hitting the Ground", directed by David Moore, which was presented at the Seattle International Film Festival in 1996 but was never picked up by a major distributor.  Consequently, there's no way to buy the soundtrack!  However, you can buy a copy of the film from Raven Pictures International for an excruciating $89.95 + S&H (I'm too cheap to tell you if it's worth the cost). Gordon wrote all the songs, which were performed by Lou Reed, P.J. Harvey, Frank Black and others.  The song "36-24-36" on the "Add It Up" album was the title song of the film.

appears on the album "In Their Own Words Volume 2", a compilation album featuring numerous famous songwriters performing acoustically and discussing how they go about writing songs.  It was released in 1996 by Razor & Tie.  Gordon's the first one on the album, doing "Songwriter's Song".  You can get it at .

sings and plays fiddle on John Kruth's album "Last Year Was A Great Day", released in 1998 on Gadfly Records.  This album also features Peter Balestrieri, one of the Horns of Dilemma, on sax and vocals.  It's available online direct from Gadfly Records, and at Tower Records Online.

produced (with Warren Bruleigh) the French band Louise Attaque's self-titled debut album, released in 1998.  This album is in French and is only available as an import in the U.S. (Tower Records will special order it for you).  Louise Attaque is very popular in France, and their name is derived from that of their favorite band...the Violent Femmes!  Check out their website at (of course, you'll get more out of the experience if you speak FRENCH).   The band's nickname for Gordon is "Flash Gordon"!

appears VERY briefly in the song "This World Is Something New to Me" on the Rugrats soundtrack.  I'll save you some money and give the full transcript of Gordon's vocals on this album:  "This wallpaper here just ain't the same".   You can hear it for free in the music section of amazon.  This album was released in 1998 on Uni/Interscope.

Gordon has written three musicals:  Oresteia with a Happy Ending, Desire by the Tail, and Carmen: The First Two Chapters (based on Prosper Merimee's short story).   Carmen was presented earlier this year in New York at the Knitting Factory and featured Gordon himself, Fernando Menendez (formerly of the Mercy Seat), and several other actors and musicians. 

performs on a few songs on his brother Glenn's debut album, "Unfinished", released by Human Music.  You can buy a copy direct from Glenn on his website, .

performs on the song "Nature Boy" on the children's album "Shrimp Whistles".  Peter Balestrieri and John Kruth also appear on this album.

performs the song "Capitão Romance"(in Portuguese!) with the band Ornatos Violeta on their album (his accent is reportedly "very good"). Check out a couple of photos of Gordon performing with the band in Porto, Portugal on 12/3/99.