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NEW YORK, NY – September 7, 2004 – (PR Newswire) Strong listener response to the rapidly developing progressive talk format is spurring the emergence of new politically progressive radio programs. And that’s why broadcast executive Ron Hartenbaum of WYD MediaManagement, LLC, in association with Washington based Democracy Radio, is launching THE STEPHANIE MILLER SHOW, featuring the popular media personality and comedienne.

Originating from Los Angeles, THE STEPHANIE MILLER SHOW, premieres today, airing live, 9AM-noon, ET (6AM-9AM, PT) weekdays on radio stations across the nation.

“As talk radio has more and more become a sea of right-wing wackos, I think the audience has finally recognized the need to balance that with some good left-wing wackos, and I’m thrilled to be able to fill that need,” said the funny daughter of William Miller, who was on the Republican Presidential ticket with Barry Goldwater in 1964. “I’ll be broadcasting from Rodney King’s hometown of Los Angeles, and in these divided political times, I think the answer to his famous question: ‘Can’t we all just get along?’ is clearly, ‘No, we can’t, but at least we can make it funny,’ Stephanie Miller said.

Stephanie’s active media life includes hosting duties for I’ve Got a Secret on cable’s Oxygen channel and celebrity game show panelist on the PAX Network’s Balderdash. Miller has 15 years of major market radio experience at KABC and KFI in Los Angeles and other stations in New York and Chicago. She hosted a late-night network television talk show syndicated by Disney and guest hosted on CNBC’s EQUAL TIME as the liberal counterweight to Bay Buchanan. She also has appeared on ABC’s “GOOD MORNING AMERICA,” NBC’s “TODAY” and “TONIGHT SHOW,” CNN’s Larry King, FOX’s “O’REILLY” and many others.

THE STEPHANIE MILLER SHOW joins The Ed Schultz Show as a progressive talk radio program whose introduction was fostered by Democracy Radio. Democracy Radio is the Washington-based production company that develops progressive programs to put an end to the political imbalance on talk radio.

“We’re very proud to announce The Stephanie Miller Show as Democracy Radio’s next new program.” said Tom Athans, executive director and co-founder of Democracy Radio. “Just as Ed Schultz is growing by leaps and bounds, we know that Stephanie Miller will make a significant impact as a progressive talker. She’s an outstanding talent that offers a combination of humor and sharp political commentary that will keep her audience both captivated and in stitches.” The Ed Schultz program, which airs on 45 radio stations and has marked dramatic audience growth since its launch earlier this year, also is distributed to radio stations by the Jones Radio Networks.

The movement of listeners to ‘progressive talk’ has gotten the attention of major broadcast groups who recognize the power and ratings trends at AirAmerica Radio’s WLIB, New York, Clear Channel’s KPOJ, Portland, and other stations around the nation.

“Radio stations going in this new direction are generating terrific audience growth,” Mr. Hartenbaum said. “We are witnessing the emergence of a new radio format—progressive talk, and it is attracting impressive and growing audiences,” Mr. Hartenbaum said.

Broadcast distribution and station clearances for THE STEPHANIE MILLER SHOW are being handled by the Jones Radio Networks, where Amy Bolton, Vice President and General Manager/News & Talk, observed: “How long did programmers think AM radio would last if all it offered was same conservative spin? There is a remarkable thirst for the entertaining point of view and sheer humor that Stephanie Miller offers.”

Network radio advertising sales is being handled by Jones MediaAmerica, the company Mr. Hartenbaum headed until forming WYD last month.

“More and more stations are adding liberal and progressive talk programs to their lineups—some on format pure basis with 24-hour clearance—and others on a hybrid basis. There are now talk radio stations with both politically liberal and conservative programs on the same station,” Mr. Hartenbaum observed.

“The emerging power of ‘liberal and progressive talk radio’ in key younger demos and the solid 18-49 and 25-54 audience numbers being generated by early adaptor stations are very positive indicators for this new brand of talk radio.”
“THE STEPHANIE MILLER SHOW is important programming that will generate strong ratings for stations and provide a gateway for her highly entertaining and important point of view,” Mr. Hartenbaum said. “She is irreverent, fresh and is a proven entertainer as well as radio personality. The program will be fast-paced and topical, relating to current issues but not consumed by them. Ultimately, the goal is entertaining radio, Mr. Hartenbaum said.

Stephanie Miller is also well known on the stand-up comedy club circuit in New York and Los Angeles and has appeared on virtually all of the top stages: in New York, at Caroline’s, Gotham, Stand Up New York, Catch A Rising Star, The Comic Strip and the Comedy Cellar, among others. In Los Angeles, she’s a major attraction for audiences at The Improv, The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store and other clubs,

Noted for his media development credentials, Mr. Hartenbaum created programming and marketing strategies that helped build Jones MediaAmerica into a national radio program distribution powerhouse. He developed sales strategies that enabled Rush Limbaugh’s radio program to gain market acceptance in network radio.

Tom Athans is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Democracy Radio. Formerly a congressional staffer and political strategist, Athans founded Democracy Radio as a production company to work within the radio industry to create a greater progressive presence in talk radio. Democracy Radio produces The Ed Schultz Show, the nation’s fastest growing progressive talk radio program.

WYD MediaManagement, LLC is a media consulting firm based in Connecticut. The company provides management and integrated marketing services for media companies and entertainment interests across the universe of broadcast and broadband-based distribution platforms.

Democracy Radio is a nonprofit radio production company dedicated to ending the political imbalance that exists on America's radio airwaves by developing, funding and launching compelling progressive talk radio programming that will compete and succeed in the challenging marketplace of talk radio.

Jones Radio Networks™ is America's leading independent radio programming company, with offices or production centers in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Denver, Seattle, and Nashville. The company serves more than 5,000 radio stations with a full menu of radio programming solutions.

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