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House of Gold

The governing body of Supreme Assembly is known as the "House of Gold," and is elected by the voting members of that body. Membership of active (voting) members is limited to fifty, and all members are elected to life terms.

Members of the House of Gold include:

Ila Hammond - Alaska/California
Delores Burr - Connecticut
Dorothy Brillhart, PSWA - Florida
Alberta Thompson - Indiana
Linda Freimann, PSWA - Michigan
Joyce Lindberg - Montana
Thelma Domingo - Nebraska
Sadie Jones - New South Wales & South Australia
Molly Murphy - Queensland
Katherine Ferguson - North Carolina
Mary Muhs, PSWA - North Dakota
Janice Sather - North Dakota
Marjory Lowery - Ohio
Joe Blair - Oklahoma
Marjorie Wilson, PSWA - Oregon
Hope Bonnell - Rhode Island
Pauline Stonehocker, PSWA - South Carolina
Alice Brown - West Virginia
All Supreme Officers
All Supreme Inspectors

  Supreme Officers

The Supreme Officers parallel those of a Local Assembly with three exceptions:
  • Supreme Assembly has a Supreme Organist (and no Supreme Musician)
  • Supreme Assembly has a Supreme Parliamentarian (a position that does not exist at the Local level)
  • Supreme Assembly has no Supreme Choir Director. All elective Supreme Officers serve for a term of two years; all appointed Supreme Officers serve at the pleasure of the Supreme Worthy Advisor
Supreme Officers inlcude:

Supreme Worthy Advisor - Marie Renda - Illinois
Supreme Worthy Associate Advisor - Marilyn Feulner - Iowa/Minnesota
Supreme Charity - Linda Little - Canada
Supreme Hope - Mary Adeline Bradford - Maryland
Supreme Faith - Cora-Ellen Moody - Maine
Supreme Recorder - Barbara Russell - Kansas
Supreme Treasurer - Merlee Kile - Kentucky
Supreme Chaplain - Open
Supreme Drill Leader - Kay Letterman - North Carolina
Supreme Love - Judy Fortenberry - Tennessee
Supreme Religion - Fe Suaco - Philippines & Guam/Virginia
Supreme Nature - Sandra Marshall - Massachusetts
Supreme Immortality - Roberta Myers - New Mexico
Supreme Fidelity - Sue Rennagel - Virginia
Supreme Patriotism - Joanie Jacka - Nevada
Supreme Service - Carolyn Behers - Arizona
Supreme Confidential Observer - Martha Hardison - Georgia
Supreme Outer Observer - Joan Murphy - Alabama
Supreme Parliamentarian - Anne Payne Dukes - Kentucky

Supreme Worthy Advisor

The Supreme Worthy Advisor is the Chief Executive of our Order, making decisions as needed when Supreme Assembly is not in Session. She is often assisted in those duties by the Supreme Executive Board, which is composed of the seven elected officers.

Supreme Inspectors and Supreme Deputies

Each Grand Jurisdiction has a Supreme Inspector or Supreme Deputy as their Chief Executive. Initially, a Supreme Deputy is appointed for the Jurisdiction by the Supreme Worthy Advisor. At such time as a Supreme Deputy is elected to the House of Gold, the title then becomes Supreme Inspector.

Click here for a list of Supreme Inspectors and Deputies.