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Deemed the "mother of comfort food," Dorcas Reilly led the team that created the Green Bean Casserole in 1955, while working as a staff member in the Home Economics department of the Campbell Soup Company.

Dorcas Reilly at her induction into the Inventor's Hall of Fame

Mrs. Reilly grew up in Camden, New Jersey, and received her B.S. in Home Economics from Drexel University. She began her career at Campbell in 1949, where she was one of two full-time staff members in the department. She says the inspiration for the Green Bean Casserole was to create a quick and easy recipe around two things most Americans always had on hand in the 1950s: green beans and Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup. Like all great recipes, the casserole requires minimal number of ingredients (just five), doesn't take much time, and can be customized to fit a wide range of tastes.

In 2002, Mrs. Reilly appeared at the National Inventor's Hall of Fame to donate the original copy of the recipe to the museum. The now-yellowed 8 x 11 recipe card takes its place alongside Enrico Fermi's invention of the first controlled nuclear reactor and Thomas Alva Edison's two greatest hits: the light bulb and the phonograph.

She resides in N.J. with her husband Tom.

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