1935 was a significant turning point for Armenian cinema because of the creation of the first sound film, "Pepo". On one hand, this movie seems to encompass the experience of the silent film, but on the other hand, it considerably enlarges the scope of Armenian cinema.
The action of the film goes far beyond the scope of the story, which tells of a rich man who corrupts a poor man's family. The noisy street, packed with the simple, hard-working population, is accurately reflected on the screen. The street is no longer a background but becomes an active participant, as it so appears today.
The film "Pepo“ continues to gain international recognition and has come to represent Armenian culture abroad.
Directed by H.Bek-Nazaryan
Writing Credits H.Bek-Nazaryan
Based on G.Sundukyan’s play of the same name
Credited Cast Pepo - H.Nersisyan, Zimzimov - A.Avetisyan, Shushan - Hasmik (T.Hakobyan), Giko - G.Avetyan, Darcho - H.Khachanyan, Kekel - T.Makhmurova, Kakuli - D.Malian, Darcho's mother - M.Beroyan, kinto - G.Gabrielyan, Duduli - A.Gulakyan, Natel - N.Manucharyan, Efemia - N.Gevorgyan, Samson - V.Bagratouni, gossiper (woman) - M.Jrpetyan, Margrit - H.Vanyan, Gevorg - M.Garagash, judge - V.Barski, pichkhul - A.Kefchyan
Runtime 88 min.
Country Armenia
Color Black and White
Sound Mix First Armenian Sound Film
Title Pepo / Pepo (1935)