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Somerset Historic Environment Record


Site Name: Deserted medieval village, Babington
Civil Parish: Kilmersdon
PRN 15431Evaluation (2002), Babington House, Kilmersdon
PRN 25786Evaluation, Babington House (1997)
PRN 25787Babington House watching brief (1998), Kilmersdon
PRN 25788Babington House Cricket Pavilion evaluation (1998)
Grid Ref: ST 703 510 (ST 75 SW)
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Babington was formerly a separate parish and has an isolated church. {1}

AP shows ridge and furrow to the NE of the house and also to the SW. Vague earthworks to the S, SW and W of the house. {2}

The manor was sold by Thomas and Mary Mankham to Joan Elcode, widow in a deed dated Easter 1572. The Manor then contained 7 messuages, one cottage, 10 tofts, 1 water mill, 10 gardens, 14 orchards, 300 acres of land, 120 acres of meadow, 160 acres of pasture, 20 acres of wood, 120 acres of furze and 4s annual rent and 1lb of pepper. {3}

The village is likely to have been destroyed when the Manor house was built in the late C17 and the park created (PRN 23717). {4}

Village had a fair held on the 2nd September, the feast of St Margaret, granted in 1285. {5}

Fields now cultivated and there are no signs of earthworks. {6}

Nothing shown on the tithe map. {7}

Evaluations (PRN 25786, 25788) and archaeological monitoring of service trenches (PRN 25787) showed limited evidence for the medieval settlement. Medieval pottery was recovered in the area around the house and several ditches were recorded which suggested that the focus of occupation was to the south of the house. {11}


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Record created in June 1985

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