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Visiting Mr. Green
Written by: Jeff Baron
Directed by:
Alon Ophir
Mr. Green, a cantankerous old widower, is involved in a traffic accident in a Jewish neighborhood in New York in which he is almost run over by Ross Gardiner, a young American Express executive. Gardiner is consequently sentenced to six months community service during which he has to visit Mr. Green once a week at his seedy apartment and assist him in every way he can.
The two men, who are so different in their outlook, lifestyle, values and expectations, slowly start to respect and trust one another and subsequently manage to peel off layers of painful, repressed emotions from themselves. In the course of their enforced encounters, each is helped by the other’s strengths to face up to the truths that torment them. The initial hostility becomes a deep friendship.

“Yossi Graber, who is a great actor, reaches rare heights in this play.” Ma’ariv
“Yossi Graber produces one of the best, most precise and exciting roles in his rich career.” Ha’aretz

Awards: Play of the Year for 2002; Best Actor of the Year – Yossi Graber

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