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Safe Routes To Schools
Case Studies
Kesgrave High School
Suffolk County Council

Key Features

Local Authority

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Medium Sized Secondary School

High level of pupils involvement, teacher led activities and after school clubs, local authority.

Key Features
Cycling, Cycle train, Curriculum work, School TravelPlan

Probably the school with the most pupils cycling to school in the UK (61%). There are 970 pupils. This has come about as a result of foresight by planners, investments in safe routes and an extremely proactive school. High levels of cycling and a network of safe routes mean that pupils are able to go on many school trips and participate in more out of school activities than they could otherwise expect. The pupils are fitter, which seems to be demonstrated by their sporting success.

The school has had secure cycling parking, it encourages bike sharing and school trips by bike. School lessons are longer than usual which reduces the amount of books to be carried about. Teachers and senior staff who regularly walk or cycle act as adult role models for pupils. The inclusion of good quality routes in adjacent housing estate has been an extra incentive. The enthusiasm of Kesgrave School has spread to its feeder primary schools.

Costs and Funding

Problems and Solutions
The large number of cyclists arriving daily requires management. Four staff oversee arrival and departure times and keep cyclists and school buses safely apart. Bicycle parking and locker space must keep space with demand which means an ongoing financial commitment. Pupils must be taught basic safety rules and responsibility without being heavy handed with regulations and so discouraging cyclists.

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