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Evangelical Christian Academy is nestled in the quiet Spanish village of Camarma de Esteruelas, about 20 miles east of Spain's capital city. God has been very good to us, providing a new school facility in 2002, after 29 years in a small building crowded in the Madrid city limits.

view of Camarma

We are very thankful for the many prayers and gifts of those who have made this possible. Praise God with us for the opportunity to serve the missionaries serving in Spain through providing a Christian education in English to their children. Pray with us for His continued blessing on these missionary families who are working to bring the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people around the world. We currently serve about 60 missionary families and have about 95 students in 1st through 12th grades.

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A Brief History of ECA

Evangelical Christian Academy officially began in 1973 with one teacher, Miss Nancy Towle (now Mrs. Nancy Jones). Mr. Bill Hawk was the acting head during this first year. Many people helped in the early years to provide education for missionary children in kindergarten through eighth grade. During this time ECA utilized only a portion of the middle floor of the Calle Talía 26 building, in Canillejas, Madrid.

From 1974-1979, Mr. Burt Foskett was the headmaster. By 1978, the student body numbered 30 in the elementary and 6 in junior high. The high school was using correspondence classes and had ten students. The all-school retreat was started in 1975.

From 1979-1989, Mr. Larry Thornberg was the headmaster. Many were added to the staff during these years. Though the elementary continued to be larger than the high school, the high school grew steadily. Much construction was done on the Talía building to make it more usable. Eventually, additional houses were rented in the neighborhood to accommodate the growing student body, which numbered 90 by 1987.

From 1988-1997, the headmaster was Mr. Paul Wrobbel. During the 90s, ECA continued to provide educational and spiritual training for its students. AP programs were added to the curriculum during these years. The science and social studies fairs began during this time as well. Also, the dream for a new facility was born, fundraising began, and in 1995 land was purchased in Camarma for the construction of a new school. In 1996 the Talía facility underwent major renovations to meet building codes and keep the school from closing.

Miss Kathy Blest was the interim director from 1997-1999. During 1997, ECA celebrated 25 years of ministry. Many traditions, both old and new, were continued with joy. During this time of transition the Lord brought several new career staff to ECA, committed to the long term good of MK education.

Miss Beth Hornish was the director from 1999-2002, and during this time construction was begun in Camarma. Our new facility was inaugurated June 8, 2002. During the fall of 2002, Miss Hornish enjoyed the opening months of school then returned to the U.S. in December to be married to Mr. Jim Almack. Upon her departure, Mr. Scot Musser was appointed as headmaster. Scot and Carol Musser

The fall of 2005 marks 33 years of ministry for ECA! Looking back, we can clearly see the hand of God upon this school, and we rejoice in the multiple blessings He has brought through the many people who have interacted within her walls. We are confident that in the years to come the Lord will continue to use ECA to be a blessing to many, including our new community in Camarma. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

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