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Purpose & Organization

Evangelical Christian Academy exists to serve missionary families by equipping students in the academic disciplines, challenging them to love God, apply His truth, and care for others.

As an explanation and extension of this purpose statement, the following student outcomes are provided:

It is our purpose that students will have committed their hearts to Jesus Christ and will demonstrate their faith and learning in the following areas:


  • Students will have memorized key portions of Scripture and will be able to defend their beliefs in a logical, educated manner.
  • Students will develop a love of learning and will know where to go in search of answers.
  • Students will be able to think critically, having established and adopted a biblical world view and viewing every aspect of life through that grid.
  • Students will be able to communicate with confidence and clarity, both orally and in written form.


  • Students will show the fruits of the spirit daily and will love and seek the Lord with all their hearts, minds, soul, and strength.
  • Students will understand that they have received grace from God and will demonstrate grace in their dealings with others.
  • Students will be able to interact biblically and compassionately with people of varied cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds.
  • Students will promote God’s love and truth by sharing their faith in word and deed.


  • Students will recognize that their bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and thus will develop a balanced routine of exercise, diet, and sleep.
  • Students will learn the importance of physical fitness and self-discipline and will establish a life-long habit of physical activity, which will better equip them to serve the Lord.

ECA is governed by a Board of Trustees, consisting of representatives from each of the missions who participate in the school as a founding or participating mission. These missions are:

ABWE – Association of Baptists for Worldwide Evangelization
Assemblies of God
FWB - Free Will Baptist Global Outreach
IMB - International Mission Board of the Southern Baptists
MTW – Mission to The World
OMS International
Resourcing Christian Education (RCE International)
SEND International
TEAM – The Evangelical Alliance Mission
World Venture (formerly CBI)