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Screenplay Software - Buy now!
Screenplay Software - Buy now!

DreamaScript Hollywoods Most Successful Screenplay Software!

DreamaScript Screenwriting Software is the only all in one tool that empowers you with the in depth know-how to write and sell your screenplay. Use templates and methods used by the most successful screenplay writers such as Christopher Nolan, Julian Fellowes, Ronald Bass, Richard Curtis, David S. Goyer, Steven Zaillian, Quentin Tarantino and Callie Khouri.

Used by over 500,000 writers world wide DreamaScript is fully tailorable & designed to work the way you want. You can easily organise your ideas, compare characters, rearrange scenes, walkthrough your screenplay, develop compelling dialogue, produce multiple drafts, collaborate with other writers & search your work.
Screenplay Software for New Screenwriters
DreamaScript has been designed to teach you with interactive guides and classes. You learn the secrets of writing whilst you write. Get help from the wealth of movie example breakdowns available at each stage of story development.

Screenplay Software for Screenwriting Enthusiasts
Whether you need to complete or rework a screenplay, DreamaScript has all the tools you need. Use the script doctor to rearrange your scenes, improve your dialogue and action. Then submit scripts for review and copyright registration.

DreamaScript For Professionals
Use DreamaScript to create new genres and break down existing screenplays to unravel their secrets. Get professional feedback on your own scripts. Secure and backup your work easily. Collaborate with other writers.

Market Like A Pro
Marketing and Selling are careers in their own right. The tools you will learn in DreamaScript enable you to create a concrete plan, organise yourself and your approach, and appear like a professional to the outside world.

Dreamacrome Presents DreamaScript
Dreamacrome, an IBM Business Partner, pulled together a team of leading writers, film training schools, producers and the best software engineers. Their aim was simple: to create an all in one tool that takes you from your idea through to production. DreamaScript is the result. Don't miss out, simplify your life as a screenwriter and make room on your bookshelf for that Oscar.
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