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Nintendo Interview | id Properties Coming to Wii?
Wii is finally 'Doom'ed, but in a good way?
By Adam Riley (jesusraz)
05.03.2007 09:19
Following Cubed³'s brief chat with Todd Hollenshead about Nintendo support last year and the talk of Orcs & Elves coming to DS, id Software has now spoken about supporting the Wii with its games. Speaking with Game Daily, Steve Nix of id openly discussed how Wii games could well be forthcoming from the company. Below are a couple of choice quotes from the interview:

Game Daily: [ John ] Carmack has been fairly vocal about his opinion on 360 vs. PS3, with the 360 supposedly being easier to develop for. What are your thoughts in general on all three systems (PS3, 360, Wii)?

Steve Nix, id Software: The 360 is a great platform. It's really easy to develop for, it's really programmer friendly, whereas the PS3 is a powerful machine but it's not quite as friendly to get to. It's also a year behind the Xbox 360 as far as tools and everything. I think plenty of great games are going to be made on the PS3. It's a little bit harder to develop for but we're definitely committed to developing for PS3. So even though John says it's harder, we're still going to make games on the PS3. It's a very important platform; plenty of PS3s are going to get sold into the market, so we're absolutely going to be supporting the PS3 and we've said that in the past. It's tougher; eventually we may be able to unlock some of the power of the Cells in interesting ways to make games on the PS3 that end up looking better than other platforms. So yes, it's a little tougher to work on, but we're going to be there. We can't ignore the PlayStation 3.

The Wii is interesting. I think the Wii is fantastic. I think it's great that Nintendo did something really unique with the control system. They've made it really more mass market friendly. Mouse and keyboard combinations or controllers can be baffling for people who haven't played games since the Atari 2600. So I think what they did, the more intuitive they can make games for that system, that my mom can pick up and get into in 5 or 6 minutes, that's fantastic and it's necessary in growing the market. But where we're at, since id's always been about taking revolutionary steps in graphics technology, the Wii's really not a great platform for that part of our strategy because there's just not a lot of horsepower there. We've looked at what would make sense, some of our older technology, to get up and going on the Wii, because people have expressed interest in licensing tech from us that would be for Wii games, so we're still figuring out how we can do that. Some of our brands could end up on the Wii. But our new stuff, the next-generation stuff we're doing, there's no way that it could run effectively on the Wii.

GD: You guys are obviously FPS specialists. If you look at what Nintendo is doing with Metroid Prime, you can just point and click at the screen, so that could apply very well to some of id's properties. Are you saying that you'd only look to the older catalog to see if you could bring that to Wii?

SN: Or maybe some of our brands. We have a bunch of brands and maybe we'll look at partnering with somebody with some of our older technology that really would push the limits of the Wii and look at our brands and which are appropriate. See which makes sense, and this version of our technology would look better than any other Wii game out there. We would modify it to make sure things made sense and add things in where possible, because the Wii is a fairly new graphics card, even if it's no a very powerful machine. So there are things we could do to make it look great.

Be sure to check out the full interview here.

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Look ID its very simple;


Yes, you push the boundarys in graphics, but controll is more important then graphics when it comes to gameplay.
Both the DS and Wii are perfect for FPS's, if handeled correctly.
05.03.2007 09:59 | Back to Top
because the Wii is a fairly new graphics card, even if it's no a very powerful machine. So there are things we could do to make it look great.

That's what I say the whole time! Surely Wii isn't capable of handling hundred of enemies at once because of the CPU, but it's good in graphics. Did you guys see God of War 2, which is on PS2? It looks better than any Nextgen I saw until this day. So that's possible on Wii, too. Just do it, man!

Overall positive feedback. But as always there's a difference in talking and in doing. So talk and do, not just talk. Then it can be good. Then me core-Wii-gamer can be play killer-games right away!
05.03.2007 11:03 | Back to Top
I agree highly with Darkflame.

Bring the FPS's to the DS and Wii and make everyone happy.
05.03.2007 12:57 | Back to Top
Its a real shame ID's attitude really.
They are very skilled with engine designs, and are very good at pushing hardware.
If they did make a game, from the ground up, for the Wii, it would look amazing.

Oh well, give it a year when the Wii has an insanely high userbase ;)
05.03.2007 13:19 | Back to Top
Epic, ID, and Valve are more interested in the Xbox 360 and the PS3. They believe that every gamer wants games to go High def and have no interest in developing for the Wii.

Here are some links to middleware for the Wii and an informative topic about the gpu and cpu of the Wii.

Unity Engine Wii

Dassault Systèmes Presents Wii Solutions at Game Developer Conference 2007,
Faster, more creative developments based on Virtools 4

05.03.2007 15:54 | Back to Top
ooo sounds good lets hope they make a AA FPS game for Wii This is a smilie
05.03.2007 18:04 | Back to Top
Epic, ID, and Valve are more interested in the Xbox 360 and the PS3. They believe that every gamer wants games to go High def and have no interest in developing for the Wii.

Or maybe that's just what they specialise in and they want to carry on with it because it works for them...
05.03.2007 19:03 | Back to Top
I'm really not bothered because my 360 is bound to get some id love, and as long as I'm not missing out, I'm a happy bunny. They'd just better make sure that Q5 is a helluva lot better than Q4.

I wouldn't mind seeing Doom 3 on Wii though, that could be fun (and I guess it is feasible if Wii is purportedly more powerful than the original Xbox)
05.03.2007 19:13 | Back to Top
I'm not sure why anyone on here gives a shit. Doom 3 and Quake 4 were 2 of the most stale FPS games of the last decade.

It's all advanced graphics bashing and mindless spouting of the word innovation, and then someone from one of the most backward and graphics orientated developers in existence talks positively about the Wii in a very cynical 'brand' focused way and people start creaming themselves.

( Edited on 05.03.2007 19:19 by Grumblezorz )

05.03.2007 19:16 | Back to Top
If I was developing games I'd rather work on the 360....

If you can see great looking and playing games out there, why would you want to restrict yourself to the Wii? I love graphics programming. It's what I want to specialise in. Like for my game I've read up on tons of technique for graphics programming. It all fascinates me, and most of the complex stuff like HDR aren't really possible on the Wii.

( Edited on 05.03.2007 21:03 by knighty )

05.03.2007 20:26 | Back to Top

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