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Engelmann becomes heaviest rower in Boat Race historyIssue Date: 2007-04-03
Cambridge stroke Thorsten Engelmann made a piece of history today (Tuesday) when he weighed in as the heaviest oarsman the Boat Race has ever seen.

The 25-year-old German rower tipped the scales at 110.8kg – 17st 6lb 4 oz – for Saturday’s (7th April) 153rd Boat Race, which is sponsored by Xchanging.

He succeeds Christopher Heathcote, a member of Oxford’s winning 1990 crew, as the heaviest rower in Boat Race history. Heathcote weighed in at 110.22kg, 17st 5lbs.

"I'm now the heaviest man in Boat Race history and I’m proud of it." said Engelmann today.

"The idea is not just to be heavier, you need to be stronger and more powerful as well. I’m not just fat!"

"I think the odds are in favour of us, but we still have to row the race and beat them," he added. "It's a big, important race on Saturday and I want to win it. I hate losing."

The Light Blue crew weighted in at 785.6kg (123st 9lbs 14 oz) minus the cox, compared with Oxford’s total of 750.8kg (118st 3lb, 3oz.)

It means Cambridge average 98.2kg (15 st 6lbs, 8oz) – 4.3 kg (9lbs 8oz) more per man than their Oxford counterparts, who averaged 93.9kg (14 st 11lbs).

Meanwhile, Cambridge also weighed-in heavier for the Isis-Goldie reserve race. Goldie, the Cambridge reserve boat, weighed 709.6kg (111st 10lbs 6oz) compared with an Isis crew weight - minus cox - of 695.6kg (109st 7lbs 8oz).

The 2007 Boat Race – the 153rd in Boat Race history – gets underway at 4.30pm on Saturday.

The two crews will battle it out over the gruelling four and a quarter mile Tideway course from Putney to Mortlake. The reserve race takes place over the same Tideway course at 4pm.

The Boat Race will be broadcast live on ITV Sport, who achieved an audience of more than 7 million last year. It will also be broadcast on LBC and will be available live for the first time in the USA through a deal brokered with ESPN.

Some 250,000 spectators traditionally line the banks of the Thames to enjoy this iconic event, which is one of the Capital's best ‘free shows'.

Oxford Blue Boat
Seat No.NameKgsLbsStoneLbs, Oz
BowMichal Plotkowiak94.82091413, 0
2Adam Kosmicki96211.6151, 9/16
3Andrew Wright89.2196.7140, 11/16
4Magnus Fleming96.8213.4153, 6/16
5Robin Ejsmond-Frey91.8202.4146, 6/16
6William Buckland100.4221.31511, 4/16
7Terence Kooyker86.6190.9138, 14.16
StrokeAnte Kusurin95.2209.91413, 14/16
CoxNicholas Brodie54.8120.888, 12/16
Total Weight - Ex. Cox750.81655.21183, 3/16
Average Weight - Ex. Cox93.92071411, 0
Total Weight - Inc. Cox805.6177612612, 0
Average Weight - Inc. Cox89.5197.3141, 4/16
Total Crew-34.8-76.7-5-3, 3/16
Per Man-4.3-9.5-0-9, 0
Coxes511011, 0
Cambridge Blue Boat
Seat No.NameKgsLbsStoneLbs, Oz
BowKristopher McDaniel90.2198.9142, 14/16
2Dan O'Shaughnessy100.4221.31511, 4/16
3Peter Champion96.0211.6151, 9/16
4Jacob Cornelius98.6217.4157, 6/16
5Tom James87.9193.11311, 1/16
6Kieran West101.6224160, 0
7Sebastian Schulte100.4221.31511, 4/16
StrokeThorsten Engelmann110.8244.3176, 4/16
CoxRebecca Dowbiggin49.8109.8711, 12/16
Total Weight - Ex. Cox785.61731.91233,9, 14/16
Average Weight - Ex. Cox98.2216.5156, 8/16
Total Weight - Inc. Cox835.41841.71317, 11/16
Average Weight - Inc. Cox92.8204.6148, 9/16
Total Crew34.876.753, 3/16
Per Man4.39.50-9, 0
Coxes-5-11-0-11, 0
Oxford Isis
Seat No.NameKgsLbsStoneLbs, Oz
BowPaul Kelly78.2172.4124, 6/16
2George Hilton81.4179.51211, 7/16
3Anthony Mullin92.6204.1148, 2/16
4Matthew Brown90.2198.9142, 2/16
5Nicholas Marriott85.0187.4135, 6/16
6Lucas Dalglish87.4192.71310, 11/16
7Richard Chambers91.4201.5145, 8/16
StrokeDavid Knezevic91.6201.9145, 15/16
CoxPhilip Clausen-Thue53.2117.385, 4/16
Total Weight - Ex. Cox697.81538.410912, 6/16
Average Weight - Ex. Cox87.2192.31310, 5/16
Total Weight - Inc. Cox751.01655.71183, 10/16
Average Weight - Inc. Cox83.4184.0131, 15/16
Total Crew-9.6-21.2-1-7, 3/16
Per Man-1.20-2.6-0-2, 10/16
Coxes1.804.003, 15/16
Cambridge Goldie
Seat No.NameKgsLbsStoneLbs, Oz
BowAlistair Macleod93.2205.5149, 7/16
2Douglas Perrin81.6179.91211, 14/16
3Oliver de Groot90.4199.3143, 5/16
4Tobias Garnett93.8206.8143, 5/16
5Don Wyper93.2206.81410, 13/16
6Johannes Kromdijk86.6190.9138, 15/16
7Colin Scott86.0189.6137, 9/16
StrokeDavid Billings82.6182.1130, 1/16
CoxRussel Glenn55.0121.389, 4/16
Total Weight - Ex. Cox707.41559.51115, 8/16
Average Weight - Ex. Cox88.4194.91312, 15/16
Total Weight - Inc. Cox762.41680.81200, 12/16
Average Weight - Inc. Cox84.7186.8134, 12/16
Total Crew9.621.217, 3/16
Per Man1.202.602, 10/16
Coxes1.804.003, 15/16
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