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Clydeholm Greyhound Stadium, 1963

Clydebank Central Library

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Clydebank Greyhound Co's Clydeholm Stadium on Glasgow Road, Whitecrook, looking west in 1963.

The Clydeholm Stadium was situated on the north side of Glasgow Road opposite and just to the east of Dock Street. It was the home of Clydebank FC until the club folded in 1930 and it was converted into a greyhound track.

A temporary mortuary was set up in the stadium during Second World War but this was destroyed in the first night of the Clydebank Blitz in 1941 and alternative mortuaries were established in other areas of the Burgh.

The stadium became dilapidated and was demolished in the early 1960s. A shopping centre and housing were erected in its place.

Reference: A4078

Reproduced by permission of West Dunbartonshire Council, Clydebank Central Library

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