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Millennium Challenge 02

Millennium Challenge 2002 (MC02) brought together both live field exercises and computer simulation July 24-Aug. 15, 2002. Sponsored by U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM), MC02 focused on how a U.S. explores the military's ability to conduct Rapid Decisive Operations (RDO) against a determined adversary.

MC02 represented a critical building block of future military transformation.

MC02 will incorporate elements of all military services, most functional/regional commands and many DoD organizations and federal agencies. The Secretary of Defense has directed that participants involve elements representative of their future force concepts such as the Air Force's Expeditionary Aerospace Force, the Army's medium-weight brigades and the Navy's "Forward From the Sea" vision.

What are the objectives of MC02?
MC02 simulated a high-end, small-scale contingency that had the potential to escalate to a major theater war and:

  • Determined the extent to which a joint force is able to implement the principles outlined in Joint Vision 2020 through:
    • Establishing and maintaining information/knowledge superiority
    • Setting the conditions for decisive operations
    • Assuring access into and through the battle space
    • Conducting effects-based operations
    • Sustaining itself as it conducts synchronized non-contiguous operations
  • Developed improved joint training capabilities through experimentation efforts
  • Developed goals and objectives for future USJFCOM transformation events
  • Produceed recommendations for current doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership, personnel, and facilities (DOTMLPF) in order to more effectively use our current major systems by developing and adapting a new set of principles.

What warfighter concerns were addressed by MC02?
Given the capabilities of the joint force and a major regional threat in the 2007 period, MC02 was designed to determine the extent to which we can:

  • Establish a knowledge network through concepts such as Common Relevant Operational Picture (CROP) and Joint Interactive Planning (JIP)
  • Establish joint command and control (C2) functions and Joint Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JISR) capabilities
  • Establish access and then sustain a distributed, non-contiguous operation without relying on fixed bases adjacent to the objective area
  • Establish full-dimensional and time definite superiority for selected forces and actions within the battle space of the RDO
  • Conduct simultaneous, joint tactical actions throughout the battlespace that are based on a shared understanding of both the tactical and operational situation.

How do experiments like MC02 apply to current operations?
Military experimentation is an ongoing process that improves our joint interoperability and allows more effective use of our resources. MC02 was designed to maximize our joint warfighting capability in this decade and minimize materiel adjustments to our current military resources. Insights gained over the past several years are already making a difference in our national defense; recent operations have demonstrated our enhanced joint interoperability.

How will this help transform the military?
Joint experimentation fosters an operational, decision-making culture in the defense of our nation by exploring the threats of tomorrow today. The basic premise is that critical decisions on future military doctrine, organization and technology should be based on solid empirical results. We are exploring the future of national defense in order to provide better information for national security decision makers. National defense transformation begins with aggressively setting the joint context for concept development and robust joint experimentation.

The Players
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Joint Forces Command
US Special Operations Command
US Space Command
US Transportation Command
US Army

Army Transformation Experiment 2002
US Army Forces Command
US Army Training and Doctrine Command
US Army Transformation
Army Special Operations Command
US Army Space and Missile Defense Command
III Corps
82nd Airborne Division
325 Airborne Infantry Regiment
3rd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division
US Army Communications - Electronic Command

US Navy
Navy Warfare Development Command
Naval Weapons Station China Lake
Fleet Combat Training Center Pacific
Naval Air Station Paxtuxent River
• Naval Air Station Point Mugu
Naval Station Newport
Naval Amphibious Base Coronado/Naval Air Station North Island
Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren
• USS Boxer
USS Comstock
USS Coronado
USS Fitzgerald
USS Lake Erie

US Air Force
Air Combat Command
Air Mobility Command
Air Force Space Command
12th Air Force
Air Force Experimentation Office
Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment 2002 (JEFX02)
Air Warfighting Center (AWFC), Nellis AFB
Electronics Systems Center (ESC), Hanscom AFB

US Marine Corps
Marine Forces Atlantic
Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory
First Marine Expeditionary Force



In The News

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New NORTHCOM commander stresses experimentation for transformation
Former House speaker calls experiment, transformation "important" for homeland security
CNO visits San Diego to observe MC02
Strykers' first battle at Millennium Challenge 2002
Lejeune Marines testing tomorrow's battlefield concepts, equipment
Experimental boat hits beach at Camp Pendleton
Army's Strykers deploy in joint experiment
Army secretary says joint experiment 'critical' to service transformation efforts
Former CIA director tours USJFCOM's experiment headquarters
82nd jumps into Army Transformation Experiment
On land and on the sea; Joint task force commander shifts headquarters
New technology keeps commander up to date during flight
Navy's top officer visits Millennium Challenge 2002
SecDef visits Millennium Challenge 2002
Millennium Challenge testing Marines' next step in warfare evolution
Transformation director explains importance of situational understanding in combat
Strykers land for ATEX02
Joint Chiefs chairman visits MC02
Deployable joint command and control offers promise of better communication on battlefield
Marines "sculpting battlefields" in experiment
Air Force's part of experiment begins
Special operations troops testing concepts in MC02
Largest military experiment ever kicks off

MC02 Photos

See the latest photos from the largest joint military experiment ever
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SecDef visit
Gen Myers visit
JEMPRS-NT loadout
Army in action
Navy in action
Air Force in action

High Speed Vessel Joint Venture

Air Operations in Millennium Challenge 2002
Gen. Kernan visit to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

High Speed Vessel Joint Venture Loadout

Fact File
(links to training ranges will open in a new browser window)
JFCOM warfighting concepts that will be explored and assessed during MC 02:
Effects-Based Operations
Common Relevant Operational Picture (CROP)
Operational Net Assessment
Joint Interactive Planning (JIP)
Standing Joint Force Headquarters Core Element (SJFHQ)

Training ranges that may be used in MC 02:
• George AFB, Calif. (Marines)
• Nellis AFB, Nev. (Air Force)
National Training Center
Ft Irwin, Calif. (Army)
• Camp Pendleton Beach Range, Calif. (Marines)
• Twenty Nine Palms, Calif. (Marines)
• Western Sea Range Calif. (Navy)
• China Lake, Calif. (Navy)
Point Mugu, Calif. (Navy)
USS Coronado (Navy)
U.S. Joint Forces Command 1562 Mitscher Ave. Suite 200 Norfolk, Va. 23551-2488 757-836-6555/DSN 836-6555