Bishop McDevitt High School

125 Royal Avenue

Wyncote, PA 19095




TO:  Parents & Guardians


FROM:  Assistant Principal of Student Affairs


RE:  Parent/Student Handbook


DATE:  September 2006



This Bishop McDevitt Parent/Student Handbook contains school policies and procedures.  Please read the entire handbook.  Please remove, sign, and return this page to your son’s/daughter’s ENGLISH TEACHER during the second full week of school.  Failure to return the paper during this week will result in two demerits each day until the form is returned.


If more than one child attends Bishop McDevitt High School, please return an individual form for each child.


We have read, do understand, and realize our responsibility to follow the policies of the Bishop McDevitt High School Student Handbook.


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Bishop McDevitt High School Student Handbook 2006-2007




Mission Statement

Bishop McDevitt High School, as a member institution of the Philadelphia Archdiocesan School System, strives to provide a virtue-centered Catholic education.  The excellence it promotes, the traditions it cherishes, and the diversity it encourages combine to create an environment for spiritual, intellectual, and social growth.  This effort validates pride in our past, commitment to our present and confidence in our future.

The School’s educational community aspires to cultivate and nurture the mission of the living Gospel in all students.  Programs noted for academic excellence, with an emphasis on critical thinking and lifelong learning, are enhanced through extensive co-curricular and extracurricular offerings.  Individual opportunities for leadership and service prepare students to assume their roles in society as involved Christians and responsible citizens.


School History

Bishop McDevitt High School was founded in September 1958, to serve the educational needs of the Catholic families living north of the city of Philadelphia.  It was the last diocesan high school established by the late John Cardinal O’Hara and was named in honor of the Most Reverend Philip R. McDevitt, D.D., a Philadelphian who served as Archdiocesan Superintendent of Schools from 1889 to 1916 before becoming the fourth Bishop of the Diocese of Harrisburg.


The present 21-acre site was purchased in May 1954; however, because of a lengthy battle over zoning, which finally received a favorable decision by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, ground breaking did not take place until February 23, 1958.  In May 1958, the Reverend Thomas J. Dempsey was appointed founding principal of the co-institutional structure.  Although the building was not ready for the start of the school year, the 740 freshman and sophomore students who had enrolled, traveled to Cardinal Dougherty High School from September to December.  On December 9, 1958, the two top floors of the building were ready for occupancy and the faculty and students moved into the building.


The first Commencement Exercises were held in June 1961 at St. Joseph’s University Field House.  Already, McDevitt students were distinguishing themselves academically and the first graduating class boasted three National Merit Scholars.


As years passed, the school experienced a continual increase in enrollment, which necessitated the establishment of an annex at St. David’s in Willow Grove to accommodate the freshman classes.  In the1965-1966 school year, students were given the initial opportunity to enroll in the Eastern Montgomery County Area Vocational-Technical School, now known as Eastern Center for Arts and Technology.


From its beginning, McDevitt offered a comprehensive and challenging academic program along with complementing co-curricular and extracurricular activities which grew in number to accommodate the expanding enrollment.  By September of 1968, McDevitt had 2,090 students.


In 1970, McDevitt became co-educational, one of the first Archdiocesan secondary schools to do so.  In 1988 the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools accredited the school.  In 1993, the Open Enrollment Policy of the Archdiocese contributed to changes in the makeup of the student body.  Instead of students coming from fifteen local “feeder” parishes, the school population now draws from 45 city and suburban parishes in three counties representing 14 public school districts.  The student body is diverse with regard to racial, religious, and ethnic background.



Alma Mater

The challenge of a marching world

We meet with accent bold

While cherishing a standard

Ever new, as ever old.


We bear our banner gold and white

Our sign of royalty

And glory in our Queen’s delight

Of flow’ring purity



All hail, all hail to Bishop McDevitt High

We pledge our loyalty to you

May we prove the trust our patron ever lived


With ideals inspired by love.

Hail to you, our Alma Mater

Hail to you, our Alma Mater

May faith and courage be our guide

God our final goal.


May Mary hover near with help

Our motto is our plea

That we our vantage may sustain

While gaining victory.


At dusk, at dawning may we see

Amid the heavens fair

Our lovely Star of morn and sea

Whose symbol bright we bear.




Catholic education necessarily places an emphasis on prayer and moral living.  The Office of School Ministry strives to provide opportunities through which students may grow in relationship to an understanding of themselves, God, and Church.



The Chapel is located on the third floor in the center of the building.  The Blessed Sacrament is revered there throughout the school year.  The Chapel is open for student use during the day.  Gatherings for prayer services with teams and clubs occur from time to time, as well as Penance Services that are scheduled throughout the school year.  Each morning the Celebration of the Eucharist takes place at 7:30 AM.



The Celebration of the Eucharist occurs several times in the course of the school year.  While the purpose or nature of the occasion determines the size of the gathering, all students are expected to attend and participate in the Masses that are celebrated in the community.  In addition to the Celebration of the Eucharist, a variety of paraliturgical and devotional services take place during the year where students’ attendance and participation are not only expected, but are also welcomed.


Rite of Reconciliation

Each Catholic student is offered the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation within the context of the regularly scheduled Penance Services.  The School Minister is also available during a student’s lunch or study period if that is a more convenient time.


Annual Retreats

It is an Archdiocesan policy that each student enrolled in a diocesan high school attends an annual retreat as a requirement for promotion and/or graduation.  Retreats will be scheduled for the students by grade throughout the school year.



The School Minister serves as vocation coordinator for both boys and girls.  Special focus is given to vocation awareness in cooperation with the Archdiocesan Offices for Vocations.  The School Minister is also available for informal talks concerning the student’s spiritual life and choice of vocations.


Student Concerns

The School Minister is available to every student to discuss any matter relative to family concerns.  The School Minister should be contacted to arrange for visits to the sick at home or in the hospital.  The School Minister attends wakes and Funeral Masses or other services of deceased members of the Bishop McDevitt community and their immediate family members.





Bishop McDevitt High School is part of the Secondary School System of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  Bishop McDevitt High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origins in the administration of its educational policies, its admission policies or in any school administrative program.  Non-Catholic students must attend all religion classes and religious activities required of all students.


The Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs arranges academic offerings consistent with policies determined by the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the directives of the School System of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and the philosophy and objectives of the School. Continuing assessments are made to update these offerings as student needs indicate, as college and other post high school objectives demand, and as the School’s resources permit.


The Academic Assistant Principal, in conjunction with guidance counselors, department chairpersons, and teachers, assists students in their selection of courses.  A Course Description Book is published annually and distributed to all students early in the second semester.  The book provides information on all courses and programs of study along with an update of academic policies/procedures.



Admission of students to Bishop McDevitt is based on open enrollment with the following priorities: students who attend Catholic parish elementary schools or Catholic academies will be admitted first.  Catholic and non-Catholic graduates of public or private elementary schools will be admitted, if there is room to accommodate them and if the student’s records (both academic and disciplinary) are satisfactory.  A non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of registration.



The academic program at Bishop McDevitt works to develop the abilities, talents, and needs of all students.  Bishop McDevitt offers a four-year comprehensive program of studies.  The student is able to select college preparatory courses, business courses, vocational-technical courses, or a combination of the three programs.  Advanced Placement courses are offered to academically talented students.


The following are the minimum requirements for graduation from Bishop McDevitt High School:

            Religion                                     4.0 credits

            English                                     4.0 credits

            Social Studies                           3.0 credits

            Mathematics                             3.0 credits

            Science                                    3.0 credits

            Health/Physical Education          1.0 credit

            Computer Applications                 .5 credit

            Electives                                   5.5 credits

            Total                                        24.0 credits

Most Bishop McDevitt students graduate with at least 25 credits.


All freshmen are rostered for seven major subjects.  Physical Science or Honors Biology, Religion, English, World History, Algebra 1, Business Technology, World Language.  When appropriate, Remedial Reading and Remedial Math will replace the World Language requirement.


All students follow an academic roster for the first two years, after which they may decide to continue in the college-preparatory program or to follow an academic/business program or an academic/vocational-technical program.  All programs will provide the student with sufficient academic credits for college admission. 


Although world language is not required for graduation, a minimum two (2) years of a language is strongly recommended for college bound students.  Any student who elects a first year language is usually required to take the second year of that language.  Exceptions to this policy are made only in exceptional cases by the Administration.  Four-year language programs in Italian and Spanish are available.


A four-year Art program and a two-year Business Technology program are also available to all students.  Students in the eleventh or twelfth grades may choose to attend the Eastern Center for Arts and Technology in Willow Grove on a shared-time basis.  Students in the program are required to take three academic subjects at Bishop McDevitt (including Religion) as well as the elective courses at the Eastern Center for Arts and Technology.  Philadelphia residents must pay the tuition for the technical school.  Montgomery County residents may attend the Eastern Center for Arts & Technology at no cost.


Each year Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity to select courses for Dual-Credit.  This program sponsored by Alvernia College permits students to take courses at Bishop McDevitt during the normal school day and receive college credit for those courses.  Students also will receive a grade from Bishop McDevitt for the courses.  Credits accepted by Alvernia College are fully transferable to other Colleges and Universities.  Details for this program will be available during course selection in February.


Courses offered by Chestnut Hill College will also be available during course selection time in February.  These courses will be taught on campus and students may attain three College Credits for these courses.


Course Changes

For a fee the School permits limited roster changes

            Before August 1st there is no fee.

            After August 1st the fee is $30.00.


The following procedure will determine the roster change:

            A written request, accompanied by the fee, must be made to the Academic Affairs Office.

The Assistant Principal will review the request and determine the feasibility after reviewing all aspects.


Normally, rosters will not be changed after the first full week of school.  Requests for change in roster because of a serious problem during the school year must be presented to the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs, who will consult with the department chairperson and the teacher involved.  A solution will be developed at the discretion of the Administration.


Student Tracking

Ability grouping is the means used for meeting the instructional needs of a student.  Because the range of achievement is so broad, grouping by ability and achievement narrows the range to maximize student achievement.  Ability grouping makes possible the adjustment of the curriculum to the individual’s intellectual ability, interest, and achievement.


Incoming freshmen are tracked according to their 2nd report of the eighth grade, the eighth grade teacher’s recommendation, and their performance on standardized tests.


In considering ability, past and present scholastic achievement is reviewed.  Ability grouping in each subject is a good means to meet individual instructional needs of students.  Students and parents should know strong and weak subject areas.  They should be realistic in their goals, choose courses which enable students to achieve their objectives, make use of vocational and college brochures to acquaint themselves with qualifications demanded by institutions of employment and higher education and discuss these goals with appropriate counselors.




Report cards are distributed quarterly.  Tentative distribution dates appear on the school calendar.  The highest report card grade that may be given is 100; the lowest passing grade is 70; the lowest failing grade is 60.


90 -    100                     Excellent (A)                     70 - 72          Passing (D)

80 -     89                      Above Average (B)              Below 70       Failing     (F)

73 -     79                      Average    (C)


The quarter grade reflects the progress that a student has made during that marking period.  This grade reflects achievement on major tests and quizzes, a quarterly assessment, completion of homework assignments, and classroom participation.  These are major components in determining the quarter grade.  Major projects, term papers, and the quarterly assessment, which are reasonably spaced over the quarter, are also used.  Semester grading will be 2/5 first quarter grade, 2/5 second quarter grade, and 1/5 semester assessment grade.


Quality Points

To compensate for the degree of work demanded in each track, a system of quality points has been devised by the diocesan secondary school system.  For each grade a student receives, a corresponding number of quality points, based on the track level of the subject is given.  Current and cumulative rank in class is determined by these quality points.


Quality Point Table

GRADE TRACK                         GRADE TRACK


AP       H       2        3         4                 AP      H        2        3         4


100       54      48      44      40      36             79   33      27      23      19       15

99         53      47      43      39      35             78   32      26      22      18       14

98         52      46      42      38      34             77   31      25      21      17       13

97         51      45      41      37      33             76   30      24      20      16       12

96         50      44      40      36      32             75   29      23      19      15        11

95         49      43      39      35      31             74   28      22      18      14        10

94         48      42      38      34      30             73   27      21      17      13          9

93         47      41      37      33      29             72   26      20      16      12          8

92         46      40      36      32      28             71   25      19      15       11         7

91         45      39      35      31      27             70   24      18      14      10          6

90         44      38      34      30      26             69   23      17      13        9          5

89         43      37      33      29      25             68   22      16      12        8          4

88         42      36      32      28      24             67   21      15      11        7          3

87         41      35      31      27      23             66   20      14      10        6          2

86         40      34      30      26      22             65   19      13        9        5          1

85         39      33      29      25      21             64   18      12        8        4          0

84         38      32      28      24      20             63   17      11        7        3          0

83         37      31      27      23      19             62   16      10        6        2          0

82         36      30      26      22      18             61   15        9        5        1          0

81         35      29      25      21      17             60   14        8        4        0          0

80         34      28      24      20      16

Rank in Class

A student’s rank in class is determined by the quality points earned according to the grades achieved at the first semester and final marking periods.  The rank in class is computed for each current year and also cumulatively for all four high school years.  Rank is printed at each report period.


Academic Honors

Honors are computed at the end of the first three marking periods and for the final grade of the year.  To attain First Honors, a student must have a general grade average of 90 or above, with no single grade below 85.  To attain Second Honors, a student must have a general grade average of 85 or above with no single grade below 80. 


To receive an Academic Letter, a student must have first or second honors for six marking periods, be involved in a co-curricular activity and have a good conduct grade.


To receive a Distinguished Letter, a student must have first or second honors for twelve marking periods, be involved in a co-curricular activity and have a good conduct grade.



Participation in Commencement Exercises, which includes both Baccalaureate Liturgy and Graduation, is a privilege not a right.  Students who have completed all requirements for a diploma and are in good standing may participate in the Commencement Exercises.  Students will be excluded from participation in these exercises for:  a scholastic failure in any subject; failure to complete the community service requirement, a discipline failure, excessive demerits, and any serious violation of the discipline code; a failure to fulfill financial requirements (tuition, school fees, graduation fees, etc.); and excessive absences.  All students awarded a diploma regardless of participation in Commencement Exercises must pay the Graduation Fee in full.


Since the Baccalaureate Liturgy and Graduation constitute the Commencement Exercises for Bishop McDevitt, any student absent from the Baccalaureate Liturgy will not be permitted to participate in the Graduation Exercises.



The Administration and faculty view homework as a vital part of the complete educational process.  Students are expected to devote approximately three hours each school night on homework.  Homework includes reading assignments, written assignments and long-term projects.  It is considered an integral part of the subject grade.


Testing Schedule

To allow students to prepare adequately for tests and to avoid multiple tests on the same day, Bishop McDevitt High School observes the following test day schedule policy for major tests.

            DAY                  SUBJECTS

              1                    Language          Business                       Mathematics

              2                    Art                    English                         Religion

              3                    Science            Social Studies               Computer

              4                    Language          Business                       Mathematics

              5                    Art                    English                         Religion

              6                    Science            Social Studies               Computer


Quarterly Assessments are scheduled by the Academic Affairs Office for the last week of each quarter.  The mark is included within the quarterly grade.


ADVANCED PLACEMENT:  All students in Advanced Placement courses are required to take the Advanced Placement Examinations in May.  The College Board determines the fee for the Advanced Placement Examination.


Failure Warnings

When a student is not performing at a satisfactory level or is in danger of failing for the quarter, semester or the entire school year, notification will be sent to the parents/guardians at least twenty school days before the close of the marking period.  Approximate dates are noted on the school calendar.  A notice of unsatisfactory work may be issued later in the marking period if the student’s academic performance changes dramatically.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parents have the opportunity to meet with teachers on the Parent/Teacher Conference nights, which are scheduled after the first, second, and third quarter reports.  These nights afford parents an opportunity to discuss with the teachers the student’s academic progress.  Students are encouraged to accompany their parents to these conferences.  Parents are encouraged to contact teachers at school as the need arises.


Parents may make appointments for conferences with teachers or Administrators by using the telephone directory at 215-887-5575.  Anyone having difficulty contacting a teacher may call the Academic Affairs Office at ext. 226.  Parents may also contact teachers through the website



A student receiving one or more failures in required, elective, major or minor courses must rectify these grades by attendance at summer school and earning a passing grade.  This is a Diocesan policy and therefore no exceptions can be made if the student wishes to return to Bishop McDevitt.


A senior who fails any subject, elective or required, must attend the Diocesan Summer School, may not participate in the Graduation Exercises, and does not receive a diploma until the successful completion of summer school.


Archdiocesan directives state that students with excessive absences, not excused by medical certification, do not successfully complete the school year until they make up the time missed in an approved Diocesan summer school. This applies even though there are no academic failures.  In this situation, the student attends the classes in which the lowest grade was received. 


The Diocesan summer school is conducted at Northeast Catholic High School in Philadelphia and Monsignor Bonner / Archbishop Prendergast in Drexel Hill.



A student will fail a course if the student has shown insufficient effort.


  • Any student with two failures at the end of the school year is placed on academic probation for the following year.
  • A student on academic probation, with more than two failures in major subjects at the close of the first semester of the following year, faces possible dismissal from Bishop McDevitt in January.
  • A student on academic probation with two failures in major subjects at the close of the school year is dismissed in June.
  • A student on academic probation with one failure in a major subject at the close of the school year remains on academic probation.
  • A student receiving three academic failures in major subjects at the close of the school year may be dismissed in June after Administrative Review.
  • Ninth grade students with five failures in major subjects at the end of the first semester are dismissed in January.


Tenth, eleventh, and twelfth-grade students with four academic failures in major subject at the end of the first semester are liable to dismissal in January.  The Administration has the right to retain students who would normally be dismissed if they judge that there are grave reasons to do so, whether this judgment results from knowledge they gain independently or after consultation with other members of the faculty.


Any Senior with at least one failure at the 2nd Semester and one failure at the 3rd Quarter in the same subject will be placed on academic probation from all activities unless he/she actively participates in the Monitored Study Program.



The following rules of probation in all activities/sports are in effect for remedial, not punitive, purposes.


A student with one failure during any quarter, or at the end of the first semester, is liable for a 20 school-day probation with respect to activities/sports.  This decision will be made by the Administration.


A student with more than one failure during any quarter or, at the end of the first semester, is placed on a 20 school-day probation with respect to the activity/sport.  The 20 school-day probation begins the day the Monitored Study Program begins.  The Student may continue to practice, play, or participate in an activity or sport if they attend a 45-minute tutoring session held for ten days after school.  Upon successful completion of the program, a student will be removed from probation.  If a student chooses not to attend the tutoring program, they will not be permitted to practice, play or participate in an activity until a progress report is completed after the 20 school-day probation.  Should the student show no improvement during that period of time, the student will be suspended from the activity or sport.  The student is also prohibited from joining any new extracurricular activity.


The Guidance Counselors interview students with multiple failures to motivate improved study habits and time management.  Additionally, the National Honor Society provides individual tutoring for these students. 


The Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs will notify the student and coach or moderator that the student is placed on probation.  After the 20 school-day period, the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs, after consulting with the teacher, will decide whether to reinstate the student to the sport or activity.  The suspension will be removed at the discretion of the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs.


Early Dismissal Roster

Seniors and juniors with no scheduled eighth period class or lab have an early dismissal.  For these students, the school day ends with their last scheduled class period.  Sophomores and freshmen with no class scheduled in the eighth period are automatically rostered for a study hall.  For these students, there is no early dismissal.


Students who are dismissed before the end of eighth period MUST go to their lockers and wait either in the cafeteria or in the area adjacent to the bus lane behind the auditorium.  Students may not remain in any other part of the school building without the direct supervision of a moderator.


Missing School/Class Time

Students who are absent from school or miss class time for any reason are expected to see their teachers concerning missed work and are responsible for any necessary make-up.  Failure to satisfactorily complete assignments, homework, tests, or quizzes could result in a failure in a marking period and/or final report.  Extended school absences require parental contact with the Academic Affairs Office for arrangements concerning missed school work.  The school does not permit student vacations during the school year.



To transfer/withdraw from Bishop McDevitt, a student must have written permission from a parent or guardian.  The Academic Affairs Office will provide the form which must be completed by the parents.  The student must also arrange for an exit interview with the Principal or Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs.  Transfers will be issued to the parents and guardians only.  Transfers are mailed to the parents of students who are asked to leave the school for academic, disciplinary, or financial deficiencies.  No transcript of grades will be issued until all financial obligations have been met and all books and equipment have been returned.  The Academic Affairs Office will send all transcripts directly to the Principal or Registrar of the new school.  Transcripts will not be given to the student.


Vocational/Technical Courses

Vocational/Technical courses are provided at the Eastern Center for Arts and Technology, Willow Grove.  Eleventh and twelfth grade students may register for these courses.  Classes at the Eastern Center for Arts and Technology are offered in the morning each day.  Bishop McDevitt High School reserves the right to screen all applicants and possibly to decline permission to attend Eastern Center for Arts and Technology.  Philadelphia students must pay a tuition fee to attend the Eastern Center for Arts and Technology.


Special Programs

The Bishop McDevitt High School Administration reserves the right to approve and grant credit for all off-campus educational programs:  Diocesan Scholars Program, Advanced Accounting, Computer Science, Engineering classes at Penn State University, Eastern Center for Arts and Technology courses; College on-campus offerings, and Dual Credit – Alvernia College, Drexel University –Organization of American States, and Chestnut Hill College.




The system of discipline in a Catholic school has as its basic purpose the teaching of responsibility to God, to self, and to others.  An effective discipline code contributes toward establishing a proper educational atmosphere in the school.  While the Assistant Principal for Student Services is directly responsible for overseeing and coordinating all discipline efforts, discipline is the responsibility of everyone:  students, parents, Administration, faculty, and staff.


Note To Parents

Good discipline originates in the home; therefore parents should:

  • Recognize that the teacher takes the place of parents while the student is in school.
  • Continue to reinforce respect for the law, the rights of others, and for private and public


  • Arrange for prompt and regular school attendance and comply with attendance rules and


  • Work with the school in carrying out recommendations made in the best interests of the

student, including discipline.


Parental interest and support at home are important to the child and greatly appreciated by our teachers.  Teachers have the authority to assign reasonable and just punishments.  In this code, a single demerit - even one - is cause for concern for both the parents and the students.  The School Administration, however, will make the final decision regarding sanctions and applications.



Any student acting inside or outside of school in a manner, which is alien to our Catholic philosophy or in a way that would cast shame or cause embarrassment to Bishop McDevitt High School is liable for suspension, expulsion, or both.



Any student taking part in any unlawful act on or off campus or in any outside community is liable for suspension, expulsion, or both. If a student is presently attending or is applying for admission to Bishop McDevitt High School and is found guilty of a juvenile or adult crime and it is not reported to the school Administration, the student is liable for dismissal from Bishop McDevitt High School or may be denied admission to Bishop McDevitt. 


Universal Search Policy

To protect the safety and welfare of students and school personnel, school authorities may question and search a student, his/her personal effects, lockers and vehicles used by the student and may seize any illegal, unauthorized, or contraband materials discovered in the search.

Searches conducted by school authorities may include, but not limited to, utilization of certified drug detection dogs or any devices used to protect the health, safety and welfare of the school population.  A student’s refusal or failure to permit such searches and seizures as provided in this policy will be considered grounds for disciplinary action.


Absence from School

State law requires each student to be present each day school is in session.  If a student is absent, a parent or guardian must call the Attendance Office at 215 884-3773 before 9:30 AM on the day of absence stating the student’s name, student’s number, homeroom section, reason for absence, and the name of the caller.


On returning to school, the student must bring to the Attendance Office an official absence form signed by a parent or guardian.  A student’s signature for a parent or guardian is never acceptable.  ONLY FORMS PROVIDED BY THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Failure to bring the proper absence form before first period on the day the student returns to school will result in the student being issued a detention.  If a student fails to return multiple absence forms, he/she will be assigned a Saturday detention.


A doctor’s certificate must accompany the absence form for any absence of more than three days.  According to the policy of the Archdiocesan School System, students who are absent for more than twenty-two days may be required to attend Diocesan Summer School for the subject in which they received the lowest grade.  A reminder is ordinarily sent to the parents when a student has accumulated ten days of absence.  A pattern of excessive absences not related to a medical problem may lead to dismissal.


Activities When Absent

Any student who is absent from school or who is late for school past 10:00 AM on any given day may not participate that same day in any activity sponsored by Bishop McDevitt.  The Assistant Principal for Student Services will decide exceptions to this rule.



The school cannot grant permission for a student to be absent from school for vacations or trips.  The student is responsible for any schoolwork missed during any absence or missed class time.


Late Arrival and Early Dismissal

Permission to arrive late or leave early will be granted only for a serious reason.  Parents must make requests IN WRITING on the form available from the Attendance Office.  The completed form, signed by the parent making the request, must be submitted to the Attendance Office the day prior to the requested permission.  To be excused for a funeral, a student must present a note to the Attendance Office.  The student is expected to return to school after the liturgy except for the funeral of a family member.


Parents should schedule all appointments for students on holidays or outside of school hours.  If a doctor’s appointment must be made in school time, the student is expected to return to school after the appointment and is responsible for all missed class work.


Perfect Attendance

The only reasons which will permit an absent student to maintain a perfect attendance record are:  death in the immediate family, quarantine, court attendance, a student representing the school at various functions and contests, and any day that the student may have earned.  A student eligible for perfect attendance may not have any unexcused lates.  N.B.  In order for a student to be credited for a full day of school he/she must attend at least 5 classes.

Late for School

A student who reports to school after the 8:05 AM bell has rung is considered late.  Before being admitted to homeroom, class or study, the student must report to the Attendance Office for a late slip.  Lateness warrants a school detention regardless of the reasons for that lateness.


Leaving School Grounds/Out of Bounds

Students must remain on the school grounds from the time they arrive until the completion of their school day.  Even if homeroom has not yet begun, students must stay on the school premises until they are dismissed.  Permission to leave campus must be obtained from the Assistant Principal of Student Services.  The path areas along the playing field are off limits and always constitute out-of- bounds.


Alcohol Policy

Any student who possesses and/or uses alcohol on or in the vicinity of the school property or at a school-sponsored event may be dismissed or may be subject to the following disciplinary action:


On the first offense:  If the violation occurs on school property, the student will be tested for alcohol and if he or she tests positive, parents will be called immediately and must come to the school.  If the violation occurs at a school-sponsored event, it will be the responsibility of the teacher, moderator or coach to contact the Assistant Principal for Student Services.  In the event that the Assistant Principal cannot be contacted, the moderator/teacher will evaluate the student, contact the parents and, if necessary, the local law enforcement.  A written report will be submitted to the Assistant Principal for Student Services within two school days.  If the student tests positive:

  • The student will be suspended from school for two days.
  • Parent and student will be required to come to school the following day for an in-person interview with the Assistant Principal for Student Services.
  • The student will be fined $50.00 which must be paid within 10 school days.
  • The student will receive four Saturday detentions.
  • The student loses all privileges, participation in sports events and teams and extra-curricular activities.  This includes practices, dances and Proms for 60 calendar days.
  • Seniors may be excluded from Commencement exercises.
  • The student will receive 30 demerits.
  • The student will have to attend and successfully pass the school sponsored DrAw program.
  • The student will be evaluated through our SAP team and can be    referred to an outside agency for substance abuse.
  • A student may not refuse to be tested.  Any student who refuses to be tested will receive the same disciplinary action as if he or she tested positive for alcohol abuse.  If a student fails to comply with the above regulations, he/she will be dismissed.


Money collected from fines will be used to foster Drug and Alcohol awareness programs within the school.  This will be administered through the Office for Student Services.  On the second offense the student will be dismissed.  If a student is in possession of alcohol, that student will receive 30 demerits and will attend the DrAw program.  The Assistant Principal for Student Services will review all incidents.



Upon receipt of information that a student has procured or assisted another in procuring an abortion, the school Principal will promptly arrange to meet with the student and his/her parent(s).


If the school Principal determines that the student procured or assisted in procuring an abortion, the student shall be referred for counseling to an appropriate support service, e.g., Archdiocese of Philadelphia Project Rachel, Catholic Social Services, School Ministry Office, etc.

The school Principal will attempt to handle each matter in a spirit of Christian compassion and forgiveness.  However, when public scandal, the student’s refusal or failure to participate in counseling or other circumstance warrants, the school Principal may dismiss or take other appropriate action.  The school Principal and other individuals who learn of any such matter will handle such information in a confidential manner to the extent possible.  They will communicate it only to those individuals at the school, at counseling services, and at the Office of Catholic Education who have reason to know.



The Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Office of Catholic Education has a specific policy relating to students/staff who are HIV positive or who have AIDS.  A copy of this policy is available in the Principal’s Office.



The Archdiocesan Policy on Pregnancy along with the School procedures for pregnant students is available in the Principal’s Office.


Arrival and Departure

Students arriving at school before the first warning bell enter school by the CAFETERIA doors and remain in the cafeteria until the warning bell rings.  Students then proceed to their lockers and then to their homerooms.  Food or drink is not permitted to be brought to the homeroom.

Students being driven to school are NOT to be dropped off anywhere except in the student parking area.  NO DRIVING LANES ARE TO BE BLOCKED AT ANY TIME.


Cafeteria/Lunch Periods

At the beginning of the lunch period students may go to their lockers.  They should then move quickly to the cafeteria.  Lunch may be brought from home or purchased in the cafeteria.  The following regulations must be observed:         

  • Arrive in the cafeteria within five minutes after the end of class.
  • Lunch period begins with the saying of Grace before Meals.
  • Remain in silence until announcements are read.

·         Choose a table at the beginning of the year and remain at the table for the rest of the year. The cafeteria moderator has final say in all seating and can change seating during the school year.

  • Students are to line up for the purchase of food in an orderly fashion when called by the


  • Discard and recycle trash in the proper containers.
  • Tables and floor must be cleaned and left in order by the students.
  • No food or drink is permitted outside the cafeteria at any time; for any reason.
  • No student may leave the cafeteria without the permission of the    moderator.
  • The telephone may only be used with the permission of the moderator.
  • Students are not permitted to go to their lockers during their lunch period.
  • Permission to use the lavatory is obtained from the moderator.                 
  • Students are to present the cafeteria moderator with his/her I.D. card.  Only the lavatories on the ground floor, nearest the             cafeteria are to be used during the lunch period.


Change of Address

In the event of a change of address or telephone number at any time during the school year, the student must notify all the school offices so that the records can be kept up to date.  A note from the parent or guardian must be presented to the BUSINESS OFFICE.



If a teacher fails to reports to a class within five minutes of the beginning of that class, a student from the class is to report to the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs.  Students must remain in class and await instructions.

Corridor Passes

Students are not permitted in corridors without a hall pass except during the change of class and before/after school.  A student requesting a corridor pass from a teacher must give the teacher his/her ID card in exchange for the pass.  The ID card will be returned when the student returns the corridor pass to the teacher.



Students are forbidden to bring to school or to have in their possession any materials which do not pertain to school work, which are a source of disturbance, or which do not promote the common good.  Such items as pagers, radios, cell phones, tape recorders, may be brought to school and placed in their locker from the beginning of the school day until dismissal.  These materials are subject to confiscation and violators will receive appropriate penalties and may be dismissed.


Cell Phones

Students are not permitted to carry a cell phone during school hours.  Cells phones are to be placed in the student’s locker before homeroom and left there until dismissal.  If a student is found with a cell phone during normal school hours it will be confiscated and given to the Assistant Principal for Student Services.  The Assistant Principal for Student Services will keep the cell phone in his possession for two school days.  Students MUST surrender cell phones upon request.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. There is no excuse for a student to have a cell phone on them during school hours.  The Assistant Principal for Student Services will decide on demerits and detentions.


Asbestos Inspection and Management Plan

Bishop McDevitt High School has developed and maintains an Asbestos Inspection and Management Plan as required by the Asbestos Emergency Response Act of 1986 (AHERA).  A copy of the plan is available for your inspection at our administrative office during regular office hours.  Mr. David Affleck is the school’s asbestos program manager.  All inquires regarding the plan should be directed to him.


Controlled Substances

Controlled substances include drugs or drug paraphernalia.  (Alcohol is addressed in the Alcohol Policy).  Any student who possesses and/or uses a controlled substance on or near school property or at a school-sponsored event will be suspended and may be dismissed.  Parents will be notified and will be required to come to school to pick up the student and make arrangements for a parental interview on the return of the student to school.  The student will receive 30 demerits, 2 Saturday detentions and will be referred to the SAP Team.  If the violation occurs at a school-sponsored event, the student will be sent home.  This also applies to a guest of a Bishop McDevitt student.  These cases may be referred to law enforcement officials.  The Assistant Principal for Student Services will review all incidents.



The following is a list of the various school violations that can result in either detentions and/or demerits being issued.  When a student accumulates 10 detentions, he/she could be suspended for one day and a parent/guardian interview will be requested.  A Saturday detention will be required.  The maximum penalty for infractions is dismissal.


15 Demerits to Dismissal (Detentions may also be assigned)



Alcohol/Drug Violations

Extreme Disrespect or Threats (physical or verbal)

            Defacing School Property




10 Demerits to 20 Demerits (Detentions may also be assigned)



Smoking on School Property or within one block of School

            Smoking in School

            Suspicion of Smoking

            Cutting Class, Lunch, Study


Leaving School Premises without Permission


            Disorder at an Assembly

            Skipping Saturday Detention

            Repeated Disobedience/Disrespect


5 Demerits to 10 Demerits (Detentions may also be assigned)


            Skipping School Detention

            Skipping Private Detention



Disorder in Public Area (hallway, lunch, etc.)

Disorder in Class

Conduct Violations on School or Public Transportation Systems


Detention to 5 Demerits (the below violations may be recorded as Disobedience.



            Out of Bounds

            No Hall Pass

            No I.D. Card

            Unacceptable Language

            Dress Code Violations

No Parental form returned or Absence Note

            Food/Drink outside of Cafeteria

            Chewing Gum

Late for School, Class, Study Hall or Cafeteria (Lunch)

            Skipping Cafeteria Table Cleaning

            Not using assigned locker

            Failure Notice not returned

            Improper Use of Technology Room

Disregard for Lab Rules or Use of Equipment




Transfer Students

During the first year of enrollment those who receive 20demerits will be placed on conduct probation


Demerits/Conduct Grade

A conduct grade is indicated on the report card each marking period and is assigned as follows:

100 - If the student has no demerits and or detentions.


For each demerit and detention received during the school year, one point is deducted from the grade of 100.  Each student begins the second semester with a 100 in conduct.  All demerits received in the first semester will continue to accumulate during the second semester.  When a student accumulates:


25 demerits       a parental written response is required + one Saturday detention

31 demerits       for one month, the student loses all privileges, participation in sports events and extra-curricular activities; this includes practices, dances, proms, and possibly Graduation and Baccalaureate.  The student will serve 2 Saturday detentions and a parental interview is required.

40 demerits       the student loses all privileges, participation in sports events and extra-curricular activities; this includes practices, dances, Proms and possibly Baccalaureate and Graduation.  A parental interview is required. The student will serve an additional Saturday detention.  When a student reaches 61 demerits                                                          he/she has failed conduct for the school year.  If a student fails conduct, he/she will be required to attend disciplinary summer                                                             school.


ANY STUDENT WHO ACCUMULATES 50 DEMERITS FACES A DISMISSAL REVIEW HEARING.  At that time, the student will be placed on Disciplinary Probation for the rest of the school year.  If a student reaches 61 demerits, he/she may be dismissed from school.


Assigning Demerits

Faculty may issue a demerit slip for an infraction committed by a student or they may assign a private detention to that student.  When assigning a private detention, faculty members will give the student twenty-four hours notice as to when that private detention will be served.  Failure to attend a private detention will result in the issuance of demerits.

Faculty members will send the completed demerit slip to the Assistant Principal of Student Services.  The Assistant Principal of Student Services has the final say in all Detentions/Demerits issued by the teachers and or staff at Bishop McDevitt High School.

If there is a question about demerits received, the problem must be resolved within one week of the issuance of the demerits.  Demerits will not be removed after one week, regardless of the circumstance.



Chewing gum is forbidden at all times, in all parts of the school building, and anywhere on the school grounds.



Fighting is not tolerated.  Any student who is involved in a fight in the school, on the school property, in the vicinity of the school, or at a school sponsored event faces dismissal.  Bishop McDevitt High School will not tolerate physical violence, threatened or actual, inside or outside of school.  These cases may be referred to law enforcement officials.  Anyone who uses physical or verbal abuse or intimidation towards teachers, staff or students is liable for immediate dismissal.  The Assistant Principal for Student Services will review all incidents.  Students who act as spectators or cheer on those fighting will be disciplined with demerits and/or detentions. 


Hazing is defined as any humiliating or dangerous activity expected of a person to join a group, regardless of his/her willingness to participate.  No student may participate in hazing or the initiation of students in our school.  Any student who participates in any hazing incident, e.g., Freshman Day, will receive demerits and may be dismissed.



Students are expected to be on time for classes, homeroom and lunch.  A student who enters a class after the bell rings is late for class.  A student will serve an after school detention if he/she is late.


Disciplinary Probation

A student on disciplinary probation will be referred to a guidance counselor.  It is the responsibility of the student to report regularly to the counselor.


If a student on disciplinary probation receives a total of 20 demerits in a quarter, the student will not be permitted to participate in any extra-curricular activities for ten weeks.  This includes all school dances and proms.  If a student on disciplinary probation receives 40 demerits, the student will be subject to a dismissal review.  The School Administration reserves the right to remove the student from probation at any time.



The Principal makes the final decision regarding dismissal.  A student accumulating 50 demerits faces a dismissal review.  Also, certain offenses, by their nature, will warrant dismissal regardless of the number of accumulated demerits.  Major disciplinary infractions that may incur immediate dismissal include:  gross insubordination, truancy, fighting, theft, vandalism, alcohol, drugs, skipping classes, immorality, harassment, conduct failure, repeated smoking in areas prohibited by school regulations, and possession and/or use of weapons and/or contraband.



General Detention

Detention is usually held Monday through Friday from 2:45 PM to 3:45 PM.  In some cases, detentions can be scheduled in the morning from 7:30 AM to 7:55 AM.  Some school infractions will automatically place a student in detention the next school day.  Failure to come to detention will result in demerits being issued or a Saturday detention.   Saturday detentions are held monthly, from 9:00 AM to 11:15 AM.  Students must be in school uniform.


DETENTION IS A PUNISHMENT AND TAKES PLACE AT THE DISCRETION OF THE ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL FOR STUDENT SERVICES.  Work or school activities do not excuse a student from detention.  Failure to report to general detention will result in additional punishment, even suspension.  Punishment for disciplinary infractions may extend to non-school days or to the weeks following the close of school.


Private Detention

Teachers may assign private detention.  The teacher will give the student 24 hours notice for such detention.  A student receiving private detention will not incur demerits.


Reporting Information

If a student is presently attending or is applying to Bishop McDevitt High School, and is found guilty of a juvenile or adult crime, which is not reported to the school Administration, the student is liable for dismissal from Bishop McDevitt or may be refused admission to the School.



Smoking is forbidden at all times, in all parts of the school building, and anywhere on the school grounds.  Bishop McDevitt High School is a smoke free building.  Students are not permitted to smoke within two blocks of the school property.  Possession of tobacco products is forbidden on school property.


                                     FINE            SATURDAY DETENTION         DEMERITS

First Offense:                 $25.00              + Saturday Detention (1 day)      + 10

Second Offense:            $50.00              + Saturday Detention (2 days)    + 10

Third Offense:                $100.00             + Saturday Detention (3 days)      +10


MONEY COLLECTED FROM FINES IS USED TO REPAIR AND CLEAN DAMAGED FACILITIES AND TO PROVIDE PROGRAMS TO ASSIST STUDENTS TO STOP SMOKING.  Students who are found smoking will attend a seminar on smoking at Bishop McDevitt High School.  This is an after school program.  Parents/Guardians will be notified as to the dates of each session.



Any damage to school property or the property of others will be dealt with most severely and may result in dismissal.  In addition to assigned demerits, full restitution will always be required.


Suspension:  In-School

A student under this suspension will be permitted to attend classes but not participate in ANY extra-curricular activities including rehearsals, practices, or games.  This student will be assigned detentions, and must leave the school property at the end of the regular school day.


Suspension:  Out-of-School

A student may be suspended for a SINGLE act or for an accumulation of 31 or more demerits.  If a student is suspended, the parents will be notified immediately to come for that student.  A student under suspension may not come to the school grounds for any purpose whatsoever without the specific permission of the Assistant Principal of Student Services.

The length of the suspension will be determined by the Assistant Principal of Student Services and will be indicated to the parents.  A parental interview with the Assistant Principal of Student Services and/or Principal is required before the suspension is lifted.  It will be the student’s responsibility to make-up any and all academic work missed during the suspension.




The Dress Code Policy for Bishop McDevitt High School has been revised. All students must comply with the new Dress Code Policy for the school year beginning September 2006.


Personal appearance is an important part of the maturing process for Catholic young men and women.  Consequently, the school reserves the right to establish standards of dress for school time and its extra-curricular activities.  The uniform reflects not only traditional values of economy, neatness, and practicality, but also our unity as a community of learners.


Girls’ Dress Code     

Skort                            Girls will be permitted to wear the Regulation Khaki Skort from the Flynn & O’Hara Uniform Company.  Skorts may not be shorter than three inches above the knee.  Girls may no longer wear khaki pants, plaid kilt, or blue skirt.


Sweater                       Regulation  BLACK McDevitt sweater or vest required to be worn in winter only.


Blouse                         Summer:  White Golf Shirt with official McDevitt school logo.

Winter:  Regulation white monogrammed button-down collar.  Blouse must be worn buttoned and tucked into skort.  White tees with no lettering or pictures can be worn under the blouse.  A white turtleneck with the McDevitt logo may be worn instead of the blouse.


Socks/Tights                Plain white, black, or grey knee socks or plain opaque tights only.


Shoes                          Students will only be able to wear the school’s tan tie shoe. These can

be purchased at Flocco’s shoes or a store of your choice.  NO OTHER

SHOE WILL BE PERMITTED. School shoes may not bear decorations.


Jewelry                        No excessive jewelry.


Hair                              No extreme styles and no multicolored hair.


Tattoos                         Tattoos must not be visible.


Body Piercing               No visible piercings are allowed including eyebrow, tongue, and nose



Boys Dress Code


Slacks                          Regulation polycotton khaki slacks from the Flynn & O’Hara Uniform Company.  NO OTHER SLACKS, TROUSERS, OR JEANS MAY BE WORN INCLUDING CARGO PANTS.  A belt must be worn.  Grey slacks may not be worn.


Sweater                       Regulation BLACK McDevitt sweater or vest required to be worn in winter only.



Shirt                             Summer:  White Golf Shirt with official McDevitt school logo.

Winter:  White short sleeve oxford cloth button down collar.  White tees with no lettering or pictures can be worn under the shirt.  A white turtleneck with the McDevitt logo may be worn.


Tie                               A dress tie must be worn with the winter uniform.


Shoes                          Students will only be able to wear the school’s tan tie shoe. These can

be purchased at Flocco’s shoes or a store of your choice.  NO OTHER

SHOE WILL BE PERMITTED. School shoes may not bear decorations.


Jewelry                        No excessive jewelry.


Hair                              Cut neatly and not below the shirt collar.  No extreme styles and no

multicolored hair.  Facial hair neatly trimmed is permitted.  No spiked hair

styles are acceptable.  Caps are not to be worn in the school building at

any time.


Tattoos                         Tattoos must not be visible.


Body Piercing               No visible piercings allowed including eyebrow, tongue, and nose





On occasions, when the uniform is not required, students must wear attire representative of the standards of young Christian men and women.


Uniform items must be purchased at:

                        FLYNN AND O’HARA UNIFORM, INC.

                        10905 Dutton Road

                        Philadelphia, PA 19154

                        800 -441 - 4122 EXT:  8036

                        FAX:  215 - 637 - 6392

NOTE:              Winter Dress Code Effective                                Summer Dress Code Effective

                        Fourth Monday of October                                  Second Monday of April




The elevator is for the use of the school staff.  A student who needs to use the elevator because of illness or injury must secure an elevator pass from the Assistant Principal of Student Services.  These will be issued only to students who present a doctor’s note giving the reason for elevator use and the length of time it will be needed.  Students may not use the elevator without having followed the above procedure.

Faculty Rooms

All faculty rooms, faculty resource areas, and the faculty dining room are off limits to all students.  Students may not enter these areas for any reason.


Fire Drills/Emergency Drills

Fire drills/ emergency drills are held once a month throughout the school year and are an important safety precaution.



Harassment in any form is unacceptable conduct and will not be tolerated.  Any repeated action, physical, verbal or written, which persistently annoys a teacher, student, staff member or anyone within the school community and has the effect of disrupting that person’s normal activity, is prohibited by this policy.

Harassment because of a person’s sex, race, age, national origin or disability is particularly egregious.  Accusations of such harassment will be thoroughly investigated and appropriate sanctions will be imposed on individuals found to have violated this policy.


Sexual harassment can result from unwanted sexual attention, sexual advances and comments or requests for sexual favors. 

Examples include:

  • Threatening adverse action if sexual favors are not granted 
  • Promising preferential treatment in exchange for sexual favors
  • Unwanted physical contact
  • A pattern of offensive remarks such as unwelcome comments about appearance or clothing, obscene jokes, sexually explicit or offensive language
  • Display of sexually suggestive objects or pictures
  • Unwelcome notes, e-mails and other communications that are sexually suggestive
  • Any student who feels she/he has been subjected to harassment should bring the matter personally to the immediate attention of the Assistant Principal for Student Services.  If the student is uncomfortable for any reason discussing the matter with the Assistant Principal for Student Services, the student should report it to the Principal.


All allegations of harassment will be investigated promptly and in as confidential a manner as possible.  When warranted, appropriate action will be taken up to and including dismissal.  Retaliation in any form against anyone for making a complaint under this policy or for participating in an investigation is strictly prohibited.  Any retaliation should also be reported pursuant to this policy and is itself a cause for disciplinary action.


A copy of the Harassment/Sexual Harassment policy is on file in the Principal’s Office.



The bell to begin homeroom period rings at 8:05 AM.  Any student who is not in homeroom at this time is considered late for school.  Since the time for homeroom is limited, all students should remain in the homeroom for the entire period.  Students may not leave the homeroom without a pass.  Homeroom is for school business but may be used for study or discussion if time permits.  The moderator checks attendance at the beginning of homeroom period.  Since it is absolutely necessary that the attendance record be accurate, every student must be in the assigned seat.  If the name of a student who is present appears on the Daily Absentee Sheet, that student should report to the Attendance Office to have the record corrected.


Identification Cards

Students will carry the official school identification card with them at all times.  This ID card is needed to obtain a corridor pass, to vote, to attend McDevitt social and athletic events, and to enter the building.  If an ID card is lost, the student must pay an I.D. replacement fee in order to obtain a new I.D.  Freshmen and juniors will be issued new ID cards in September.  Freshmen & Juniors will have their IDs collected in June and returned to them the following September.  Students will be charged for lost or damaged ID’s.


Internet and Computer Use

Computers are a valuable tool for education and one of this school’s purposes is to encourage the proper use of computer related technology including the Internet.  Students and all users of computer technology have a responsibility to use these tools properly.  All students and parents are required to sign the Computer Technology Contract for Bishop McDevitt High School.

Violations of these rules will be dealt with by the administration of Bishop McDevitt High School.



Plagiarism is using others’ ideas and words without clearly acknowledging the source of that information.  Credit must be given whenever someone uses another person’s ideas, opinions, or theory.  Statistics, facts, graphs, drawings, etc., that are not common knowledge – credit must be given to the author.  Credit must be given for quotations of spoken or written words or paraphrases of spoken or written words.


It is the school policy not to accept work from students that has been plagiarized.  Work that has been plagiarized will not be accepted for credit.



Lockers are the property of the school and may be inspected at any time at the discretion of school authorities.  Each student may use ONLY the locker assigned.  .  Serious disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who tampers with another student’s locker.  Students must purchase a regulation school combination lock for $7.00 to lock their locker.  These are the only locks permitted.  Any other lock will be removed.  All students who participate in sports will be required to purchase an additional combination lock for $7.00 to be used only in the athletic locker room. Physical Education students need to have a lock to lock up their clothes, school bag and valuables.  During their physical education classes, students should not leave their valuables unsecured while at a gym class or other activity.  Locks are sold in the Office of Student Services.




Students should leave the school building promptly following their class day and scheduled activities/sports events.  Students waiting for transportation after school hours may do so only in the cafeteria or on the parking areas and should not be in corridor or classroom areas.  Students are not permitted to stay in the Faculty Parking Lots.


Lost and Found

The school does not accept responsibility or liability for personal property or textbooks lost or stolen by any student.  A Lost and Found is located in the Attendance Office.  Students are strongly urged to not carry large amounts of money with them.


Parking Information

Students are not permitted to park in the staff/visitor parking areas.  Cars must be registered with the Student Services Office and display a current parking decal.  The registration fee is $15.00.    The school assumes no responsibility associated with vehicle use, vehicle contents, or vehicle damage.  Students must maintain a safe and proper speed on the School property.  This speed is not to exceed 10 MPH.  Violators may lose their parking privileges for reckless driving or excessive speed.



SEPTA Tokens

Tokens are sold in the School Store on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Students absent on these days may purchase tokens in the Business Office on other days.  Tokens must be paid for in cash with exact change.


Snow Closing/Delayed Opening/Early Dismissal

When the weather is questionable, tune in to KYW News Radio 1060 AM for possible snow closing, delayed opening, or early dismissal.  The code for Bishop McDevitt is 321.  If School is cancelled all sporting activities scheduled for that day are cancelled.


Note:  Special information concerning activities and sports including cancellations can be obtained by calling 215-884-5911 for a taped message only.  If inclement weather develops during the school day, students will be dismissed as their public school district closes and provides transportation.  Students from districts not bused are dismissed by the administration, depending on weather conditions and their means of transportation home.

If a student normally drives to school, we strongly urge parents to require the use of bus service when snow or ice is forecast.  Drivers are dismissed as their public school district closes.


NOTE:  The throwing of snowballs is prohibited.  Demerits will be issued for this infraction.


Study Period

All study periods are proctored studies.  Students are expected to remain silent and to use this time for meaningful study. 


Summer School - Disciplinary

Any student who has failed conduct will be required to attend DISCIPLINARY SUMMER SCHOOL at Bishop McDevitt High School.  Students will report in uniform each day.  Upon completion of the program, the student will be permitted to return to Bishop McDevitt High school and will be placed on disciplinary probation for one school year.  A Student/Parent contract must be signed. Failure to attend and complete Disciplinary Summer School will result in that student being denied readmission to Bishop McDevitt High School.  The fee for Disciplinary Summer School is $150.00 per student.



School-loaned books are to be kept covered at all times. If a school-loaned textbook is lost or damaged, the student will be assessed a penalty fee which may be as high as the full cost of a replacement textbook.  This penalty fee must be paid before a replacement is issued or records released.  Lost books must be returned within 10 days of the close of school.  Refunds will not be given after this time period.


Trespassing Policy

In an effort to work with the parents, school community, and the neighbors concerning the problems of young people “hanging out” on school property after school hours, Bishop McDevitt is taking the following position:


The path areas along the playing field are always off limits.  Anyone on these areas will be considered trespassing on school property.

Anyone in the school building or on school property after school hours, who is not part of a scheduled activity, will be considered trespassing.  Penalties for trespassing in or on school property will be as follows:


                             FINE       SATURDAY DETENTION       DEMERITS

First Offense:        $25.00  +    Saturday Detention (1 day)            +        10

Second Offense:   $50.00  +   Saturday Detentions (2 days)         +        10

Third Offense:       $100.00  +   Saturday Detentions (3 days)       +        10



Anyone who is considered trespassing and who is not a student of Bishop McDevitt High School will be referred to the police.



All visitors must use the Main Entrance and register in the Business Office.




The Student Activities Program provides an extensive mix of extra-curricular/co-curricular activities and sports programs to meet the needs and interests of a diversified student body.  Students are encouraged to participate in order to provide a balance to their total education program and to fully develop their talents.  No activity is part of the official school program unless there is a faculty moderator or Principal appointed moderator.


Success of the Activities/Sports Program is contingent on a successful fundraising program.  Therefore, participation in a school sponsored fundraising activity is mandatory and must be fulfilled by all students.



Code of Conduct

Athletes and spectators are required to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the philosophy and conduct code of the Archdiocese, Bishop McDevitt High School, and the Catholic League.  Some guidelines include:

  • showing courtesy, control, and good sportsmanship at all times
  • appreciating and giving recognition to the performance of opponents
  • being positive in cheers and comments at all times
  • avoiding noisemakers and similar distractions
  • respecting and obeying all game and property rules
  • regarding the calls and decisions of officials as final


Students are responsible for their behavior and for the behavior of their guests before, during, and after all events and in transportation to and from these events.  All spectators are expected to leave the building and grounds immediately following the event and may not return to the school property following away events.  Any breach in conduct will become a disciplinary matter and may include police action.



Bishop McDevitt High School abides by all of the rules and regulations of the Philadelphia Catholic League regarding eligibility and all other areas of governance.  Additionally, a student’s eligibility for sports must meet school guidelines for academic performance and for adherence to the conduct code.  A meeting of all Athletic Personnel will be held before each season to discuss the philosophy, goals, and spirituality of the Athletic Program.  Parents and Athletes are required to attend these meetings.


Sports Fees

The required sports fee of $95.00 per sport ($105.00 if paid after the due date) must be paid by the date specified on the school calendar.  Athletes will be removed from a given sport if the fee has not been paid, in full, by the required due date by the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs.  These athletes may not practice or participate in any way with the team until the fee has been paid.  Athletes will be removed from the team for the season if they continue to participate without paying the required sports fee.


A sports fee helps offset the rising cost of transportation and other expenses in the athletic programs.  All information concerning the due dates of each fee will be handled by the Athletic Department.  The fee is NON-REFUNDABLE once the season begins.  If the student quits the team once the season begins, the fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.  If the student is suspended or dismissed from the team, the fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.  A final roster provided by the Coach will indicate whether a student is participating in a particular sport.  All students on the final roster are required to pay the sports fee and any other fees associated with the sport even if they choose to quit or are dropped from the program.  A student may not go out for another sport until all fees from the prior sport has been paid.



Hazing is defined as any humiliating or dangerous activity expected of a person to join a group, regardless of his/her willingness to participate.  No student may participate in hazing or the initiation of students in our school.  Any student who participates in any hazing incident, e.g., Freshman Day, will receive demerits and may be dismissed.


Physical Examinations

Students participating in any sport must have on file in the Student Affairs Office the necessary Physician’s and Parent’s release form in order to obtain a Participation Permission Card, which will be given out from the Student Affairs Office.  Students may not participate in any sport without this card, which must be renewed yearly.  Participation includes preseason practice sessions.  If an athlete does not have the required physician card on file by the start of the preseason, they will be removed from the roster for the season.



Daily written announcements must be signed by a moderator, teacher, or administrator and be in the Student Affairs Office no later than 4th period of the day preceding the bulletin.  Announcements will be read over WMCD each morning.


Bulletin Boards

The bulletin boards in the corridors and in the cafeteria may not be used without the permission of the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs.  Nothing may be hung on corridor walls.  With permission of the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs, posters may be hung in the stairwells.  Masking tape is to be used when posting such materials.  Tile surfaces only may be used for posted materials.



The Student Affairs Office provides a Yearly Calendar for Parents and Students.  The calendar is updated and expanded monthly and is posted on the web at  A weekly calendar is published for the staff and students with updated additions.


Class Rings

Class rings are available through the school to eleventh grade students.  Tuition and fees must be paid-to-date in order for a student to purchase a class ring.  These rings are blessed and distributed during the Junior Ring Liturgy.  All members of the Junior class and their families are invited to the Ring Liturgy regardless of their ring purchase.


Note:  It is a copyright violation to order a Bishop McDevitt Ring from any other firm since the copyright is the property of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.



Students may not sell articles or collect articles for any purpose without the written permission of the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs or the President.  School clubs and organizations must deposit their funds in the school account through the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs following the school accounting procedures. 




Dances - Class

The current class dances consist of Senior Prom (Formal)& Junior Prom (Semi-Formal).  The Junior and Senior Prom are dated events (male-female of appropriate age not less than high school age).  Students may not attend these events alone.  If any last minute emergency should occur, a parent must be present with the student at the prom to verify the explanation. These dances have specific procedures and regulations which are shared via the Parents’ Newsletter and distributed prior to the events.  The Junior parents are required to attend a meeting in the spring regarding attendance at the proms.  Please note that all financial obligations must be met in order for a student to purchase a ticket to any Class Dance.  Ticket money is non-refundable.  After April 15th purchase of the ticket must be made by certified check, money order, or cash only.


Dances - General

The School and the Parents’ Association sponsor dances throughout the school year.  These dances are offered as a social opportunity for McDevitt students.  Guests are permitted to attend only with special guest permission made in advance.  Both students and their guests are expected to adhere to regulations and to instructions of proctors and chaperones and are required to have school ID.  Students are to conduct themselves in a Christian manner at all school events.  At dances, students are reminded that this is a Catholic School and that they are expected to dance in an appropriate manner.  Students are also expected to dress in a manner appropriate to a Catholic School.  Students and guests must wear shoes that will not damage the gym floor.


Students and their guests must arrive at dances within thirty minutes of the scheduled starting time.  A student who has a legitimate reason for arriving late for a dance must make this known in writing to the moderator BEFORE the dance.  No one may leave the dance until fifteen minutes before the ending time.  Students are encouraged to make arrangements beforehand for transportation home from dances.  If it is necessary to make a phone call for transportation, this must be done one-half hour before the end of the dance.    Students are responsible for the behavior of their guests.


Field Trips

Students who wish to participate in authorized field trips are asked to observe the following directives:

  • Students must assume the cost.
  • Parental approval forms distributed by the teacher must be signed and returned.
  • Students must observe the dress regulations set forth by the moderator.
  • Students must inform their other subject teachers, using the proper forms at least three

days in advance.




Parents’ Association

The Parents’ Association is an organization of dedicated and concerned parents who work on behalf of the entire school community.  The elected officers, parish representatives, and committee coordinators meet monthly to plan Association activities.  The Parents’ Association provides a comprehensive program of activities throughout the year for all parents.  Parent volunteers are essential to the continued smooth operation of the school.  They assist at athletic events, serve as chaperones for various activities, assist at Commencement Exercises, assist in school offices, and serve in many other capacities.  The Parents’ Association schedule of activities is published in the school calendar and through the Newsletter.





No diocesan high school and no department or extra-curricular activity of a diocesan high school or a school-related organization may sponsor, organize, or conduct a travel/study program for students or for teachers on its own or in conjunction with another sponsoring school or group during the school year or during the summer. The diocesan high schools will assume no responsibility or liability of any kind for any students or faculty members who participate in such programs.

No faculty member or student may be excused from school to participate in such programs, regardless of sponsorship.  Any faculty member who wishes to organize a travel or study program apart from regular school time must do so as a private individual and not in a capacity as a member of a diocesan high school faculty.  Parents and students should be made aware that the school does not sponsor such programs.  School sponsored trips outside the mainland United States are not permitted under any circumstances.





The primary mission of the Guidance Department is to facilitate the maximum development of each student.  The services offered are concerned with identity, maturity, problem solving, conflict resolution, decision-making, academic excellence, and college and career choices.


Counselors are available throughout the day to meet with students.  A student may make an appointment to see a counselor by filling out a form in the Guidance Office.


Services offered by the school include the following:

The Youth At Peace Program takes place in “CHILLVILLE”.  It is a comfortable and safe place for students to “chill” as well as learn about themselves and deal with adolescent issues.  Students will respect the confidentiality rules, and be respectful to others while attending sessions.  Students are called to Chillville with a unique “Chillville pass” in the same manner as from every other school office.  Academic priority exists here except for a student in crisis (determined by program director). The Youth At Peace Program is a United Way Donor Option #008441.  We will appreciate your support.


PERSONAL COUNSELING is to help a student gain better self-awareness.  Personal counseling objectives are effective self-confidence, decision making, problem solving, goal setting, and human relations skills.  Guidance Counselors (School and Intermediate Unit) and the School Minister provide these services.


CAREER COUNSELING provides information regarding personal requirements for non-college institutes of post-secondary learning, as well as for various fields of vocational endeavor.  Counselors also help students come to responsible decisions regarding vocational choices.


COLLEGE COUNSELING provides information regarding college entrance requirements and sources of financial aid.  Counselors aid students in making responsible judgments regarding the selection of appropriate college choices and assist students in their search for grants and scholarships.  The Counselor prepares the complete college package to be sent to college admission offices.


ACADEMIC COUNSELING to assist the student in making responsible decisions regarding course selections.  Counselors interview students who are not achieving their full academic potential in order to assist them.


Auxiliary Services

State funding provides auxiliary services administered through the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit.  These services are supplementary to basic school services, and are comprised of personnel, materials, and rental facilities.  The Intermediate Unit trailers are located outside on either side of the cafeteria wing.  Services available through the Intermediate Unit include counseling, tutorial mathematics and reading, psychological testing/evaluation (on a limited basis), and speech therapy (on a limited basis). Bishop McDevitt High School participates, where available, in TITLE 1 programs offered by the various public school districts.


SAP Team

The Student Assistance Program is a State-mandated program to identify and assist students at risk from depression and suicide, drugs and alcohol.  The staff is trained by the Intermediate Unit and consists of Administrators, School Minister, Guidance Director, Counselors, School Nurse, and Teachers who volunteer their time.


College/Career Services

Up-to-date information is available to all students in the Guidance Suite.  A special computerized resource data base provides the latest information on post high school programs, scholarships, career and job search.  An annual College Fair hosts representatives from more than a hundred post high school institutions for easy access to students and their parents.  During the College Fair, financial aid forms will be explained.


College Board

Bishop McDevitt High School is a test center once a year for the SAT I and the SAT II.

School Code:  395-396

Special preparation for the College Boards is available through Educational Testing & Tutorial Center, Kaplan, and the Princeton Review.


Standardized Testing

The standardized testing program includes the Terra Nova Test, the Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory, the NRCCUA Career Survey, the PSAT, ACT and the SAT.  Other specialized testing is available through the Intermediate Unit.


College Applications

Students should submit college applications and transcript requests to the Guidance Office at least three weeks prior to the application deadline.  Students should bring in an envelope addressed to the college with sufficient postage for mailing.  Students should also be sensitive to the time constraints of persons writing letters of recommendation and should submit these requests a minimum of four weeks prior to the application deadline.


Look at the Bishop McDevitt High School Web Site under Guidance for up-to-date information at



A certified school nurse will be present in the school building on Fridays to complete state-mandated services only.  The health room is located on the ground floor of the school across from the cafeteria.


As directed by state regulations, the following health services are provided:  annual vision screening and height and weight measurements are done for all students; hearing acuity screening for Juniors; and hearing threshold screening for all students with known hearing loss.  Parents will be notified if the student fails any of the screenings or of any detected medical concerns.  


In accordance with the Pennsylvania School Health Law, a medical examination is required for all Juniors.  Parents are urged to have their children examined by their family physician since such an examination provides continuity of medical care, however a school physical will be provided by the Cheltenham School District physicians for all those who are not examined privately.


Immunization audits of all incoming freshmen and new students are done each fall or upon student entry.  All students must have proof of full immunization as required by the state for school entry.  Emergency first aid care for accidents or illnesses that occur at school is provided in the presence of the school nurse.  In the case of illness during the school day, the student should secure a corridor pass from a teacher or moderator.  This pass is taken to the Attendance Office before the student reports to the Health Office.  If this is not possible, the student should inform any faculty member in the area or someone in any Administrative office.  If the nurse is not in the Health Office, the student should report back to the Attendance Office.  A student who claims illness and misses class or leaves school without reporting to the Attendance Office is subject to disciplinary action.

In order for students to receive Tylenol in school, the Nursing Practice Act requires that they have on file in the Health Office a permission/prescription card signed by one parent and the family physician in order for the nurse to administer it.  The administration of Advil requires a doctor’s note specifically naming Advil or Ibuprofen.


It is the policy of Cheltenham School District and Bishop McDevitt High School that school personnel may not administer prescription medications to students nor may students self-administer any prescription medication in school without parental permission and the knowledge of the school nurse.  Students who are taking prescribed medication must leave the prescription in the original container with the nurse in the Health Office.  Both a doctor’s note and a parental note must accompany the medication if it is to be taken on a daily basis, and must be delivered to school, including refills, by a parent.  In the case of a short-term prescription, the original prescription bottle and a parental note must be kept in the Health Office, and the medication must be taken there.


UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS A STUDENT TO CALL HOME FOR TRANSPORTATION BECAUSE OF ILLNESS.  The school nurse will evaluate the health of the student and will make the decision concerning the care needed.  If the nurse decides that a student should go home, she will contact the parents and request that they come for the student.


The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires that schools notify parents and employees annually regarding the availability of Asbestos Management Plans.  The Asbestos Management Plan and a summary of asbestos-related activity is kept in the President’s Office and is available for inspection by appointment.


Bishop McDevitt High School is recognized by the Montgomery County Health Department as 100% smoke-free and is an official member of the Montgomery County Smoke-Free Workplace Program.




The library is located on the second floor of the school building and is open from 8:00 AM to 2:55 PM every school day.  Books are on loan for a three-week period.  Students are responsible for and must pay for lost or damaged books.


A student wishing to use the library follows these procedures:

  • Arrangements must be made with the librarian if the student wishes to use the facility

before 8:00 AM.

  • During study period, students wishing to use the library must sign up in the library.  Students report directly to the library as they would to class.  Roll is taken in the library and the roll slip is sent to the study hall moderator.  Students who do not follow this procedure will be considered cutting class.  The students must remain in the library for the entire period.
  • If a student does not have a study, arrangements can be made with the librarian to have

access to the library.

Additional information concerning other procedures for library use is available in the library.





Tuition for students in the secondary schools of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is $4380.00         for the 2006/2007 school year.  Families with two or more students in Archdiocesan high schools pay full tuition for two students, thus when three or more students in the same family are in high school at the same time, each receives a discount.  If your tuition account does not reflect this discount, please provide the Business Office with a list of the students’ names, their grade, and high school.  The family rate discount, however, does not apply to students in parish schools or in private high schools.  Eligibility for family disounts shall be determined solely by the Archdiocese.


A shared-time discount is applied when a student attends a public Vo-Tech school in addition to attending a diocesan high school.  The Academic Affairs Office coordinates the student’s roster and will notify the Business Office of students eligible for this discount.


Archdiocesan parishes also pay an assessment to help maintain the secondary schools.  Parents must pay a supplemental tuition fee of $ 940.00 if the student is not Catholic, or if the student is a Catholic of another rite, or if the family is not registered in any parish, or if in the judgment of the pastor the family is not practicing the faith or contributing to the Church according to their means.  A parish is to provide two letters of warning prior to making a decision to have Catholic students charged supplemental tuition.  Parents/guardians have a right of review of the pastor’s decision through the Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese.



Although tuition continues to be an excellent value as compared to the tuition in other dioceses and in private schools, we realize that it puts a serious strain on some budgets.  In order to assist families in providing for a Catholic school education, the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) has been established.


Parents seeking financial aid must complete a TAP application by April 15 of the previous school year, submitting the required forms to verify income, and a $15 non refundable fee payable to the Tuition Assistance Program.  The application process is not intended to intimidate.  Rather, it ensures that the amount of aid given to each family is objective to assist as many needy students as possible.  Tuition assistance applications are available from the School’s Business Office.  Families currently receiving tuition assistance must reapply each spring for the next school year.


In addition, the alumni and friends of Bishop McDevitt High School provide funds for tuition assistance. Application forms for both sources of assistance, TAP and McDevitt, are available in January for the following school year. It is strongly urged that families in financial difficulty apply for both grants.


If a student receives scholarships or tuition assistance from other sources, the Archdiocese reserves the right to reduce the TAP grant so that these funds may be allocated to other students.  Notification of adjustments to TAP awards will occur by August 15th or within 30 days of the school’s notification of other awards.


If you receive a scholarship or grant, it will be allocated to the student’s account each month beginning in July and ending in April.  You are responsible for paying the net amount due each month to keep your tuition account current.  If the student withdraws during the year, the full amount of the grant or scholarship will not be credited to the student account.  The amount will be prorated based on the time the student has been enrolled.






The school’s Business Office can provide information on applying for education loans which provide eligible borrowers with up to the cost of education including tuition, fees, and related expenses.  Your interest rates and loan fees are based on your credit history.  You may also wish to consult your bank or credit union to see if they will provide you with a loan.



In addition to tuition, the School has the following fees for the 2006/2007 school year:


                                                Amount            Due Date

Registration Fee                        $150.00             Due prior to February 28, 2007

                                                $200.00             Due after February 28, 2007


School Fee                                $438.00             Due July 1, 2006

                                                $463.00             Due after July 15, 2005


Graduation Fee (Seniors)            $195.00             Due by January 15, 2007

                                                $210.00             Due after January 31, 2007


Sports Participation Fee             $95.00              Due by 1st day of tryouts

                                                $105.00             Due after due date



Participation in School sponsored fundraisers is mandatory for all students.  Students not fulfilling the required quotas will be assessed the fundraiser amount as an additional School Fee, payable by the end of the drive.  Specific details and amounts are outlined with the distributed materials and via the Parents’ Newsletter.


            $220 in Ticket Sales per student ($270.00 Non-Compliance Fee)



Tuition payments may be made by mail, in person, or through direct debits to your bank account.  When paying by check, please note the student’s number in the lower left hand corner.  Please use the address label provided in your coupon book when making tuition payments.


Tuition may be paid in full in July; in half payments in July and December; in quarter payments in July, September, December and February; or in ten monthly installments.  Monthly installments are due on the 15th of each month beginning in July and ending in April.  If the tuition account is not up-to-date by the 15th of each month, a late fee of $15.00 will be charged to your account for that month.


Checks should be made payable to Bishop McDevitt High School.  Please provide separate checks for any fees since these are deposited into the school’s account.  No post-dated checks are accepted.  No personal checks are accepted after April 15 for payment of tuition or fees.  The Archdiocese utilizes the services of Telechek to verify that there are sufficient funds to cover the check.  If your check is not approved, it will be returned to you and another form of payment will be required. In addition, a $25.00 fee will be charged for any personal check returned by the bank for non-sufficient funds, the school will then accept only certified checks, money orders, or cash for payments.  Receipts are given for all tuition paid in person.  If you are paying by mail and wish to have a receipt, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. Parents interested in having tuition debited directly from their checking or savings account should request an application from the Business Office.


The first monies applied to an account for a given school year are applied to the prior tuition and school fees (and late fees if applicable), so that the student will be entitled to participate in the activities program and be covered by school insurance; once the school fees have been paid, payments are applied to current tuition and then to any parish supplement due from the parents. Refund checks are sent for paid-up accounts only.



Students who leave school prior to April 1, either voluntarily or because of a violation of school policies, receive a pro-rated refund if they have paid tuition in advance of the transfer.  No refunds will be given after April 1 of the school year, since the resources have been allocated for the student’s education.  The School fee is non-refundable.  In the event of a withdrawal, scholarships and grants are prorated in the same manner as tuition.



According to Archdiocesan policy, delinquency in payment of tuition and fees has the following results:

  • No student will be permitted to start a new school year with any outstanding balance from a previous year.  Exceptions to this policy may only be granted by the Office of Catholic Education.
  • Students may not begin the second semester unless they have made the first five monthly payments for the year. 
  • Students may be dismissed for non-payment of tuition.  Seniors who have not fully met their financial obligations may not participate in graduation ceremonies and may not be granted a diploma.
  • Students may not attend a class dance (Senior Prom, Junior Prom, Sophomore/Freshmen Dance) unless they are current in their tuition payments.
  • Students may not purchase a class ring or participate in any ring functions.
  • Transcripts may not be released for students who are not current in their payments.
  • Final reports may not be released if there are any outstanding balances.
  • Rosters for a new school year may not be released unless all tuition for the previous school year, the school fee for the new school year, and current year tuition due have been paid.



Due Dates For Financial Obligations


July                  3                     School Fee

                        17                     Tuition #1


August              1                      1st Quarter Bus Payment

                        15                     Tuition #2


September        8                      Fall Sports Fee-Due at Tryouts

15                     Tuition #3

20                     Kick-off Lucky Lancer Countdown


October             3                      2nd Quarter Bus Payment

                        16                     Tuition #4

                        27                     Ring Deposit

                        27                     Yearbook Purchase


November          8                      All Money Due - Lancer Countdown

                        15                     Tuition #5

                        27                     Winter Sports Fee-Due at Tryouts


December         15                     Tuition #6


January             2                      3rd Quarter Bus Payment

                        16                     Tuition #7

                        16-18                Graduation Fee


February           12                     Ring Balance Due

15                     Tuition #8

                        13-15                Registration Fee for 2007/2008


March               1                      4th Quarter Bus Payment

                        12                     Spring Sports Fee- Due at Tryouts

                        15                     Tuition #9


April                  16                     Tuition #10