1st Kennett Ministry


From the Office of the Minister for Industry and Employment

December 9, 1993


Aerospace will be a key contributor to Victoria's economic recovery, the Minister for Industry and Employment, Mr Gude, said today at a ceremony to mark the 50th 747 aircraft to be rolled-out by the Avalon facility.

"Victoria has marked itself as a major force in aerospace and associated technology," Mr Gude said.

"Today's ceremony is an indication of the State's ability in this field and I commend ASTA Aircraft Services for its involvement in the industry."

Since October 1988, when ASTAAS took delivery of the first 747 to service and maintain, business has been going from strength to strength.

Employees have increased from 120 to 820 today and clients include All Nippon Airways (ANA) and British Airways.

"The company and the Avalon facility are gaining increasing recognition in the world marketplace, particularly in south-east Asia," Mr Gude said.

"New opportunities are opening up all the time and ASTAAS is actively seeking further contracts, which will provide more job opportunities. It's remarkable ability to carve out a niche in this competitive market has set the pace for other companies."

Mr Gude said his recent visit to south-east Asia raised several prospects for Victoria in the aerospace industry.

"Hong Kong's new airport is one of the largest construction developments ever undertaken and will produce exceptional spin-offs for Victoria.

"I had fruitful talks with leading aerospace officials in Hong Kong concerning a role for Victorian expertise at the new airport and believe Melbourne is also close to receiving more direct international flights from Asia.

"The expertise at Avalon will be pivotal in chasing business in Hong Kong and Asia and, as a more accessible service centre for Hong Kong than the United States and Europe, we are positioned to take the opportunities.

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