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Myth Takes
!!! (Chk Chk Chk)
Myth Takes
Warp Records, 2007

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Chk Chk Chk make waves with stunning third effort

Armed with guitars, bass, synthesizers, saxophone, and multiple percussionists and vocalists, the eight-piece American act known as !!! (commonly pronounced “chk chk chk”) have created one of the most fun and creative albums this year has yet to offer. As the third full-length release of the band’s career, Myth Takes once again displays a rich and unconventional combination of styles including house, funk, pop, and psychedelic rock to create an amusingly absurd yet surprisingly enjoyable mash-up of style.

Myth Takes starts off on a rather strange note with its title track, churning out funky bass lines, twangy guitars and dance-party beats that bring about thoughts of California surf beaches and disco clubs. The odd “sha-sha-sha-doobie” lyrics are also a bit puzzling, but it certainly gets the message across right away that this album isn’t to be taken too seriously. The album immediately picks up from that point on and takes the listener on a roller coaster ride of groove-tastic rhythm and melody that last until the very end. Stand-out tracks include “Must be the Moon” with its catchy vocals and riffs, “Yadnus” with its driving beats, and the epic 8-minute “Bend over Beethoven.” All of this commotion adds up to an action-packed and delightfully unique set of tracks that will get every head bopping and every pair of feet moving in a matter of seconds.

While Myth Takes certainly isn’t anything to be considered “deep” or “intellectually rich,” it would be a huge mistake to judge it solely on that basis and not take it for what it really is; that being a musical party-to-your-ears like nothing ever recorded before. While the lyrics on this album are notably shallow, the musicianship is equally sophisticated, and it shows as bright as day on each and every track. It would be easy to assume that such an unusual mix of styles would result in a chaotic blend of indigestible garbage, but !!! play the field as if it were second nature. Not only is Myth Takes a entertaining album, it’s extraordinarily original as well, bringing rock and dance music to a newly achieved harmony. I would caution the shy and modest types to avoid listening to this album in public, because it will without a doubt have you dancing like an absolute fool. Innovation has never been this fun.
Creativity: 9
Composition: 8
Enjoyment: 8.5
out of 10

Added: March 20th 2007
Reviewer: Sean Butze

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