Major order for Land Systems Hägglunds

10 Dec 2004

CV9035MkIII BAE Systems Land Systems Hägglunds has won a 749 million euro (£520m) order from the Netherlands for its CV90 armoured vehicle. This is the first major contract win for Land Systems, created in September this year. The Netherlands Army and Land Systems Hägglunds will sign a contract for the delivery of 184 infantry fighting vehicles on 13 December. Deliveries will be made during the years 2007 to 2010.
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Land Systems Hägglunds’ CV9035 was selected for the Dutch infantry fighting vehicle programme after an extensive competitive evaluation. State secretary for Defence Cees van der Knaap stated in a letter to the Dutch parliament on 29 October: “The outcome of the evaluation is that the CV90 fulfils the requirements, has the lowest risk, the lowest price and the fastest delivery time.”

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs also had a preference for CV90, based on strong involvement of Dutch industry and the high levels of firm commitments.

Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Finland have all selected the CV90 and the new Dutch contract brings the total ordered to 1125. “The large fleet gives existing and new customers considerable advantages such as a broader base for cost-sharing of future upgrades and spare parts and international interoperability. Already today the CV90 is used internationally by Sweden and Norway,” said Land Systems Hägglunds managing director Sven Kågevall.

The CV9035 is a further development of the CV90 IFV. It features enhanced firepower, survivability, mobility, ergonomics and advanced electronic architecture with implemented C4I systems. The main armament is a Bushmaster III 35/50 cannon with a computerised fire control system, incorporating ammunition programmer. The commander has a rotating cupola for maximum visibility and both the commander and gunner have fully stabilised day and night sights with third-generation thermal cameras.

The vehicle will be delivered in two configurations, infantry fighting vehicle and command vehicle. Both have three-man crews. The IFV can carry a squad of seven and the command version has a staff group of four.

Sven Kågevall added: ”It is most encouraging that we have been given the confidence to carry through such an important contract after substantial competition. It strengthens the CV90 position as the infantry fighting vehicle for Europe and Land Systems Hägglunds’ position in future procurement programmes.”

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About Land Systems
As part of BAE Systems, Land Systems’ goal is to develop a leading land business both in its home markets of the UK, France, South Africa, Sweden, United States, and internationally. Land Systems employs 5,100 employees.

Land Systems’ product portfolio includes military vehicles, main battle tanks, munitions, artillery, armoured personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, turreted weapon systems engineering vehicles and bridging equipment that can be fully integrated and supported to meet a range of customer requirements.

Land Systems was created by the bringing together of RO Defence and Alvis in September 2004.

Land Systems Hägglunds designs, manufactures and markets military vehicle systems. The company’s primary products are infantry fighting vehicles (IFV), armoured all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and turret systems. The head office and production facility is in Örnsköldsvik. Land Systems Hägglunds employs around 1100 personnel and in 2003 had a turnover of 2.5 billion Swedish Kronor (£184 million).

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