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Evangelical Christian Academy
Madrid, Spain

Meeting Needs, Impacting Lives, Training For Service

Those who give their lives to serve in a country other than their own seek the best education possible for their children. For over 25 years, Evangelical Christian Academy (ECA) has done just that - provided a haven of Biblically based education in English for the children of missionaries serving in Spain.

The parents of our students are involved in carrying out the Great Commission. They serve as pastors, teachers, church planters, and field leaders. Although Spain is a religious nation, less than 1% of the population actually knows Christ as personal Savior and Lord. The average size of a Protestant church is less than 25 members.

ECA offers grades 1-12. While elementary grades are multi-level, the secondary school is college preparatory and we offer many advanced placement courses. 97% of our graduates pursue higher education, including place such as Oxford, Annapolis, Wheaton, and Asbury.

All of our full-time faculty members are missionaries themselves. They are professional teachers who must secure their own financial support prior to coming to teach at ECA. This, in and of itself, demonstrates their commitment to their calling and their willingness to serve!

Exciting times lie ahead for ECA! Construction of our new facility is underway, and it will be located 15 miles east of Madrid. Completion is scheduled for summer 2001. Although ECA is currently a day school, our vision through Project DAVID is to one day add boarding or hostel facilities, to enable us to better meet the educational needs of missionary families serving outside the Madrid area.

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Future Needs:

The school currently has about 85 students, grades 1-12, all MKs. SEND currently has more students in the school than any other mission. Certified teachers are preferred.

It's Been Said…
"If it were not for the Evangelical Christian Academy, we would have been unable to stay in Spain and continue our ministry."
  - Dennis Schwarm, parent

"I feel like I'm being squished!"

- Evie Albright, Grade 5
(Commenting on our need for a new building)

"Because missionary kids are bi-or tri- cultural, it makes them a unique group. But that gives them a unique potential to reach their world for Christ."
  - Scot Musser, administrator

"Teachers at ECA are more than teachers - they are also your best friends!"
  - Mark Martinez, Senior

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Did You Know…

…that ECA is the only Christian school in all of Spain, which is a country of 40 million people and just smaller than the state of Texas?

…that there are still 7,000 towns in Spain with no Evangelical witness?

…that farmland in the Madrid province sells for $60,000 an acre?

For further information, check out our webpage or click here to contact SEND.

Our school is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International.

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