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The Lemon Quay Sculptures

Following a period of consultation with the public, the Lemon Quay Arts Advisory Group has selected Doug Cocker's proposal for the Lemon Quay sculptures. Details of the work, and a booklet outlining the project can be seen and downloaded below.


Click images to see a larger version

The Work proposed for the river end of Lemon Quay consists of two elements, one flat and one solid form. Both elements are derived from the shapes and lines found in ship's rudders.

The curvature of the solid form is modified to recall the curved stacks of Cornish mine workings. The juxtaposition of these two elements create a walk-through into Lemon Quay. The height of the solid form would be 8 metres and its cylindrical footprint would be sited on the circle currently in the paving on the Quay.

The design for the feature outside the Hall for Cornwall is derived from observing the backrush of water over rock formations between breaking waves. Granite slab forms are organised at varying heights over which water is pumped and runs to seek ground level. The height is 1.5 metres with a 6 metre diameter pool edged with a 300 millimetres retaining wall.

The two Works are linked with a black granite strip of approx. 92 metres and 200-300 millimetres in width running the length of Lemon Quay, with the following text sandblasted into the stone:

"The river is within us, the sea is all about us:
The sea is the land’s edge also, the granite
Into which it reaches, the beaches where it tosses. Its hints of earlier and other creation."

A 24 page booklet has been produced detailing the project and the four proposals. This booklet is in Acrobat PDF form -- click here to download (830K approx).

MAC USERS: Please note that you may have to set your preferences for Acrobat PDFs to "Save to disc" rather than open in your browser.

This requires Adobe's free Acrobat Reader - if you need to install this free application, please click here to visit Adobe's website.

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