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Welcome to Mecca Cola  

Mecca-Cola specificity, a new business culture

Following the example of business activities started by charitable associations - « the charity-business » - we considered the idea of launching a new concept, namely that of putting the economy to work in the interest of ideology.
« Moslem and Arab Capital » being mainly in the form imposed by the most fierce materialistic capitalism, and often illegal and born of corruption, refuses, for fear of bringing ruin upon itself, to support the actions engaged. Because of this, militant people who are experiencing financial difficulties have no other alternative than to create profit-making activities to enable them to achieve their objectives, even though they did not start out as either traders or capitalists.

One of the perversions of capitalism lies in the generation within oneself of the most brutal and the most inhumane part of oneself.

The spirit which governed the creation of Mecca-Cola was to create a profit-making business which would help to relieve human suffering where action is still possible. The most intolerable and the most immediate suffering is that of the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian people are experiencing indifference and general complicity, these being the most wretched and the most contemptible acts of apartheid and Zionist fascism. But, as we are profoundly Moslem in spirit and in training, we can only adhere to our precepts, namely, give back the good that we have received in greater measure, but also spread good around oneself. It is for this reason that we have opted for the distribution of a share of the dividends in countries which have so generously welcomed us, and in the populations amongst whom we live.

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