9/11: Re-examining the 3 WTC high-rise 'collapses'
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9/11: Re-examining the 3 WTC High-rise Building "Collapses"
Richard Gage, AIA

Richard_Gage NEW!
How the towers fell
Richard Gage, AIA

Parts I & II – "WTC Building #7 and Twin Towers – Controlled Demolitions?"
(2 hours)
Part I: "WTC Building #7 – A controlled demolition?" (45 min.)
Tuesday, May 29, 2007
University of Manitoba


9/11 Blueprint: The Architecture of Destruction
September 5, 2007
Interview with Bay Area architect Richard Gage, AIA, about the organization he has formed, "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth". Outreach to architects and engineers; presentations to the public and to professionals; the physical evidence of controlled demolition of the World Trade Center twin towers and building seven.

We The People Radio Network,
Carol Brouillet Interviews
Architect Richard Gage, AIA
June 11, 2007

Truth Revolution Radio
Architect Richard Gage, AIA
May 14, 2007

Video:  WTC 2 Explodes

Video:  WTC Twin Tower Core Column Animation

Video:  Reading Grain House Top Demolition, Feb. 28, 1999

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Technical Articles

Direct Evidence for Explosions: Flying Projectiles and Widespread Impact Damage
Dr. Crockett Grabbe

Lies about the WTC by NIST and Underwriters Laboratories
Kevin Ryan - U.L. whistleblower - former Site Manager

Physical Chemistry of Thermite, Thermate, Iron-Alum-Rich Microspheres at Demise of WTC 1 & 2
Jerry Lobdill 6/15/2007

The Destruction of WTC 7
Vesa Raiskila

The NIST WTC Investigation -- How Real Was The Simulation?
Eric Douglas, Architect

Revisiting 9/11/2001 -- Applying the Scientific Method
Prof. Steven E. Jones, Ph.D., Physics

by Gordon Ross, ME [1], June 4, 2007*

Open Letter to Purdue President France Córdova
Kevin Ryan, B.S. Chem.

Jones vs. Robertson: A Physicist and a Structural Engineer Debate the Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Center
Gregg Roberts, Associate Editor, 911Research.com

Another Structural Engineer Questions WTC Collapses
William Rice, P.E.

Can Physics Rewrite History?
Chuck Thurston

Jim Hoffman

NIST's World Trade Center FAQ: A Reply to the National Institute for Standards and Technology's Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Jim Hoffman

Building a Better Mirage NIST's 3-Year $20,000,000 Cover-Up of the Crime of the Century
Jim Hoffman

The Destruction of the World Trade Center: Why the Official Account Cannot Be True
David Ray Griffin

Another reason the 9/11 fire-mediated collapse theory is wrong
Joseph Smith

Popular Mechanics' Assault on 9/11 Truth
Jim Hoffman

Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?
Dr. Steven E. Jones

Proof That The Thermal and Gravitational Energy Available Were Insufficient to Melt Steel in the Twin Towers and 7 World Trade Center on 9/11/01
Terry Morrone

Report on Weidlinger Simulation
Leaked WTC Blueprints contain 3D simulations from the Weidlinger report that contradict the NIST repoort of the Twin Tower's destruction

Engineering News Record: The World Trade Center

Bad Science: Keith Seffen And The WTC 'Collapse'
Winter Patriot blog 9/14/07

UK Engineer: WTC 'Collapses' Were 'A Very Ordinary Thing'
Winter Patriot blog 9/11/07

More Technical Articles...

Web Resources

9-11 Research
Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice
The Journal of 9/11 Studies
9/11 Blogger
Patriots Question 9/11 –
    The Architects & Engineers

9-11 Commission Report
Kevin Ryan - U.L. Whistleblower
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Join Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Join ae911truth.org in calling upon Congress for a truly independent investigation into the 3 WTC High-rise "collapses" on 9/11! Our voices will be louder and more resonant in the halls of Congress when joined together as one voice of hundreds of architects and engineers!

by Signing our Petition:


Please Take Notice That:

On Behalf of the People of the United States of America, the undersigned Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and affiliates hereby petition for, and demand, a truly independent investigation with subpoena power in order to uncover the full truth surrounding the events of 9/11/01 - specifically the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers and Building 7. We believe that there is sufficient doubt about the official story and therefore that the 9/11 investigation must be re-opened and must include a full inquiry into the possible use of explosives that may have been the actual cause behind the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers and WTC Building 7.


The Undersigned

(Degreed & Licensed)
Architectural Professionals
Richard Gage, AIA, Architect
B. Arch.
S.F. Bay Area, CA
Scott Page, M. Arch / Designer
Berkeley, CA
Bruce Richey, AIA, Architect
Ashland, Oregon
Alan S. Glassman, M. Arch., Associate AIA, CSI, SA, Architectural Re *
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Chris Swigert, Architect
Oakland, CA
Andrea Walhof-Grisham, Designer
B.S. Architecture
Truckee, CA
Christian Mungenast, AIA, Architect
Arlington, MA
Andrew McClure
B.Arch. VPI & SU
Raleigh, NC
David Crawford, Architect
Walnut Creek, CA
Arnold A. Valdez, M.Arch, Designer/Planner *
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dennis R. Holloway, Architect
B.Arch., Univ. of Mich., MAUD, Harvard G
Rio Rancho, NM
Arthur Stopes, Planner
Berkeley, CA
Don Gibbons, Architect
Pleasant Hill, CA
Chris Jung
B. Arch.
Berkeley, CA
Douglas Claude Rhodes, Architect
B.S. Architecture
Whitefish, MT
Dominique Roddier, phD, Naval Architect
Berkeley, CA
Eric Douglas, Architect
Howard Beach, NY
Elwin Wong
B. Arch - Cal Berkeley
Oakland, CA
Haluk Akol, Architect & Structural Engineer
Lafayette, CA
Felix Goebel, Dipl. Ing (Architektur)
Oakland, CA
Helmuth A. Geiser, Architect *
Cape Coral, FL
Francisco A. Planes, Architectural Consultant, Assoc., A.I.A.
B.S. Architecture, CCNY-CUNY
Bloomfield, NJ
Irwin Luckman, Architect (retired) *
B. Arch.
Oakland, CA
Henri Tso
B. Arch.
Walnut Creek, CA
James Martin Tomlin, Architect
B.Arch., 1988, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Fresno, CA
Ian J. Colburn, B. Arch. *
B. Arch., Virginia Tech.
New York, NY
Jeff Arnold, Architect
Orinda, CA
Jan Leits, B. Arch.
Berkeley, CA
Jim Bedinghaus, Architect
St. Petersburg, Florida
Jeffrey Tam
B. Arch
Oakland, CA
Joe Bellows, Architect
Martinez, CA
Justin Feider, Intern Architect *
Denver, Colorado
John Cole, Architect
Walnut Creek, CA
Karlene Gullone
B. Arch
San Francisco, CA
John Eisenhart, Architect
San Diego, CA
Ken Hutchinson
B. Arch.
Eugene, OR
John Howland, Architect
Walnut Creek, CA
Kurt Worthington, Urban Planner
M. Arch
San Francisco, CA
John C. Link, Architect
Berkeley, CA
Michael Reuter, Architectural Professional
Berkeley, CA
John Robert Russell, Professor Emeritus Landscape Architecture *
Grad. Dipl. Urban & Reg. Plng. AA London
Bloomington, IN - Indiana
Mojgan Saberi, BS Arch., Designer
Oakland, CA
Larry Dodge, Architect
B.Arch., Univ. of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
Oscar Cisnero, Architectural Professional
Antioch, CA
Michael E. Balay, Architect
Fishers, Indiana
Reed Simpson, M. Arch. Associate AIA *
Master of Architecture University of Kan
Overland Park, Kansas
Michael C. Coffey, AIA, Architect *
New York, NY
Thomas Spellman, Urban Activist
Lake Geneva, WI
Mickey Propadovich, Architect *
Evanston, Illinois
Tim Clark
B. Arch
Albany, CA
Mike Swenson, PhD., Structural Engineer *
Structural Engineering - Florida A&M Uni
Tampa, Florida
Travis Van Brasch, Associate AIA, Design Principal
San Francisco, CA
Nelson L. Johnson, Architect & Civil Engineer
M.Arch. Columbia
San Francisco, CA
Wendy Sitler, Designer
B. Arch
Berkeley, CA
Oliver William Purcell, AIA, Emeritus
B., Arch. 1961
Edmond, OH
Osvaldo Valdes, Architect
New York, NY
Peter Hendrickson, Architect
Santa Rosa, CA
Roger vanFrank, Architect *
Salt Lake City, UT
Ronald F. Avery, Architect *
Seguin, Texas
Thomas N. Burnham, Architect *
San Francisco, CA
(Degreed & Licensed)
Engineering Professionals
Albert V. Burns, P.E. (Ret. AZ. Prof. Civil Engr.) *
BS Civ. Engr. Univ. Of AZ. 1951
Spanish Fork, Utah
Amanda Lea Taylor, M.S.E. *
M.S., Engineering, UT Austin
Austin, Texas
Barry K. Miller, P.E., Mechanical Engineer
Hinsdale, NY
Andrew Griffith, Engineering *
B.S., Chemical Engineering
Seattle, WA
Cameron Porter, PhD, Mechanical Engineer *
Boston, Massachusetts
Anthony Szamboti, BSME, Mechanical Engineering
Blackwood, NJ
Charles A. Marshall, PE, MSCE *
MS, Civil Engineering,USC
San Gabriel, CA
Arnold B. Walker, Design Engineer, Retired *
BS Tool & Manufacturing Technology BYU
Sandy, UT
Charles N. Pegelow, PE, Civil Engineer. lic Calif CE 26344 (Structural
Houston, Texas
Bill Hoff, B.S.M.E. *
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, ASU
Suisun City, CA
Chester W. Gearhart, P.E., Retired
B.S. Civil Engineering, Univ of Missouri
Kansas City, MO
Bob McGee, Engineer *
Green Bay, WI
David E. Cassel, P.E.
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Oldtown, ID
Bradley Pattee, Engineering Staff *
Rochester, NY
Derek Johnson, E.I.T., C.W.I.
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Marlin, Texas
Christopher Backus, Senior Engineer
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, MSOE
Redmond, WA
Edward Munyak, P.E.
BSME Catholic University of America
Los Altos Hills, CA
Christopher Wilder, Mechanical Design Engineer
B.S.M.E., Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Cloverdale, California
Fred Nguyen, P.E.
M.S. Mech. Eng., Stevens Inst. of Tech.
Maplewood, NJ
Crystal Li, Mechanical Engineer *
Seattle, WA
J. Marx Ayres, PE, Mechanical Engineer
Santa Monica, CA
David C. Avina, Engineer
Bay St. Louis, MS
James R. Carr, Ph.D., P.E.(geological engineering,, Professor, Ge
Reno, Nevada
David Gregg, Ph.D., Chemical Engineer
Moraga, California
Jeffrey M. Moskin, B.S.E.E. *
Culver City, CA
David Wilkins, Electrical Engineer *
San Jose, CA
John Franklin, P.E. *
Lubec, ME
Douglas E. Mackenzie, BSEE
Los Gatos, CA
John F. Shanahan, PE, Electrical Engineer
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Edwin Michael Taylor, E.I.T., Engineering Consultant
Hampton, VA
John M. Sparnicht, P.E., Civil Engineer, California
Dayton, NV
Eric Heredia, Electrical Engineer
B.S. Electrical Engineering
Vancouver, WA
Joseph Testa, P.E., Civil Engineer
Thousand Oaks, CA
Gene Robinson, B.S. Industrial Engineer non-licensed *
Savannah, Georgia
Kenneth Wrenn, P.E. *
B.S., Civil Engineering, NCSU
Durham, NC
Gregg Brazel, BSCNE, Constr. Engr'g
Evanston, IL
Michael S. Benefield, Mechanical Engineer *
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
San Anselmo, California
Henry Rozumski, Aerospace Engineer/ Analyst *
Aiea, HI
Michael T. Donly, P.E., Structural/Civil Engineer *
B.S.C.E. New Jersey Institute of Technol
Hackensack, NJ
Jack Meagher, BSNE, Nuclear Engineer
Peterborough, NH
Michael E. Stephens, P.E.
B.S., Geological Engineering
Welling, OK
James Brooks, B. Civil Eng, University of Texas, Engineering Con *
Austin, TX
Mitchell Scott Stein, P.E.
M.S. Civil Eng., Univ. of Texas at Austi
Austin, TX
James R. Northrup, Sr., Welding Engineer & Journeyman Steamfitter
Ypsilanti, MI
Peter Gibbons, P.E., Professional Engineer *
Mccausland,, Iowa
Jason Griffin, BS, Civil Engineer
Washington Dc
Peter D. Morse, P.E., Mechanical Engineer
Tucson, Arizona
Jay Easwaran, Ph.D. (Metallurgy & Materials Sci.), Metallurgical *
Indianapolis, Indiana
Richard J. Snider, P.E.
BSEE, University of Texas, Austin
Dallas, Dripping Springs, TX
Jeff Rogers, MSME, Engineer *
Woodland Park, CO
Robert Nielson, PLS, Land Surveyor
Walnut Creek, CA
Jerry J. Lobdill, B.S.Ch.E.
B.S. Ch. E. Texas Tech
Fort Worth, TX
Roland Edward Angle, Civil Engineer *
B.S. U.C. Berkeley
Alameda, CA
Joe S. Blackett *
B.S. Marine Engineering
Hayward, CA
Ron Paul LeBlanc, PE, Engineer
Firestone, CO
Joel S. Hirschhorn, Ph.D., former full professor of engineering
Ph.D. Materials Engineering, RPI
Chevy Chase, MD
Steven Craig Brantingham, P.E.
B.S., ChemE, U. of Arkansas Fayetteville
Cypress, TX
John Philip Anderson, Doctoral Candidate
BSE, MS, Engineering, U of Michigan
Okemos, MI
Steven Reiser, Chemical Engineer
Westminster, CO
John J. Crawford, Engineering Consultant *
Opelika, AL
Tim Rohach, P.E., Mechanical Engineer MSME
Sugar Land, Texas
John P. Machado
North Versailles, PA
William J. Cundiff, P.E. *
Whitinsville, MA
John Rexroat, Mfr. Engineer
Walnut Creek, CA
William D. Taylor, P.E.
B.S. Engineering
Tequesta, FL
John Shinn, phD., Chemical Engineer
Pleasant Hill, CA
  John Sotelo, BSME, MD, Mechanical Engineer *
Eureka, CA
  Jon Marino, BSCE, EIT, Design Engineer
Phoenix, AZ
  Keith E. Fleming, Engineering Staff *
B.S., Mechanical Engineering
Auburn, GA
  Ken Jenkins, BS Carnegie Mellon, Electrical Engineer
San Rafael, CA
  Kevin Ryan, BS Chem., Certified Quality Engineer
Bloomington, IN
  Michel A. Thomet, Ph.D., Electrical Engineer
Ph.D., E.E., Carnegie-Mellon, Pittsburgh
Lafayette, CA
  Mike Meyer, Mechanical Engineer
Tempe, AZ
  Mike Schmidt, BSGE, Project Manager
Chicago, IL
  Nicolas Reinke, Engineer *
B.S., Engineering, UW Stevens Point
Waupaca, WI
  Patrick Gallagher
Albuquerque, NM
  Paul Briggs, Mechanical Engineer Common, Quindaro Plant
B.S. Mech. Engineering, Kansas State
Kansas City, KS
  Rich McCampbell, BS ChemE *
Boston, MA
  Rich Reed, B.S. Structural Engineering, UC San, Structural /
San Diego, California
  Richard Besco, Engineering Staff *
San Luis Obispo, CA
  Robert Hulsart, Computer Engineer
Franklin Square, NY
  Robert Poltz, Reliablity Engineering Consultant *
Los Angeles, California
  Robert Charles Terhune
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Univ. NV,
Sparks, NV
  Roger Twede, Engineering Staff
M.S. EE, Stanford University
Boise, ID
  Ron Wilson, Engineering Staff *
Fort Worth, Texas
  Ronald Miller Sr, USN, RET., BSED, hvac, T&I *
Perkinston, MS
  Sean Michael Drake, Electrical Engineer *
Bear, DE
  Sebastian Canaday, Engineer Staff
B.S., Engineering, Colo. School of Mines
Boulder, CO
  Steven Eugene Ramsey, Author, Publisher, Filmmaker *
B.S. Civil Engineering, B.S. Microbiolog
Austin, Texas
  Ted Muga, BSCE, Civil Engineer
San Diego, CA
  Terry Allen, Electronics Engineer *
Sun Valley, CA
  Terry Petersen, Electrical Engineer
Chandler, AZ
  Todd C. Wurster, Mechanical Engineering
Corvallis, OR
  Victor Connor, Retired Engineer from IBM
MS in Electrical and Computer Engineerin
Normal, IL
  Warren J. Raftshol *
Suttons Bay, MI
  William José Blanch, B. Engineer
B.S., Aerospace Engin, San Jose State
Hayward, CA
  William Edward Parker, Retired Engineer
Louisville, KY
Non-U.S. Architects and Engineers & Architectural and Engineering Professionals
A.J. James Shieck, Architectural Technologist *
Dilp Tech
Vancouver, BC – Canada
Aaron M. Verhulst, Arch. Tech. *
B Tech.
Windsor, ON. – Canada
Brian McHugh, BSc PgD, Consultant Engineer
Glasgow, UK – Scotland
David Andresen, BSc(ENG) civil *
Civil Engineering UNSW Australia
Sydney, NSW – Australia
David Leifer, Registered Architect
B.Sc., B.Arch., M.Ed., Ph.D.
Sydney, New South Wales – Australia
David Quinn, M.Arch, Intern Architect *
Halifax, NS – Canada
Doug Plumb
Toronto, ON – Canada
Enzo Valenzetti, Civil Engineer *
Leuven, Brussels – Belgium
Gary Benner, Consulting Engineer
B.A. Sc. University of Toronto
Toronto, ON – Canada
Gregory Urich, B.S.E.E, Sofware Engineering Consultant *
Lund, Skåne – Sweden
Hadi Izadi, Ph.D., Student
M.A.Sc., B.A.Sc.
Vancouver, BC – Canada
Jasper Tomlinson, MA(Oxon) CEnv MCIWEM, Environmental and Water Reso *
London, London – UK
Joe Rowling, Architectural staff
London, London – UK
John L. Bursill, Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Avionics
Sydney, NSW – Australia
John Fisher, quantity surveyor /construction consultant *
Liverpool, merseyside uk – UK
Kees van der Bent, Designer *
B.Sc., Computer Science, The Hague NL
Utrecht, Utrecht – Netherlands
Lydia A. Browne, M. Arch, Architectural Consultant, Strategy *
London – UK
Magnus Thompson, Engineering Staff *
Winnipeg, Manitoba – Canada
Michael A. Rose, B Arch, Architect (Retired) *
Auckland, AK – New Zealand
Mohsin Drabu, Student *
London, London – UK
Philip Kienholz, B. Arch., NWTAA, PMP, Architect
Hay River, NT – Canada
Robert Tamaki, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., Civil Engineer
B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc.,
Vancouver, BC – Canada
Steve Labbe, B.Ing. *
Mechanical Engineering, UdeS
Sherbrooke, QC – Canada
Werner Simbeck, B. Eng.
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
Victoria, BC – Canada
* Pending hardcopy or other verification
     Supporters and A&E Students     
Bill Donnelly, Computer Consultant
Chico, CA
Aaron Alexander Dames
San Francisco, CA
Aaron Jones, PC Network Technician
Loveland, OH
Abel Moreno
Apple Valley, CA
Abhinav Dhaka, Student
New Delhi, Delhi – India
Ace Baker
Sherman Oaks, CA
Adam Lindsay Parrott
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering
Brampton, ON – Canada
Adam Sowa, Automotive Technician
Palatine, IL
Alan Yee, Programmer
B.S., Computer Science & Engr, UC Davis
Millbrae, CA
Albert Chang
Toronto, ON – Canada
Alex Bjorn Hansen
Vancouver, WA
Alex Rodriguez, Student
Toronto, ON – Canada
Alex B. Ross, Mr.
Mount Vernon, IL
Allan D. Searle, Programmer
Masters Science Educ - Columbia Univ
Bellevue, WA
Amy Dalgarno, Mechanical Engineering Student
Marywell, Scotland – UK
Andrew Chapman, B.Sc., M.A., Student
Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear – England
Andrew R. Fife, Carpenter - Contractor
Marshfield, MA
Andrew P. Hooper, Blaster, also an electronics student
Dartmouth, NS – Canada
Andrew Louis Neale, Electrical Motor Repair Technician
Stillwater, MN
Andrew Phairas, Mr.
Las Vegas, NV
Andrew Pritchard, BSc
Geography, University of Exeter
Farnham, Surrey – UK
Andrew N. Showalter
Nashville, IN
Angelo Petraglia, B. Arch., Student
Jackson, NJ
Anthony J. Barbieri
Chemical Engineering
Plano, TX
April Elizabeth Neely, Medical Transcriptionist
Temecula, CA
St. Louis, Mo.
Aziz Benhelel, Teacher
Setif, Setif – Algeria
Babette Bruton
Los Gatos, CA
Bart Travis Cookus
Hedgesville, WV
Baxter Thomas, B/T, Community Activist
New York, NY
Behrang Khoshnood, Student
Skokie, IL
Benjamin Bisconer, Student
Napa, CA – United States
Benjamin Owen Hankemeier, Student
Madison, TN
Bertie Seiferlein, Other
Evansville, IN
Bill Flanagan
New Paltz, New York
Bill Groll
A.A.S. Manufacturing Technologies
Buffalo, NY
Bill Watson, J.D.
B.S. Information Technology; J.D.
Cleveland, OH
Bob Dennis
BA, Mathematics, Northwestern University
Seattle, WA – United States
Bradford McDermott, Engineer
Marina Del Rey, CA
Brandon Budd, Architectural Staff
Salt Lake City, UT
Brennen Carter, Student
Derry, NH
Brian Good
B.S., Biological Sciences
Palo Alto, CA
Brian Hayes, Student
Bloomfield, NJ
Brian Michels
BA Critical Thinking (Philosophy) Master
Brooklyn, NY
Brian Roussel, Technical Manager
Walnut Creek, CA
Brian Smith, Brother of Firefighter Kevin Smith (deceased 09/11
Rocky Point, New York
Brian Stevens, BSc (Hons)
BSc., Building, Aston University, UK
Birmingham, West Midlands – UK
Brian P. Zuzik, Project Architect - Cad Manager
Boardman, OH
Brooke Stiltner, IT Consultant/Student
San Francisco, CA
Bruce Abderholden, Fire Fighter / EMT
Evening Shade, AR
Bruce C. Faurot, retired government worker
Saint Augustine, FL
Bruce Allen Hendricks, MPA, F.Ph., Master Photographer
Winnipeg, MB – Canada
Bruce McDonald, President of element3, inc.
Crestone, CO
Bruce Anthony Mitchell
Akron, IA
Bruce A. Scherzer, Retired Power Lineman
Bay City, Michigan
Burnis Eugene Tuck, Retired
BA, History, UC Berkeley
Fresno, CA
Cameron T. Karslake, Professional Photographer
Bachelor of Fine Arts/Photography, Alfre
Lakewood, OH
Carl L. Bond, Mechanical QC Inspector
Wasilla, Alaska
Carol Cleveland, Dr.
Ph.D, American Literature, St. Louis Uni
Dryden, NY
Charles J. Dimech
Sydney, NSW – Australia
Charles Elliott McGowan, Student
Mechanical Engineering, Oregon State U.
Corvallis, OR
Charles Stevens
Slinger, WI
Chelsea Moller, Student
San Francisco, CA
Chester Gould III, Student
Meguro, Tokyo – Japan
Chris Defendorf, Architectural Consultant
Corning, NY
Chris Hass, Student
Sioux City, IA
Chris Mahoney, Musician
Keene, NH
Chris Noth, Student
Davenport, IA
Chris Owtram, Mr
Guildford, Surrey – UK
Chris Sarns
Placerville, California
Christel Trutmann, Student
Ithaca, NY
Christian Clausen, Registered Professional Land Surveyor
B.S., Surveying Engineering, NMSU
El Paso, TX
Christopher Bibb, BSc (Hons), Software Engineer
Swansea, West Glamorgan – Wales
Christopher Corsi
Scottsdale, AZ
Christopher Emery, Doc. Film Producer / Director / Writer
Oklahoma City, OK
Christopher David Laskoski, Student
Fort Worth, TX
Christopher Matthew Woodham, Captain
B.S. Aviation Maintenance Mgmt.
Chesapeake Beach, MD
Christy McMunn, Student
Martinsburg, West Virginia
Chuck Thurston, Citizen Researcher
San Francisco, CA
Clinton Graham
Ottawa, KS
Coleen Young, M.C.J. Professor
Master's of Criminal Justice
San Antonio, TX
Conrad Mancuso, A.O.C.A.D., Construction Project Manager
Barrie, ON – Canada
Constance Poindexter Durkin, M.Arch, Student
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Cort Toland
Kent, WA
Craig M. Grismore, Materials Program Manager
B.A. - Liberal Arts
Phoenix, AZ
Craig Erin Mckerley, tulsa truther
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Craig Ranke, Pentagon Research Expert
San Clemente, CA
Crockett L. Grabbe, Dr., Applied Physicist
Ph.D., Applied Physics, Caltech
Iowa City, IA
Dan Bloomquist, Business Owner/Software engineer
Vernon, AZ
Dani Trees, Physical Therapist
Houston, TX
Daniel Davis, JD
Casper, WY
Daniel Reid
Dallas, Texas
Daniel T. Wynne, Mental Health Professional
Birmingham, West Midlands – UK
Danielle Mascio, Appraiser
Las Vegas, NV
Danny J. Whited, Student
Bettendorf, IA
Daryl A. Travnicek, SAS Admin/Statistical Programmer
BSME, UNL, MS, Math, The Ohio State Univ
Lincoln, NE
Dave Dana, Elevator Constructor
Seattle, WA
Dave Heller, M. Arch.
San Francisco Institute of Architecture
Berkeley, CA
Dave Kushin, B.S. Secondary Education - Math Major
B.S. Secondary Education - Math Major
Clearwater, FL
David Ancira
Austin, TX
David A. Carrig, Construction Manager
Greenville, SC
David Chen, Software Engineer
New York, NY
David Cole
Arlington, VT
David L. King, Trucker
Mineral Point, MO
David W. Laws, Business Owner
Manassas, vinginia
David Morrison
Portland, Oregon
David J. Robitaille
Springfield, MA
David Short, Member Scholars for 911 Truth and Justice
Injury Prevention Specialist
Salyer, CA
David Taylor, Senior Writing Advisor, Univ. of Maryland
D.A., Univ. Mississippi
Savannah, GA
Deamon Chanel, Snr Tech Officer
Sydney, NSW – Australia
Dean M. Jackson, Research Analyst
Washington, DC
Debra Ellis, Educated Citizen
Haddon Heights, NJ
Declan Duggan, Intern Architect
Manchester, Lanchashire – UK
Dennis P. Crouse
Spokane, WA
Diana Lea, student
Ogden, utah
Don Green
Girard, PA
Don Plummer, Commercial HVACR Service Tech
Grand Junction, CO
Donald W. Stacey, JD, MBA, Investment Banker (Retired)
Beverly, MA
Donnie George
Leander, Texas
Douglas R. Page
Tucson, AZ
Dr. David W. Dowis, MD
Medical Doctor
Clovis, CA
E. Nicholas Milam, Esq., lawyer
Evanston, Illinois
Edward R. Galbraith, Retired Mechanical Designer
Springfield, MA
Edward Stroh, Mr.
Canyon Country, CA
Elaine N. Ramey
Kissimmee, Florida
Elizabeth Ann Otto
Rock Hill, SC
Ellis Goldberg, BSEET, MBA, Marketing Engineering Consultant
Danville, CA
Eric J. Hansen, Student
Anchorage, Alaska
Eric Penrose
BSc Mathematical Studies/MA Oriental Rel
London, Middx – UK
Erik Ferrill
Columbus, Indiana
Erik Genga, Regional Planner
Drexel Hill, PA
Erik Kamfjord, Student
Oslo, Oslo – Norway
Erin Maria Wilson
Stoke On Trent, England – England - Uk.
Ethan Eric Johnson, Student
BS Film
Winter Park, FL
Ethan J. Stroschein
American Falls, ID
Fahad Hasnain, Journalist Student
Queens, New York
Francis Coila, Construction Manager, B C Butler Construction
D.C.-WSCC, B.S. in psychology-PSU
Redwood City, CA
Frank Antonio Bird, B.A., Overeducated Carpenter
B.A. in English
Northridge, CA
Frank Shap, Local Government Manager, Degreed Engineer
Oakland, Maryland
Franklin Smith, Millwright
Trafalgar, IN
Fred Henry Kinslow III, student
Fort Smith, AR
G.Michael Zimmer, Information Systems Consultant
Hon. B.A. Psych. Carleton U, Ottawa
Victoria, BC – Canada
Gabriella Sankovich
Richmond, CA
Gabrielle Weiss, Student of Life
Rushville, New York
Gary Allen, MS/CS, Software Engineer
Raleigh, NC
Gary Anderson
Reno, NV
Gary L. Cobb
Savannah, TN
Gary T. DelRosso, B.S. D.D.S. Dentist / Endodontist
B.S. Zoology D.D.S. Dentistry / Endodont
Ashland, OR
Gary E. Goodman, computer professional
AA - Electronics
Akron, OH
Gary Mayo, Mr.
Lincoln, NE
Gary Schofield, MBA, Banker, Broker
Santa Cruz, CA
George Berman, BSc Hon, Systems Programmer
Winnipeg, Manitoba – Canada
Gerald De La Pascua, Mr
Bsc, Mphil
Wokingham, Berkshire – UK
Gerard L. Coffey, Student
A.S. Math / A.S. Physics, SBVC
Queen Creek, AZ
Gil Roetman, Engineering Consultant
Anchorage, AK
Graham Richardson, Building Services
Amersham, Bucks – UK
Greg Cadman
Johannesburg, Gauteng – South Africa
Castro Valley, California
Gregg Roberts, Business Analyst, Technical Writer/Editor
B.A., UT Austin, 1990
Austin, TX
Gregor Huyskens, Physicist
Hamburg, Hamburg – Germany
Gregory J. Mirsalis, Paramedic
Youngstown, OH
Guy P. Smoot, Graduate Student, Classics (MA)
New York City, NY
Hamish O'Brien
Brisbane, QLD – Australia
Hans Verbeek, teacher
Delft, Zuid-Holland – The Netherlands
Hans Van Willigenburg
Haarlem, NE – Netherlands
Harrison Heitman, Student
Conyers, GA
Harvey Lewis Newman, Concerned Citizen
B.S. in Elementary Education
New York, NY
Henry C. Finney, Professor
PhD Sociology UC Berkeley
Los Alamos, NM
Howard M. Switzer, Architect #00020217
Grandfathered in TN 1988
Linden, TN
Hudson Luce, PhD, JD, Attorney-at-Law
Lawrence, KS
Hughes Ryan, Asst. Winemaker
M.S. U.C. Davis
St. Helena, CA
Iain Cockhill, RMN
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire – UK
Ian John Cropton, Mr
B.Sc Chemistry
Colchester, Essex – England
Ian Woods, BLA, Graduate of Landscape Architecture (U of T)
Toronto, ON – Canada
Igor Andrejev, Contractor
London, Oxfordshire – U.K.
Jacob Weed, Architect
Chicago, IL
Jake B. McCrann, B.Sc.
B.Sc. (University of Melbourne)
Melbourne, Victoria – Australia
James T. Berry, Apprentice Architect, Staff
Colorado Springs, CO
James Edward DiFrank, Consultant
B.S., Business, Univ. of Buffalo
Amherst, NY
James Farber
Liberty, KY
James Gilland
Tucson, Arizona
James Franklin Holland, Student
Pleasant Garden, NC
James F. Karlsberger
Williams, AZ
James Watson, BSc
Glasgow, South Lanarkshire – United Kingdom
Jan Erik Gjestvang, Carpenter
Oslo, Oslo – Norway
Jan Hoyer, Graphic Artist
Lee's Summit, MO
Janet Burroughs, Retired Teacher
Pisgah Forest,, North Carolina
Janis Danielson
Columbia Falls, MT
Jason Carter, Land Surveyor in Training (L.S.I.T.)
Hazlehurst, GA
Jason A. Davis, student
B.A., cognitive science, UC Berkeley
Emeryville, CA
Jason Nilles, Security Industry Professional
Vancouver, BC
Jason Northrup, Computer Tech/IT Consultant
San Rafael, CA
Jayne R. Douglas
Tampa, FL
Jean Creamer Allen, Senior Citizen Activist
M.A. Theatre; Univ. of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Jeff M. DeGordick
St. Catharines, ON – Canada
Jeff M. Green, Student
Sound Beach, NY
Jeremiah J. Mckenna
Bloomfield, NJ
Jeremy J. Begin
Oakland, CA
Jeremy Richard Morrison, Chef
Wellington, North Island – New Zealand
Jeremy Voisin
Toronto, ON – Canada
Jillian Kosmuk, Student
Winnipeg, Manitoba – Canada
Jim Martin, CLVT(Certified Low Vision Therapist)
Springville, AL
Jimmy Benito
Jersey City, NJ
Joe Gregory Marquis, Computer Administrator
Las Vegas, NV
Joe Martin, Engineering Staff
Hartford, CT
Joe Stokes, Artist, Teacher
Dallas, TX
Johan ikael Stenbeck
Stockholm, Stockholm – Sweden
John Albanese, Independent Filmmaker
New York, New York
John Beatty
Houston, TX
John Andrew Blacker, Physicist & Engineer
Physics Masters
Lancaster, Lancs – UK
John Briggs, Student
Seattle, Washington
John R. Cameron, Retired
Blackheath, NSW – Australia
John W. Coleman, Dr.
Doctor of Chiropractic
Eastman, GA
John Gannon, Director Of Photography
Los Angeles, CA
John P. Keogh
B.S. (chemistry, see bio for others)
Tucson, AZ
John Paul Leonard
MBA Finance, UC Berkeley
Joshua Tree, Calif
John Molesworth, mr
B.A. Graphic Design
Bideford, WA – UK
John Mustanich, Airline Pilot (ret.)
Millbrae, CA
John Parulis, Licensed California Contractor
San Rafael, CA
John Christopher Polifronio
Los Angeles, CA
John R. Toon, Master Electrician/ General Foreman Electrical
Southgate, MI
John Lawrence Tracey, Chartered Accountant
MAcc (University of Waterloo)
Toronto, ON – Canada
Jon Jensen, R&D Engineer
B. Sc., Physics, University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT
Jonathan Brett, Project Manager
Lapeer, MI
Jonathan Christopher Deprez, concerned citizen
Raleigh, NC
Jonathan Gill
Coventry, West Midlands – UK
Joost Brugman, ING
B. Eng.
Amsterdam – Netherlands
Joseph Ciolino, Assistant Professor Music History
Nyc, NY
Joseph T. Culleny, Construction Manager
Brigantine, New Jersey
Joseph Edward Hawkins, Dr.
Winnipeg, MB – Canada
Joseph Thomas Kelley
Barstow, CA
Joseph D. Self, B.A.
B.A. Chemistry, St. Andrews Presbyterian
Boynton Beach, FL
Joseph Russell Wages, Engineering Staff
Richardson, TX
Joshua R.N. Howland
Goshen, IN
Judson B. Witham, Esq.
30 years Commerical Construction
Provo, UT
Judy Ellen Shelton
B.A. Social Welfare
Berkeley, CA
Julie Chin, Stay At home Mother
Shoreline, WA
Justin Keogh, Physics Student
Tucson, AZ
Justin Lane, Engineering Technology Student
St Johns, NL – Canada
Karen D. Carter, Computer Tech, Web Developer, SEO
St. Augustine, FL
Karen Kahmann
Everett, WA
Katrinka Anne Gmerek, Educator
BA Psychology and FIne Arts/Art Ed
Indianapolis, IN
Keif Larsson, Designer
Los Angeles, CA
Keith Crawford, Finance Manager
Houston, TX
Kelli Mink, Legal Secretary
Grand Rapids, MI
Kenneth A. Beck, Professor
Ph.D., Biochemistry, Temple University
Woodland, CA
Kenneth L. Burres, PhD, Historian
Sequim, WA
Kenneth F. Eichler, IT Consultant
New Rochelle, NY
Kenneth Charles Parry, Engineering Consultant
Shrewsbury, Shropshire – UK
Kerry L. Lockett, "Interested citizen"
Del Rio, TX
Kevin M. Gray
Greenville, NC
Kieron Gary Golding, Student
Milton Keynes, BC – UK
Kim McDaniel
Burbank, CA
Kim A. Wittenberg
Bear, DE
Kimberly Arasato, M. Ed
Masters Education/Counseling
Dallas, TX
Kirk Jaskoviak, RLA, Landscape Archiitect
Hardwick, Massachusetts
Kolby Davidson, Landscape Architect
BLA, Texas A&M
Houston, TX
Kristen Kepner-Coleman, B. Arch.
Bachelor of Architecture, Auburn Univers
Atlanta, GA
Kyle Otto
San Antonio, TX
LaDonna Nicolai
Tucson, AZ
Lance Charles, owner / ceo wholearth development corporation
B.S. environmental design
Simi Valley, CA
Larry Parks, Architectural Drafter
architectural drafting with autocad
Minneapolis, MN
Larry Patriarca, Proprietor of Universal Astronomics
Webster, MA
Laura L. King, american citzen & mom
Lacenter, Washington
Laurie J. Hasler
Petaluma, CA
Leon B. Burns, Architectural Staff
Bachelor Bldg. Construction, Auburn Univ
Forsyth, GA
Leonard L. Hofheins, Industrial Designer
BFA Industrial Design BYU
Concord, CA
Lester Collins
Morrilton, AR
Leticia Antonieta Martinez, Independent Media Producer/Correspondent
San Diego, CA
Linda J. Di Bona
Oakland, CA
Linda Jackson, Training & Change Management
Winnipeg, Manitoba – Canada
Lisa S. Welch
Point Pleasant, NJ
Lon Waters, Ph.D., Mathematician
Albuquerque, NM
Lou Santianni, Senior Software Specialist
B.SC. Mathematics
Toronto, Ontario – Canada
Lucinda L. Molzan, Accountant
Perry, MI
Lyle V. Sansom, Retired
Independence, OR
Lynn Foster
Austin, TX
Lynn E. Martin, Nutrition Researcher
B.S. Mathematics, U of Arizona
Bishop, CA
Maggie Hanus, Soapmaker
B.S. Elementary Ed./Special Ed.
Manor,, TX
Manal Mohammed, Architectual Technologist
Calgary, Alberta – Canada
Maria Amy Hance, retired
B.S., Biology
Pevely, MO – United States
Marie Moneysmith, B.S.
Bachelor of Science, Sociology, Western
Beverly Hills, CA
Marina Stover, Project Manager
Phoenix, AZ
Mario & Marie Rolon
North Vernon, Indiana
Marissa Babineaux, Student/Activist for Truth
Austin, TX
Mark S. Gonney, Electric, Gas & Steam Emergency Representative
Brooklyn, NY
Mark Holmes, none
Cypress, TX
Mark Kennedy, Certified Fire Fighter
Mount Pearl, NL – Canada
Mark Allan Luxton, Physical Intuitive
Halifax, NS – Canada
Mark Michel
BA - Sociology, U of South Florida
Saint Petersburg, FL
Mark A. Sauer, M.D.
Fort Myers, FL
Marsha L. Heller, Ms
Clermont, FL
Martin Mellor, Engineering Consultant
Leuven, VB – Belgium
Martino Lazzareschi, Mr.
BS Accounting
Cranston, RI – United States
Marty Davis, Web Developer
Roanoke, TX
Mathieu Ss Côté, Student
Sherbrooke, QC – Canada
Matt Grantham
Napa, CA
Matt Hill, IT Tech Student
South Bend, IN
Matt Pawlik, Computer engineering student
Rochester, NY
Matthew Bye, Mr
Essex, UK – UK
Matthew Combes, Engineering Consultant
Lewsiton, Utah
Matthew Fiorito, Student
La Grande, OR
Matthew C. Jorgensen, Geology student
Tucson, AZ
Matthew Naus, Teacher
Milwaukee, WI
Meria Heller, Producer/Host
Payson, AZ
Michael Brown, Engineering Consultant/Sales
Wakefield, West Yorkshire – UK
Michael K. Copass, Mr.
M.S. Microbiology & Immunology, Harvard
San Diego, CO
Michael J. Garza, Technical Sales & Marketing Specialist
B.A. Business Management & Communication
Roscoe, IL
Michael Dennis Kaup
BFA Musical Theatre
St. Paul, MN
Michael E. Lewis, Computer Consultant
B.S. Mech. Engr., Sacramento State
Berkeley, CA
Michael J. Smebak, Home Inspector
Madison, WI
Michael J. Taillon, Project Manager
Waldorf, MD
Michael F. Treis, Pyrotechnician
Waxahachie, Texas
Michael Wells
Oakland, CA
Michael Wolsey
Greeley, CO
Michelle Dick, Mrs.
Waimea, HI
Mick Renner, PhD, Sr. Technical Writer
Berkeley, CA
Mike Casner, Radio Show Host
BS: Youth Sports Leadership
Peterborough, NH
Mike Curry
BA with EE minor
Hollywood, CA
Mike Hawryluk, Professor Emeritus
Naples, FL
Mike Loser, B. Math
B.S. University of Wisconsin Green Bay
De Pere, WI
Mike Mann, Security officer
B.S., Business Administration and Manage
North Las Vegas, NV
Miroslav Sklenar, Student
Ziar Nad Hronom, Slovakia – Slovakia
Mitchell Gilberg, Business Consultant
MBA, Stanford University
Tallahassee, FL
Nancy Griffith, None
B.A. Political Science
Wheat Ridge, CO
Nathan William Halcovitch, Construction Engineering Technician
Hamilton, Ontario – Canada
Neil McCarthy, Multimedia Producer
Winnipeg, MB – Canada
Nicholas DeCola, student
Associates,film,Full Sail,Florida
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Nicholas Filippelli
Morgantown, West Virginia
Nick Chiro, Carpenter/ Activist
Highland Heights, OH
Nicolas Signat, N.S.
Montpellier, Languedoc – France
Pamela R. Ramey, M.A.
M.A. English
Casselberry, FL
Parris K. Butler, Artist / Poet
AFA 2D Arts and AFA Creative Writing
Phoenix, AZ
Patrick Bowers, Civil Engineering Designer
Lusby, MD
Patrushev Anton, Ph.D.
Russian State Gumanitarium University
Moscow, Moscow – Russia
Paul Edward Altman
Oceanside, CA
Paul Doherty
Manchester, Lancashire – England
Paul William Forbes
Vancouver, BC – Canada
Paul Christian Levy, B.Eng. Mech. Eng.
Mechanical Engineering
Colwyn Bay, Conwy – UK
Paul Mumford
Vernon, CT
Pav S. Gill, Dr., MD, Medical Doctor
Southampton, Hampshire – UK
Pedro Sttau Ortet, Pedro Sttau
Modern Literature
Lisbon, Lisbon
Peter Heinonen, Software Engineer
Great Mills, MD
Peter Hinners, Realtor
Joliet, IL
Peter Kemmerer
Pottstown, PA
Peter A. Sagi
Saint Louis, MO
Peter Wakefield Sault
Walsall, West Midlands – UK
Petur Johannesen
Klaksvík, Klaksvík – Føroyar
Phil Stein
Bethlehem, PA
Phil Tompkins, Concerned citizen
Issaquah, WA
Phillip A. Block, Teacher
M.A. secondary education
Carrollton, GA
Piper Miles
Sonoma, CA
R. E. Lewis, Jr. Network Administrator
Willoughby, OH
Ralph Collins, ASLA, APA, Landscape Architect / Planner
Conifer, CO
Ralph E. Lewis
Murrieta, CA
Ralph H. Speken, Dr.
Bronxville, NY
Randy Caruso, Web Designer
Beacon, NY
Ray Walter Swangkee, Professor
King's Mountain, KY
Raymond Scott Creighton
Tampa, FL
Raymond John Heinsman, Engineering Staff
BA, Architecture, University@Buffalo
Bethesda, MD
Regis Hohman, president
Braddock, PA
Rene Becerra, Student
Tulare, CA
Renee Nancy Perry, Housewife
Jacksonville, FL
Riccardo Pizzirani
Bologna, Italy – Italy
Richard Lowe, Counselor
B.A. Comm. and Theatre, Univ.
Boulder, CO
Richard Mauti, Security Consultant
Toronto, ON – Canada
Richard Bentley Nichols
Santa Cruz, CA
Richard Ricci, Ironworker Local 40 NYC
Yonkers, NY
Richard Rowell, Student
Berkeley, CA
Richard von Maur
Nassau, NA – Bahamas
Richard D. Welser, Ph.D., Forensic Neuropsychologist
Morganton, NC
Ricky D. James
Wagener, SC
Rita Hill, Software Engineer
Trinidad, CO
Robb L. Flores, Architectural Staff
Salt Lake City, Utah
Robert C. Bennett, Owner & Lead Designer-Bennett Coachworks LLC
Milwaukee, WI
Robert Brown, Network Technician
BA, BCompSci
Montreal, QC – CANADA
Robert M. Clement
Hartford, CT
Robert S. Fritzius, Electrical Engineer (Retired, Non-licensed)
Starkville, Mississippi
Robert P. Johnson, Operations Manager
M.A., Information Management
Evergreen, CO
Robert S. Lynch, Structural Steel Detailer
Falls City, TX
Robert M. Martin, Physician Assistant
B.S., Columbia U., P.A. - Board Certifie
Albuquerque, NC
Robert Andrew Munnelly, B. Mus
Dublin, 9 – Ireland
Robert Podolsky, M.S., Physicist / Engineer
Boca Raton, FL
Robert M. Sardinia, Student
BS Computer Systems
Castro Valley, CA
Robert Sorenson, C.P.O., Orthotist and Prosthetist
Oceanside, California
Robyn Moller, Teacher
San Francisco, CA
Robyn Richardson, Seeker of Truth
B.S. Information Technology
Litchfield, MN
Rocco R. Viera, ST. Contractor
Mission Hills, California
Roch Brassard, Mechanical Engineering Staff
Diploma, BCIT
Montreal, QC – Canada
Rolando Valle, College Graduate
Chicago, IL
Rolf Lindgren, Loan Officer
Bachelor of Mathematics, U of WI-Madison
Middleton, WI
Roman Dulgarov, Student
Goose Creek, SC
Ron W. Conrad, Project Manager Commercial Concrete Construction
Chino Hills, CA
Roseann Scrivens, Student
Fashion Design
Aptos, CA
Rosie Wells, business owner
St. Thomas, VI
Rudolf Georg Boukal, Entrepreneur
Theology, Philosphy
Roseville, MN
Rudy Scarfalloto, Chiropractor, Teacher
Atlanta, GA
Russell A. Osborn, FSA, CFA, Actuary
B.A., Mathematics
Louisville, KY
Ryan Donoghue
Incline Village, Nevada
Ryan H. Gage
Bozeman, Montana
Ryan Kirk, Student
Clute, TX
Ryan Kleffman, Student
Iowa City, Iowa
Ryan Alan Strandmark, Architectural CAD Technology Specialist
Specialized A.A.S CAD Technology
Minneapolis, MN
Salvatore R. De Blasi, Freelance Writer & Editor
Carlsbad, CA
Sam Christmas, Technical Support Analyst
Brighton, East Sussex – UK
Sam B. Conner, NONE
Salem, ID
Samm Simpson, Ms.
Dunedin, FL
Sean W. Bedell
Beacon, NY
Sean Michael Ketchum, Material Engineering Student
Material Science and Engineering
Willington, CT
Serge S. Schneider, SW
Columbus, Ohio
Sheila Baber, PG
B.S. - Geology
Moore, Oklahoma
Simon Klitscher, Licensed Surveyor
Bachelor of Surveying, University of Sou
Adelaide, South Australia – Australia
Sinisa Novakovic, Ph.D.
Microbiology, UC Davis
Davis, CA
Slavik Fursov, Engineering Staff
Sacramento, CA
Snow Ann Ferguson, American Patriot
Roanoke, Texas
Spero Larres
BA Physics and Mathematics, Rutgers Univ
Newark, NJ
Stacy Hubbard, M.S.
M.S., Counseling, Portland St. Univ.
Portland, OR
Stacy Roland, Educated citizen
Salt Lake City, UT
Stan Carter, Author, Marketing Consultant
Clearwater, FL
Stephen Bond, Geotech- Civil Construction
Perth, WA – Australia
Stephen Roger Dupont
New Bedford, MA
Stephen Haggins
London, London – UK
Stephen Wilson, Certified Residential Appraiser/Real Estate Broker
B.S., Real Estate, SFSU
San Francisco, CA
Sterling Weeks, Student
Irvine, CA
Steve Banyai, Owner
Port Mansfield, TX
Steve Pallister
Perth, WA – Australia
Steve Pheiffer
Jim Thorpe, PA
Steve Roddy, Mr.
San Francisco, CA
Steve Walker, Financial Advisor
B.S., Business Administration, SDSU
Encinitas, Ca.
Steven Chad Calland, Business Owner
Santa Monica, California
Steven Groetken
Tucson, AZ
Steven E. Jones, Retired Professor of Physics
Ph.D., Physics, Vanderbilt Univ
Provo, UT
Sue G. Brand, Concerned U.S. Citizen/Transcriptionist
Rushford, MN
Susan Macina, Domestic Engineer or Domestic Goddess
Hollywood, Florida
Susie Bonham~Craig
Brick, NJ
Suzanne Marie Borho, Teacher and Grad Student
B.A., Multilingual Education
Gwangju City, Jeolla-nam – South Korea
Tad Dougherty, student
Goleta, CA
Ted Wodoslawsky, Marketing Executive - Technology
B.A. Management, Malone College, Ohio
Cleveland, OH
Teetle Clawson, CFO
Santa Cruz, CA
Terral Lee Croft, General Contractor / Demolition Supervisor
St. Petersburg, Florida
Thomas Vibe Andreasen, M.A.
Master of Arts
Odense, Denmark – Denmark
Tim Ingram, Inventor
Penetanguishene, ON – Canada
Timothy Brian Anderson, Mr.
Masters in School Counseling
Shawnee, KS
Timothy Cerar, Controls Engineer
Mountain Iron, MN
Timothy K. Price
BFA with 4 years toward Masters degree
Fairlee, VT
Tom Parsons
Dripping Springs, TX
Tom Pesch, Artist and furniture maker, student
Lahti, Päijät-Häme – Finland
Tom Pollastrini, Retired
Alamo, CA
Tom Poxon
Huddersfield, Yorkshire – UK
Toni Starr, Veteran, Sgt. USAF 1980-84, 463rd TAW
BSc, Sociology/Psychology, CMU 1998
Cave Junction, OR
Tony Ridenour
Sioux Falls, SD
Tonya Morrison, Student
Houston, TX
Traci Parris, F-16 Aircraft Product Support Engineering Coord.
Bachelors of International Business
Fort Worth, TX
Troy Seberson, Student
Albert Lea, MN
Tyler Sims, Engineering Staff
Carrollton, TX
Victor Baker, Student
San Antonio, TX
Victor Nott, Construction Engineering Technician
CET Diploma, Loyalist College
Wawa, ON – Canada
Victoria Ashley, Psychology Researcher
Alameda, CA
Virginia N/a Lee
North Walpole, NH
Wally Trach, Web Consultant
Spokane, WA
Wayne Williams, Teacher
BA, History, Carson Newman College
Psc 476 Box 9, FPO
William J. Bry, Welder, Metal Fabricator, NASCAR Champion
MA Trade Certificate - Metal Fabrication
Montague, MA
William Steven Burgess
Portsmouth, VA – United States
William C. Carlotti, Retired Construction Mgr., Project Mgr., Super.
North Montpelier, VT
William Osborn, retired engineer
Jackson, MI
William O. West
Reseda, CA
Wilmer H. Aygarn, Land Surveyor
Virginia Beach, VA
Yarrow Mahko, Radio Producer
Santa Rosa, CA
Zachary Brehm, Engineering Student
Pittsburgh, PA
Zachary A. Keator, Student
Hoboken, NJ

and by Active Participation

We cordially invite all Architects, Engineers, Interns and affiliates to JOIN US in this worthy patriotic cause. We welcome everyone who has an interest in contributing to the success of ongoing investigations into the WTC building collapses on 9/11. We want to hear about your interests, background, and what type of contribution you may be well-suited to make. Please let us know the kinds of activities that would appeal to you the most, such as forming/participating in a committee, local speaking arrangements, authoring statements, presenting lectures, appearing on radio, etc. in Section IV on the join form.

With our deepest appreciation,

Richard Gage, Architect

Take an Architect or Engineer to Lunch!

North Tower

View North Tower Blueprints
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