The Comedy Award

I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Christmas Carol
producer: Jon Naismith
writers: Graeme Garden & Iain Pattinson
performers: Humphrey Lyttleton, Barry Cryer, Graeme Garden,
Tim Brooke-Taylor, Stephen Fry, Andy Hamilton, Jeremy Hardy,
Tom Hawks, Sandi Toksvig, Linda Smith & Colin Sell

"A stunning cast performing a blistering script - only really possible on
radio. This show took a long established, very successful format to a higher level - an excellent blend of the regular format and zany style of I'm
Sorry I haven't A Clue with A Christmas Carol."

BBC Radio Entertainment for Radio 4

producer: Will Saunders
editor: John Pidgeon
writers: Robin Ince & Dave Cohen
performers: Rowland Rivron, Richard Vranch, Dave Catlin Birch,
Midge Ure & Tony Hawks
presenter: Rowland Rivron

"A comedy for music lovers that really works - long may it continue. A new format which has found its feet very quickly. Its different - fresh and great fun."
BBC Radio Entertainment for Radio 2

The Now Show
producer: Adam Bromley
writer: Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, Marcus Brigstocke, Jon Holmes,
Mitch Benn, Will Ing & Paul Powell
signature tune written & performed by: John Whitehall
performers: Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, Marcus Brigstocke,
Emma Kennedy, Jon Holmes & Mitch Benn

"Its so difficult to keep up a high standard with cutting edge observations on topical material - The Now Show team set the standard for others to follow. Proving you can get humour out of the most depressing of news.
There's something for everyone in this show."

BBC Radio Entertainment for Radio 4

producer: Darren Broome
director: Gareth Gwenlan
editor: Mark Harrison
writer: William Willis
performers: Lynne Seymour, Richard Nichols, Sian Naiomi,
Nicola Reynolds, Keiron Self & Iestyn Jones

"A sitcom which successfully combines the traditional style with new
humour. An excellent production - great characters, pacey well written script and plenty of laughs."

BBC Radio Wales

Jeremy Hardy Speaks To The Nation
producer & director: David Tyler
writer & presenter: Jeremy Hardy
performers: Debbie Isitt & Gordon Kennedy

"A performer at the top of his game - great script, polished performances. Laughs and thoughts in one place."
Pozzitive Television for BBC Radio 4