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Past and Present

Since 1952 VT Halmatic have been at the forefront of commercial and military boatbuilding. One of the pioneers of GRP as a boat building material, Halmatic prides itself on its GRP and composite moulding capabilities and on the structural integrity of vessels produced.

A large range of standard hull designs from 6m - 40m combined wirth flexible fitout methods ensures that Halmatic has a product to suit most customer requirements. VT Halmatic uses its considerable experience to incorporate proven materials and systems throughout.
Halmatic Flying Fifteen
Halmatic Flying Fifteen
The Early Years
A chance meeting on the Isle of Wight, off England's South Coast, between VT Halmatic's founder Patrick de Laszlo and the legendary boat designer Uffa Fox led to the manufacture in 1952 of the first fibreglass boat - a Flying Twenty moulded in a combination of Crystic 189 polyester resin with matted glass fibres which de Laszlo named Deborine after his wife Deborah.

This led to the manufacturing of a new class of production sailing dingy - the Flying Fifteen. Many of which are still sailing today.

This small start developed into a large scale business as VT Halmatic were commissioned to mould large numbers of craft by Camper & Nicholson's, Moody's and other leading builders of that era. As well as moulding for others VT Halmatic introduced its own range of commercial and military craft which were supplied either as "part-assemblies" for other yards to complete or were fitted-out by VT Halmatic for its own customers.

Amongst the many notable craft moulded by VT Halmatic over the years the following are particularly worthy of note:

The Nicholson 32 yacht designed by Camper and Nicholson and moulded by Halmatic, followed by the Nicholson 26, 36, 38, 43, 48, 55 and 72.

The Moody 42, 52 and 62.

The Nelson 40/42 – the archetypal pilot boat and gentleman’s motoryacht – one of which was the victim of the IRA bomb at the 1974 Earl’s Court Boat Show.

The Arun-class lifeboat – over 40 of which were moulded for the R.N.L.I. and ten for the Greek Coastguard.
M.V. Perpetua - VT Halmatic motor yacht
M.V. Perpetua - VT Halmatic motor yacht

During the 1960's and 1970's VT Halmatic's expertise produced larger and more technically advanced craft.
RNLI Arun Lifeboat
RNLI Arun Lifeboat

Moulded by VT Halmatic in 1975 for the RNLI Arun 54-04 was the world's first fibreglass offshore lifeboat.

The relationship continues today with VT Halmatic heavily involved in the building of the R.N.L.I.'s new generation Severn and Trent composite lifeboats.
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