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Oshima Hy-Con Bulker

Oshima Hy-Con Bulker

(Hybrid Configuration Bulk Carrier)

  • Hy-Con Bulker has been developed for the new generation, seeking for further safety and the improvement of cargo handling of bulk carrier.
  • On Hy-Con Bulker, foremost and aftermost cargo holds of single hull BC are built up by double hull structure, based on IACS UR (Unified Rule) for Bulk Carrier Safety.
  • It is believed that this Hy-Con Bulker will be the defacto standard design for BC in the future.
  • Oshima Hy-Con Bulker is rated high by our home and foreign clients and classification society as the one of typical bulk carrier for the new generation.

Oshima Hy-Con Bulker
see Movie (wmv, 5MB)

  • The structure of Oshima Hy-Con Bulker is applicable to the single hull Bulkers such as Handymax and Panamax.
  • Hy-Con Bulker has been developed on the basis of our actual service results of about 330 bulkers.
  • Hy-Con Bulker scheme is registered to the authorities concerned as a utility model.

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