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26 Sep 2007
40+ changes including numerous bug fixes, faster push, merge, update, new default format, tags on by default, better plugin management...
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Bazaar 1.4.3

Bazaar 1.4.3 has been released. It has? where is it then?! I don't see anything in the place below ...

This release includes only bugfixes compared to 1.4.

Note: Bazaar 1.4.2 and 1.4.1 have been released previously, without release notes, by lack of time.

Where to get Bazaar ?

The Bazaar downloads page at lists binary and source locations for bazaar.


Documentation for baz 1.4 is available in the bazaar-docs category of Debs are available in the main apt repository, and a prebuilt copy is available online at

Bugfixes (over baz 1.4.2)

* Several bugfixes in archive-mirror. The election algorithm now

* Changed the order of libraries on the link command line. This solves

  • a build problem on some architecture. (mac OS X and Cygwin, at least)

* Do not display diff several times for added files in

  • changeset-report (bug #1221)

* Fixed a panic() in lock-revision

* Some error message clarified or reformated. Several "panic" messages

  • transformed into explicit error messages.

* Fixed a panic() in export, when a relative pathname is given as destination.

* Fixed write-through mirror, added a testcase

* fixed a segfault in baz archive-version

* don't "panic" when doing "baz log" outside a tree, added -d option.