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12 Volume Set for Pre-school Children.</span>
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Britannica Discovery Library
12 Volume Set for Pre-school Children.

Give the young learner in your life the wonderful gift of knowledge. The Britannica Discovery Library is a charming, lavishly illustrated, 12-volume set of "concepts and values" books specifically created for young learners ages 3 - 6. Children are introduced to various texts and genres, including rhymes, narratives, puzzles, jokes, non-fiction, and fiction, presented with simple text and bold graphics. Key vocabulary words are highlighted throughout and defined at the back of each volume. The set is ideal for pre-readers and early readers as each book contains activities to build thinking and comprehension skills and a glossary to build language skills. The series goes beyond the obvious to encourage true learning and integration of knowledge.
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Each volume is designed to encourage children to learn about key aspects of their world while having fun at the same time .The Britannica Discovery Library has been written to be used over several years, as children progress from being read to by others to reading independently.
Not only is every volume beautifully illustrated they also contain valuable extras to encourage learning like the Activities page at the back of volumes 1 to.11.These offer fun ways to increase children's skills and understanding. The twelfth volume is composed entirely of fun activities, puzzles, riddles and much more. Parents can also find a wealth of information on child development and ways to enhance children's learning in the Parent/Teacher page.
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