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Mark Twain RoomThis special exhibition room at the Central Library (716-858-8900) is the home of Twain's original handwritten manuscript, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Twain was an active member of the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library's predecessor, the Young Men's Association and honored the Library with the manuscript of what is viewed by many as the greatest American novel. In 1885, Twain donated the second half of Huckleberry Finn, believing the first half had been lost by a printer. In 1991, the missing portion of the manuscript was discovered in a small steamer trunk in a Los Angeles attic. It was among the possessions of James Fraser Gluck, a curator of the Buffalo Library who had requested the manuscript from Twain a century earlier. Eventually, Twain mailed the missing half of the manuscript, but Gluck, who apparently had removed it from the library to have it bound, died with it among his belongings in 1897. After gaining possession, the B&ECPL united the manuscript in 1992 for the first time in more than 100 years and showcases this cultural treasure in its Mark Twain Room. This priceless literary masterpiece is on public display in the heart of the room.

Mark Twain RoomThe Mark Twain Room also houses an antique walnut mantel from the now demolished Delaware Avenue home where Mark Twain resided during his brief newspaper career in Buffalo. A unique portrait of Twain hangs prominently above this scrupulously restored hardwood mantel. Norman Rockwell prints from a 1940 edition of Huckleberry Finn enhance the wall space on either side. Bookcases line two walls. Hundreds of Twain publications, including many first editions and many foreign languages, call these cases home. The Mark Twain Room is open during normal Central Library hours of operation.

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