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Written by Ray Detwiler   
Monday, 27 August 2007

Image Wii-volution sat down with Ryo Mito, Producer of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for the very first interview over this highly anticipated game. Almost every possible question about DBZ:BT3 is answered by Ryo himself and we'd like to thank him again for the great news! 




We'd first like to thank you for giving us the privilege of this first interview on the much anticipated Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. I've gone ahead and composed a list of questions our readers wanted to hear the most, and I appreciate the time taken to answer them. So without further adieu, onto the interview:

We’d like to thank you for being a great fan of Dragon Ball Z and our game!! We’ll answer your questions as much as possible!!

So, hows development of DBZ:BT3 coming along? Has it been smooth sailing so to speak?

The DBZ games are always a blast to work on, because of so many reasons. So far, we’re moving along just fine and are really looking forward to bringing the fans the biggest and best installment of DBZ yet.

Can you tell us what stage of development you're currently in?

We would say 90%. It’s been a really blast / crazy time over the years. But we’ll bring the product to the US market on time!!

So how about the story-line - Can we have a brief introduction to the BT3 story and will there be any story-arcs that weren't featured in the anime?

The story mode of Tenkaichi 3 will be totally different from its predecessors. The player will have a different story branch on the result of their fight or even during the battle. You may expect to see more story branching and/or even “What if” story in the story mode!!

At this point in development, roughly how many hour of game play are we looking at from start to finish?

We would say at least 60 hours for the game play.

We know there are vast improvements over DBZ:BT2, so what are the major differences between Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3?

The major differences… Just a lot!!

All the graphics and character models have been totally refined, a different story mode, and of course the number of characters and stages has been dramatically increased!

Also we’ve made big improvement on controls, especially on Wii, we’ve decided not using a pointing device, now the controller is taking the motion sensor. So the player can control their favorite characters as they like, more intuitive action!!

Another big difference is that Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Wii has an On-Line feature that allow players battle against others via on-line. On the other hand, PS2 version has a special mode what we call D.F.S (Disc Fusion System.) In that mode, the player is able to enjoy the Ultimate battle mode from the previous Tenkaichi 1 and Tenkaichi 2 on their Tenkaichi 3 game system.

How about the graphical improvements in BT3? Can you explain some of the new effect and graphics we'll see in this game?

Sure. For example, the effect of special attacks/moves has been improved. They have been drawn in more details. The attacks and moves have a shadow and it makes the movement more like original anime. Also the graphics in the game is getting more closer to the original cartoon, so the players may have experience that as they’re moving their favorite characters in the anime scene!

Can you describe some of the new changes to the fighting system, and in particular how character transformations according to the moon affect the players look and fighting techniques?

Speed and battle tempo!!!

Also in the previous game, the character could transform to the other forms in any places.

If the character is a Saiyan, he/she needs to have a full moon to transform to Giant Ape. In this game, in order for Saiyan to transform to Giant Ape the battle field has to be at night time!! The transformation system will imitate the original anime series.

Will transformations play a bigger role in battling than in BT2?

We’ve made adjustments to how transformations will happen in the game, as well as how each character’s fight adjusts as a result. We think fans will be pleased with the additions.

Has any changes been made to the level up system? In BT2 the highest power level per each character was lvl 160, will this be the same level cap for Budokai Tenkaichi 3?

In this game, the character does not level up. Instead, we’ll have a totally new system called “Z Point.” This is the point the player receives, and it tells player the number of items that the character can carry. If you get more Z Point, you’ll be able to carry more Z-Items so that the power of the character increases.

We're all very interested in the new fighting techniques mentioned. Can you describe your favorite or most spectacular methods of pummeling the enemy in BT3?

I like to beat up enemies by using speed / powerful combo with GT Goku.

He is the strongest character in the original anime, so he does in the game.

Will fusion see any new changes? Such as new character fusions, or different methods?

Yes. There will be a lot more fusion characters, and some of the fusion you can’t see in the original cartoon/ anime. Please enjoy!

Will there be any new game play modes that weren't available in BT2?

Definitely!! For example, the Wii version will have On-Line battle system!!


Is it true that there will be three completely new characters that we've never seen before? If so, would you mind sharing any with us?

Actually there will be more than three!! For any additional new character reveals, please go visit www.atari.com

Will the giant characters(Great Aes, Hildeegrn, Jannempa, etc.) be faster or have more combo's than BT2?

Yes. You will see the changes!!

Can you give us a glimpse on some of the new stages that will be available in BT3?

Desert stages! All the stages are from original cartoon, and you may enjoy just fining the secret obstacles or building in the stages. Lookfor Yamccha’s hiding place!!!

Will the stages be any larger than the ones contained in BT2 and to what extent will players be able to interact with the environment?

The size of the battle stages will be the same as BT2 battle stages. However the graphics will be more detailed.

How destructible will the environments be in Dragon Bal Z: Buddkai Tenkaaichi 3?

Of course there will be destructible environments in the stages. They make your battle even more exciting!!

Some of our viewers were wondering if there would be some type of character creation system, do you have plans for this in BT3? 

Yes. We’ll have “Z Point” system. By gathering Z Point through the battle, the number of Z-Item that can be worm increases. It’s part of character creation!

Our most asked question by nearly every single person who submitted interview questions was about online play. What, if any, online features will we see? Will there be multipllayer, or some type of rankings system in the new BT3?

Yes. The On Line battle system will be feature onn Wii version. The player will be able to battle othersvia WWi-Fi connection.

Again we'd like to thank NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., Spike, and Atari for making this interview possible, and we look forward to hearing more about this exciting installment of Dragon Ball Z.

It’s my pleasure to answer your questions! Please wait for another 2 months and see how good the game is!!


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