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Dynojet Data-Link Module
Dealer Notice - New Product Release Dynojet is pleased to announce the release of the Dynojet Data-Link Module for Automotive OBDII Applications.
Posted by Elisa Faustrum, Wed, Jun. 13th, 2007 - 1,381 views

Truth in Power!

Dynojet Research is pleased to announce a revolutionary tool that is a "must have" for anyone tuning modern fuel injected vehicles. This new device, named the "DJ-DLM", provides real time data from the OBD2 port on all 1996 and newer vehicles. This data is a available to be viewed live in the dynamometer software, WinPEP 7, and is also recorded into the dyno run. Imagine being able to review OBD2 data, such as spark advance, throttle position, engine coolant temperatures, inlet air temperature, calculated load, and numerous other parameters right along side your dyno results.

Dynojet Research is known for its ultra consistent and repeatable line of chassis dynos, and now with the DJ-DLM, consistency will be brought to a new level. No need to guess if the torque converter is locked, or if the ECM is retarding timing. The OBD2 data from the DJ-DLM is monitored, recorded, and able to be reviewed with a few mouse clicks. This innovative feature is a great value and further solidifies Dynojet as the leader in chassis dynamometer technology.

Ask your Dynojet dyno center if they have the ability to provide “Truth in Power”.

Contact Information:

Dynojet Research, Inc.
2191 Mendenhall Dr. Suite 105
North Las Vegas, NV 89081




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