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A Day With Belladonna (Part 1)

Published: June 8, 2007

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[Editor's Note: This article is, at times, pretty explicit. We warn you that, if you're a Moral Majority cardholder, Family Values Freak or conservative Biblebelt resident, you may not want to read on. In fact, you may want to read something safer like, say, the reviews that were released prior to this fascinating story. Please direct your comments to me at if you feel you must. You've been warned! Now read on and enjoy!]

Pornography (por-nog-ra-phy) : films, magazines, writings, photographs, or other materials that are sexually explicit and intended to cause sexual arousal.

-World English Dictionary

What I won't do for The 213. Since having joined the site and very popular magazine, I've been watching with great interest just what you, the readers of The 213, are most interested in. And while the results vary, from reviews to on-set visits, it's surprisingly not scoops like the exclusive interview with recluse horror Director Frank Henenlotter or the breaking of the story of two filmmakers who decided to document their film festival experiences by making a documentary on the hush/hush world of buying and selling movies (although both stories have done some incredible numbers!) that are your ultimate favorite. No, it's the candid interview by The 213 founder Peter Sanchez (I humbly bow sir!) with salacious porn star Jesse Jane back in October of 2006 that has continually been number one with you guys. So with my badly competitive nature (and my burning need to be number one!), it got me thinking - what kind of piece could I write that would be a more dynamic and interesting for all you rabid adult film fans? And that's when it hit me - the idea to end all other ideas, something that I would definitely want to read. The idea? What would it be like to spend an entire day, like a fly on the wall, with a porn star? And I'm not just talking a Q&A, but being on-set (it is still a movie, all be it an adult one!) and hanging together side by side; doing everyday stuff no one ever gets to see. The idea was novel, but I needed someone worthy to fit the bill. I had two very distinctive ladies over the course of my life that I personally watched and adored (hey, I may be a movie critic, but I'm still a guy!), the first being the legendary Ginger Lynn Allen, who was a well-known goddess in her heyday, but isn't as high-profile today. (Though still smoking hot!) So the other choice was it; a stunningly beautiful vixen who I had watched since early in her career and whom I'd always had a big crush on. (Not to mention someone whom I would give my right arm to spend an entire day with!) So I set out to make it happen and after some negotiation, I got my wish. So here it is folks, the story you've been asking and waiting for - power to the people and the people at The 213 have spoken. I'm going to take you inside the secretive world you've only heard about, into the life of a gal you've only dreamed about. Come with me as I (the average guy) hang out for an entire day (which actually turned out to be two, but for the sake of keeping a cool timeline, let's suspend disbelief!) with one of the hottest starlets to ever hit the adult film scene and my personal favorite lady on film - welcome to...


9:00AM - On My Way

Today is going to be an interesting day because after watching her videos for many years, today I get to watch another scene with porn star Belladonna, but this time it will be person. I'm driving to her house (of which, of course, I won't divulge the location of - too bad you bastards!) where she both lives and shoots all her current films under her production company Belladonna Entertainment exclusively distributed by Evil Angel. First off, let's get the basic stats that most fans already know out of the way: Belladonna, aka Michelle Anne Sinclair was born on May 21, 1981 in Biloxi Mississippi. She grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah in a very Mormon household with seven siblings. In January of 2003, Bella gained notoriety after being featured in a Diane Sawyer segment for ABC's Primetime Thursday about Pornography. During the interview, she broke down in tears, but later condemned the segment saying that she had been portrayed as a victim and that the piece was edited to convey the misleading impression that she had been forced to perform against her will. (And let me tell you first hand, after seeing her in action, she loves doing this job!) Bella has been linked romantically with many different porn actors, from Rocco to Nacho Vidal, the latter whom she was formerly engaged. But on April 11 of 2004, the free-loving Bella decided to do something even more daring - settle down. She married Aiden Kelly in a Vegas ceremony and the two have been making films (with her performing and him directing and editing) together ever since. In fact, it was Aiden that I ultimately had to convince about doing this story, but it all worked out. Anyway back in the car, I'm really driving slowly and I'm both anxious and nervous - what would this day hold for me? What would Bella really be like in person? And more importantly, what was it going to be like to watch a sex scene being shot right in front of me. My imagination is running wild as I pull up to the address on my notepad, get out of the car and head off into the unknown.

10:00AM - Introductions

Coming across the concrete fortress that houses Belladonna Entertainment is a little intimidating. It's a very high building with a myriad of security cameras and makes me a little nervous at first. In spite of it, I boldly step to the front door and notice a sign that reads ”Please take your shoes off” - something that I will come to learn is very much a personality trait of the prolific adult star. I enter and am greeted by Belladonna's husband and business partner Aiden Kelly (who is faithfully wearing a grey Belladonna T-shirt!), a very unassuming regular looking guy. We exchange pleasantries and then he leads me up a spiral of stairs four floors up to her - Belladonna herself. From the stigma of her persona in various porn films (okay, I've seen a few!), I was most certainly expecting to meet a tough-as-nails, no nonsense chick. However, the beautiful woman before me is quiet the opposite - a very calm, smiling, and engaging lady with an undeniable charisma. She's dressed very sexy, but casual, wearing a pink shirt with pink pants and sporting short hair. It's a little surreal meeting her in person (she's as stunning as ever!), as I have on occasion admired her work in the privacy of my own home, but I'm determined to get to know the real person behind all the myths. Plus I'm here to observe and report, so I nestle in and prepare myself for a day where anything can happen and it certainly does, but not necessarily what you'd expect.

11:00AM - Getting Ready

I don't know why I was surprised, but there's a make-up artist named Josef on-set and from the looks of all his equipment, he's a professional. The room where he is located is very relaxing, complete with candles and an iPod playing soothing music. I meet Bella's partner in the scene today, the lovely and uber-sexy August (wearing a very sultry pink jumpsuit), who herself has been in the business for about six years. I follow Bella into the bathroom (no, it's not that kind of session folks!) and we converse a little as she gets ready. We talk about her recent tattoo, a very large one of Aphrodite, her love of all things organic (much more on that later!), and her recent trip to get molds made of her vagina (”I'm so excited!”) for a new line of Belladonna sex toys. But what really strikes me just how down-to-earth she is, the exact opposite of the impression most people have about her and how at ease she makes me feel. And I must say that I really found myself at times captivated by her magnetism - like Charlie Brown admiring The Little Red-Haired Girl. Bella brushes her teeth and cleans her tongue in a labor-intensive way that I've never seen before, complete with no less then 3 different brushes - this girl is serious about being clean! The rest of the grooming and cleaning process I wasn't privy to (hey, the girl has to have some friggin' privacy!), but she did show me the razor she uses which is made from...yogurt! (It's just so Bella!) Today's scene is for a tights/stocking fetish video, so the girls are trying on various outfits that Bella has gotten, which are inspired by various style magazines she's read - heavy purples, heavy blues and heavy hotness. (Can you tell I'm a little excited!) After picking their outfits, with Bella wearing purple leggings (with pink toenail polish for all you feet fetish folks!) and a blue string top and August wearing blue leggings and a purple top (and both wearing clear four inch heels!), it's time for make-up. Josef applies some very basic but very effective colors (Bella claims she loves the regular makeup man because he “doesn't put a mask on your face!”) that make the dynamic duo look even tastier - it's almost time to roll film.

12:00 PM - The Shoot

Gonzo (gon-zo) : From Hunter S Thompson's self-described style of subject journalism referring to the style in which porno's are made, not the kind of sex they offer.

-The Big Book of Porn

So after cleaning various sex toys (some very large like-colored pink and purple dildos from Doc Johnson Novelties), the two are all fired up and ready to start. (And they're not the only ones!) Aiden, who is behind the camera, explains that they shoot gonzo style, not a lot of stopping and starting, but a much more natural feel so the two girls can be fully turned on. (”I'm like a man!” states Bella about her excitement about having sex today) The shoot starts with a brief Q&A on a couch, where Bella is asking August some very hot personal questions and the girls talk on camera about what they like and don't like. It's very relaxed and sexy, but I can't help noticing just what a good looking woman Bella is (I would even say that she has a kind of grace about her at times!), plus I notice that she keeps touching August with anticipation - she really is like a guy! August gives Bella a lap dance (she's got an amazing ass!) and the two are fully ready to get crazy. The shooting stops and we move upstairs to a room with a different purple couch and not much else. Aiden takes some photos of both girls in various positions (hubba, hubba!) and when Bella gives the camera and me (most likely inadvertently!) the sexy eye, I start to feel my bashful side come out. (Hey, it's my first time, okay?!) After finally posing together, Josef applies the last bits of touch up make-up and the two are ready to get started. (It's gonna get graphic here folks, after all you really wanted to know everything, so be advised!) Aiden starts the camera, which sports a very large fish-eyed lens and away we go. Climbing up the stairs on all fours with August in front of her, Bella goes right for August's ass. She buries her face deep inside licking and spanking August until her cheeks are crimson red. She rips the tights for easier access and August moans with pleasure. They move up to the couch where the two girls kiss (which I think is really hot!) and Bella begins to explore August's luscious breasts, taking one completely in her mouth. August then takes a seat on Bella's face, and the two mutually masturbate, writhing in ecstasy. (This is getting intense!) Then Bella heads for the toy table and grabs a pink number and after rubbing it down with Kiwi Root Lube (all natural, of course!), goes back to August. (Aiden flashes me a grin!) It's funny, but I suddenly think of the Sam Kinison story where he said that he learned so much by just watching two women have sex - I couldn't agree more, Sam, and believe me brother, I'm taking notes! Bella uses the freshly lubed dildo to explore the welcoming August, first taking it in her mouth very seductively, then using it to penetrate. (Is it getting hot in here or is it just them?!) The session is disrupted by a badly timed tape change, which to his credit is the only time Aiden really stops the shoot. One thing is for sure, Bella is fully into all this and all the myths about it just being a job are bullshit. So back to the action, August goes and gets a penis-pump style dildo that can expand when the small handle bag that's attached is squeezed. She does some initial foreplay with it, before inserting it and blowing it up. Let me tell you, I've never seen anything like this! The pump is being pulled out of Bella and it's the size of a small balloon! Holy shit! The genuine moaning and screaming I'm hearing is no act, this is really real! August then gets one of the biggest, thickest dildo's I've ever seen and Bella takes it all orally, vaginally and anally. At one point August holds the dildo down, so Bella can fuck it, but eventually the controlling Bella takes matters into her own hands. Eventually the two move on to the final toy - a purple double sided dildo that's so long, it can fit both women ass to ass, at the same time...and it does! (WOW!) The two girls take turns bumping ass and vagina, riding and sliding, in one hot heated climax that leaves me stunned and really turned on. And after a little more oral, in a sitting on the face fetish that Bella calls smothering, the two look both satisfied and exhausted and they're not the only ones. Just another day at the office, huh?

So after all that, what could possibly be next? And would it top what I just experienced? (Just you wait!) Stay tuned folks, for even more intimate time with the lovely Belladonna, including my trip with Bella in her very own “Belladonna mobile” and a must-read Q & A with the revealing gal in her own words you don't want to miss in part two...

(I'll give you a teaser - here's some fast-answer style questions to wet your appetite!)

(213): Spit or swallow?

Bella: (Smiles) Swallow!

(213): Oral sex, giving or receiving?

Bella: (in a high singing voice) Giving!

(213): Anal or oral?

Bella: That's so hard!

(213): These have to be quick answers!

Bella: Quick answers? On a guy or just in general?

(213): In general!

Bella: (smiles in frustration) It can't be quick!

(213): (Laughing) Well, that's your answer!

Bella: (Laughs) That's an answer?!

(213): Longer or wider?

Bella: Wider!

(213): Best Feature?

Bella: My Personality.

(213): Worst Feature?

Bella: My stubbornness.

(213): Shave or Wax?

Bella: Shave (laughs), but I'd prefer to wax!

(213): Making love or fucking?

Bella: That depends on the mood! (Laughs)

(213): Moaning or talking dirty?

Bella: Talking dirty.

(213): Top or bottom?

Bella: Bottom.

(213): Fingers or toys?

Bella: Both!

(213): Tossing salad or having your salad tossed? I really feel creepy asking this one!

Bella: Don't! I don't mind! Depends on the person! (Laughs)

Watch out for Part Two of this awesome interview with Belladonna! Coming soon.

Belladonna's Website:

Belladonna's MySpace Page: enterbelladonna

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