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Moshi community wants Mangi Meli\’s skull returned
2005-10-18 07:13:45
By Adam Ihucha.

Calls for late Mangi Meli Kiusa bin Rindi Makindara’s ’head’ to be returned back to Tanzania has resurfaced with a cross section of old Moshi residents in Kilimanjaro Region, where the late hero hailed from, asking President Benjamin Mkapa to intervene.

The residents are appealing to the president to publicly hand over the responsibility of bringing the skull back home before he leaves the State House next month, to his successor.

The German colonial ruler in early 20C hanged late Chief Mangi and he is considered as a hero for standing against the colonisers.

He was brutally killed by colonial soldiers, his head chopped off and taken to Germany.

Interviewed members of Old Moshi community, where the First Lady, Mama Anna Mkapa hails from said Mkapa should publicly bestow the responsibility to bring back Mangi’s skull to his successor.

’The skull should be brought back. We should not get tired until the skull is brought back as it is of historical significance,’ said Elisaria Maleto.

Mangi Meli’s grandson, Isaria Anael Meli, said members of Old Moshi community have severally attempted to follow up the repatriation of the skull since 1968 but it has all been in vain.

In 2000, he said, the community submitted a request to the Moshi District authorities demanding the skull brought back to Tanzania.

The demand was handed over to German embassy in Dar es Salaam, he said.

Former German ambassador, Dr Enno Barker responded to them saying his government had searched for the skull in their entire museums with no success.

Recently, Tumaini Hill, the periodic magazine published by �Tumaini University College, Iringa campus reported the skull could be traced in Bremen Museum.

The paper claimed Bremen Museum has more than 200 skulls amassed from German war around the world, with About 85 skulls originating from East Africa.

’Perhaps this information could help people in Moshi who are not comfortable with the reactions that the skull of their chief could not be found in the German museums,’concluded the magazine.

’The skull of our Mangi should be brought back to Tanzania as we believe it is somewhere in a German museum,’ said Isaria Anael Meli, another of his grandson.

  • SOURCE: Guardian
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