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Jean Pascal
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Francisco Figueroa vs Efren Hinojosa 
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Written by Shar Sims   
Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Interview and all photos by Mary Ann Owen

Nonito Donaire (16-1,9 KOs) a 23 year old Super Flyweight (115lbs) brings exciting fights to the lighter weight division. Nonito is a non stop fighter who not only fights with his head but with his heart. He is ready to take on the Flyweight division.
Nonito Donaire did a one on one interview with Mary Ann Owen after he retained his NABF title with a unanimous decision win over 60 fight veteran Oscar Andrade last Saturday.

BILV: What is your amateur background &  Record?
ND: My record consist of 68 wins, 8 losses and 5 TKO wins. I fought most of my fights in the junior division, but most of them in a tournament competition.
BILV:  Did you win any amateur titles, If so what titles?
ND :  I won a few small tournaments and invitational tournaments like the Blue and Gold. I won 3 national tournaments. The National Silver Gloves in 1998, The National and International Junior Olympic in 1999 and The National USA tournament in 2000
BILV:  What inspired you to turn Professional?
ND: I wanted to turn pro right after realizing how favoritism and politics played in amateur boxing. At 17 years old I like the thoughts of earning money for fights instead of trophies.
BILV:  Is there a professional Boxer that you admire that inspires your  boxing career?
ND : When I started boxing my dad wanted me to fight like Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali. Stick and move style. During those times I read their biography and learned how difficult life was for them, but they manage to make it to the top and along that way helped a lot of people. I wanna be able to help my parents.

nonito vs andrade.jpg

BILV :  How would you describe your boxing style?
ND : I rely on my speed and reflexes so I'm more of a counter puncher, but I can do any style depending on how my opponents fight.
BILV:  What happened in your second fight against Rosendo Sanchez resulting in your only loss as a pro on March 10, 2001?
ND: In that fight I was fighting someone who fought at 122-126 while I fought at 108-115 and it was my first experience injuring my hand. I didn't fight hard enough and smart enough for that fight.
BILV: In view of the problems fighters have had making weight recently, Do you feel you will go up in weight in the near future?
ND: Maybe not in a few years. I started fighting at 18 but my real weight was 108-112, but I was fighting guys at my walking weight at 118. So far I haven't had any trouble making weight, but I am gaining more pounds during my rest after fights.
BILV: You fought Oscar Andrade 10-07-2006 who had 61fights (35-25-1, 18 KOs) Did you feel that this was a  much harder fight than others you have had in the past?
andrade down.jpg

ND: Yeah it was my toughest fight so far. Andrade is a very experience fighter he knows what to do in that ring, and this is my first time going 12 rounds. Andrade still gave me a war not to mention my first cut although it was a headbutt even after dropping and hurting him so many times. He just kept coming forward.

BILV: I have heard that a young fighter (like yourself) is not as strong as a fighter that is in their thirties, a boy's strength matched to a man's strength. Do you find any truth in this statement?
ND: There's some truth in that, but even at 18 I was dropping and knocking guys out who were 28 and up. Mike Tyson is an example he was 18 when the whole world heard of him. It helps to have a more mature body to be a lot stronger but knowing how to throw a strong punch is more important. I mean there are so many older guys out there that does not have any  power, but they are more durable.
BILV:  Has your father Nonito Sr. always trained  you?
ND: Since day 1 my father had taught me everything I know about boxing.

BILV: How does a father/Son relationship work for you in  Boxing?
 ND : Just like life it has its ups and downs, but one thing that we have in the corner is trust and care.

BILV: What's ahead for Nonito Donaire Jr in the future?
ND: God willing and everything goes well, hopefully by next year I'll get my shot at a world title fight. For now I will rest my hand my body and when next year comes I'll be at a 100%

by Mary Ann Owen
photos by  Mary Ann Owen

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