History of Guy's and St Thomas' Charity

The Charity’s original endowments came from Edward VI, who re-established St Thomas’ Hospital in 1553 after it had been closed by his father because of its religious associations during the Reformation. Two centuries later in 1721, Thomas Guy a bible seller, MP and governor of St Thomas’, funded the building of Guy’s Hospital. Guy died before the building was complete but left one third of his estate to the hospital.

As voluntary hospitals, Guy’s and St Thomas’ relied on donations. When the NHS was created in 1948, health services were funded by the government, but charitable donations continued to support the work of the hospitals.

These donations were managed by the separate Special Trustees of Guy’s Hospital and St Thomas’ Hospital. In 1993 the two hospitals merged under one NHS Trust and subsequently the two separate charitable funds were joined to form Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charitable Foundation.

When Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital NHS Trust achieved Foundation Trust status in 2004, the Trustees decided to change the name to Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity from January 2005.

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