Angelic Layer
Episodical Battle Strategy Data
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Battle 03 – Who Are You? Misaki’s Nervous Lesson

Encouraged by her victory in the previous Angelic Layer battle, Misaki asks Tamayo to teach her more of her martial
arts skills. As Tamayo goes on about her fighting prowess, Kotaro interjects, complaining about being used as
Tamayo’s test dummy for all of her new moves for the past eight years. Elsewhere, Icchan is plotting to further
Misaki’s Angelic Layer career, and demands that Ogata get her an Angel Card by the end of the day so that Misaki
can compete in the official games. He reluctantly agrees, while eating spaghetti through his nose.

Once school lets out, a wiggly Icchan comes to greet Misaki and give her today’s lesson in controlling Hikaru. After explaining the basics of how the Angels are controlled, Icchan then teaches Misaki his special practice technique. Firing up the music, Icchan begins to boogie and tells Misaki to have Hikaru follow the dance routine timed to the music. Icchan disappears, and while Misaki is bewildered by the practice technique, she goes to run through the routine again, only to be joined by the expert Deus, Ohjiro, who offers to help her practice. Once she gets the routine down, and Ohjiro parts ways with her, a rude girl named Kyoko steps up and challenges Misaki to an Angelic Layer duel. Can Misaki and Hikaru overcome Kyoko’s underhanded tactics and win the fight?

Fun Facts
  • The Piffle Princess is where a lot of the action unfolds during Angelic Layer. As the Angelic Layer Development Team's base, it is one of the premier locations for all things Angelic Layer! This store has also been featured in other CLAMP titles, such as Card Captor Sakura, being the place Sakura and her friends go to buy toys. The Piffle Princess has also shown up in CLAMP's X series, as well.
  • The name of the school which Misaki and her friends attend is called Eriol Academy. This is possibly a reference to the character of Eriol in Card Captor Sakura.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Ohjiro was not born in the Kansai region, but in Tokyo. Therefore, he does not have a Kansai accent.
  • Ebisu - This is the area where Misaki lives in Tokyo. It is located near the Yoyogi and Shibuya district, which is famous for street bands and various forms of entertainment for teens and young adults.
  • In this episode, Icchan sings the theme song to Card Captor Sakura, "Catch you, Catch me"!
  • Yuri Shiratori, the Japanese seiyuu of Hatoko, is also the voice for Mokona and Primera in Magic Knight Rayearth.
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