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Contemporary Music Grant Results

Now in its fifth year, the Contemporary Music Program contributes to the continuing growth of a dynamic, unique and lucrative contemporary music industry. Since September 2002 over 310 grants have been awarded in the categories of Commercial Development, Production, Touring, Mentorship and Skills Development and Quick Response. The State Government has committed $850,000 per annum until 2009 towards the Contemporary Music Program.

March 2007 Results

29/ 53 applications supported to a total of $304,213

 (Total amount requested: $589,693)


Commercial Development


5 / 13 applications supported to a total of $110,868

(Total amount requested: $176,971)


Goolarri Media Enterprises  $29,284

Staging of the Kimberley Indigenous Performing Arts Showcase on April 21st 2007 combining established and emerging Kimberley Indigenous Performers. The showcase is now in its third year and is staged at the Goolarri Outdoor Venue in Broome. The performers include Tahnee Carrie, Mervyn Mulardy, Lorrae Coffin, Fitzroy Xpress, Jessica Mauboy and the Wagadagam Tradional Dancers.

Tetrafide Percussion   $15,500

Tetrafide Percussion will be working with publicist Sue Scrutton and Austrade to develop and implement a marketing campaign to consolidate their position in the broader Australian market and to promote their work in the Asian and US markets. Tetrafide will be launching a new live DVD for commercial release, celebrating 10 years of Tetrafide, one of Australia’s top percussion groups.

Connie Kis Anderson  $9,364

Connie Kis Anderson will undertake a twelve month national marketing and promotional campaign to promote her second full-length album Once Again – due out in April 2007. Connie was named ‘Best Country Music Female Vocal 2006 – Western Australia’ and had a charted hit for eight weeks on the Australian Top 30 Country Music tracks in 2006. In just over 18 months, Connie has visited Nashville on four separate occasions to record, perform and carry out business. She performed at the world famous Nashville Palace in 2006 with a return invitation in 2007.

Arts Radio Ltd (RTRFM) $23,600

Partial funding of the third year of RTRFM’s Local Music Producer project to increase the amount of WA content (such as airplay, interviews, gig guides and news) discussed on RTRFM. The Local Music Producer is responsible for sourcing more local music across all genres, distributing this to the local station’s presenters, keeping all presenters informed about what is happening in the local music scenes and coordinating all local music interviews. An essential part of the role is to source local indigenous music.

Carnarvon Festival Committee  $13,890

The Carnarvon Festival Committee plan to support and encourage local bands and musicians from across the region, in a professional capacity, to promote local originality and the unique sound of the Gascoyne. The Festival will organize and run a stage for local and visiting professional performers at the 2007 Extreme Festival in Carnarvon. The local bands/artists involved include Wandree Band, Ken Young, Ashleigh Rodier, 5 Feet Short and Time Enough.


Mentoring and Skills Development

 2 / 4  applications supported to a total of $14,975

(Total amount requested: $42,609)

City of Albany (Recipe for Jam) $10,125

Recipe for Jam is now in its third year and delivers a strong supportive environment for the growth of regional music culture in Albany and surrounding communities. Recipe for Jam is a 10-day residential, held at the Vancouver Arts Centre, with a high focus on music professional development delivered through a workshop intensive program.

Ronni Rae Rivers  $4,850

Country artist, Ronnie Rae Rivers will be undertaking songwriting development sessions in the US with highly acclaimed songwriting professionals in Los Angeles and Nashville who have a proven track record with writing hit songs. The mentors include Frank J Myers, Donny Kees, Gayle Richardson, Gary Floyd, Yvonne Perea, Robert Parlee, Jeffrey Casey, Jannel Rap and Byron Hill.



7 / 16 applications supported to a total of $54,650

(Total amount requested: $195,424)

Felicity Groom

Felicity Groom is a folk/country singer/songwriter who plans to record, mix, master and promote an EP of original songs. Felicity has toured the UK and Europe on numerous occasions and has supported Lisa Loeb in Dublin and Paris. The recording will be done with Simon Struthers and the mastering will be carried out in Phoenix Arizona with Roger Siebel. The CD launch will be held at the Bakery in Perth.

Faith in Plastics  $3,473

Faith in Plastics will mix, master, press and launch their second EP. Faith in Plastics is a four piece band and their sound is a blend of alternative pop with elements of rock.  The EP will be released nationally through QStick Records and MGM Distribution. Their second EP follows on from their successful debut EP The Arctic Market.

The Jayco Brothers  $10,000

Alternative country Americana band, The Jayco Brothers will be undertaking a professional recording session to be used as a full length album. The album will be a follow up to their highly successful debut EP release Asbestos Fibro. The album will be recorded at Kingdom Studio and launched at the Rosemount Hotel.

Bobby Blackbird and the Bluejays $10,000

Bobby Blackbird and the Bluejays to record, mix and master a full-length album of original music to follow on from their debut release, The Heavy Heavy EP. The album will be recorded at Loop Studios, released through Cardboard City Records and distributed by Creative Vibes and Timewarp distribution.

Madhuro  $8,500

Singer/songwriter and composer,Madhuro will record and release his third full length album both nationally and internationally. His music has been described as ambient, new age and relaxing and he has sold over 3,000 copies of his previous two albums. The CD will be launched at the Miasto Institute in Italy.

ElectricKoraLand  $7,992

ElectricKoraLand will record, mix, master and press their second CD featuring original instrumental material. The CD will also feature a collaborate work with embedded visuals by VJzoo in order to assist sales and appeal to a wider demographic. ElectricKoraLand are a largely instrumental trio who blend the West African Harp (kora), mbira (Shona thumb piano), cello, various electro, acoustic and tuned percussion plus vocals. The CD will be recorded and mixed with Peter Grandison at Shanghai Twang Studios and mastered by James Hewgill.

Abbe May $8,985

Abbe May will be recording a follow up album to her well received and critically acclaimed tour album Abbe Fuzz and the Rockin’ Pneumonia. The album will be produced by Dave Parkin at Blackbird Sound Studios. Abbe May is the front woman for West Australian rock and rollers, The Fuzz. Her solo material sound is primarily rhythm and blues and she has been charming audiences all over Oz when she supported Little Birdy on their national tour in late 2006.



15 / 20 applications supported to a total of $123,720

(Total amount requested: $174,689)

YouthAlive $3,303

One of WA’s most popular gospel rock bands, YouthAlive will headline two youth festivals in Singapore (Radical ‘07) and Malaysia in May 2007. YouthAlive has been consistantly headlining events to over 8000 teenagers in recent years and have sold over 3,000 copies of their album in the past 6 months.

Double Entendre $8,541

Fremantle gypsy-rock band, Double Entendre will be embarking on a rural and remote WA and Northern Territory tour to promote their debut EP. The band has rapidly created a buzz and gained a dedicated following around Perth and south-west WA. They have recently won the WAMi award for Best World Music Act.

SleeperX  $5,890

SleeperX will tour Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to promote their debut album to new audiences and promoters while strengthening audiences already developed from previous touring. SleeperX’s music shifts from tribal rhythms to scat-metal, from convulsive break beats to sweeping noise-scapes.

Wise Family Band $20,786

Contemporary folk musicians, The Wise Family band will be undertaking a four week intensive tour of Ireland and the USA. The Wise Family Band will tour Ireland in support of Andy Irvine, one of Ireland’s most popular musicians. The family’s solid 5-part harmony singing along with fiddles, ukulele, bass, harmonica, mandolin and guitars always elicits a great audience response.

Veeva Feeva  $10,433

Veeva Feeva will conduct an extensive 18 day tour of the East Coast of Australia to promote their EP Free as a Devil and perform at the Ripcurl Bells Beach Music Festival in Torquay, Victoria. Veeva Feeva infuse a dynamic mix of genres from groovy funk to reggae with charismatic live performances. This tour follows on from a successful South African showcase tour in 2006.

Chaos Divine $4,260

Metal act, Chaos Divine will undertake an east coast tour to promote their debut album Ratio. The tour will include shows in Adelaide, Melbourne, Wyong, Newcastle and Sydney. The band’s CD was voted the second best Australian metal release of 2006 on Triple J’s metal show ‘Full Metal Racket’. Chaos Divine supported Fear Factory (USA) and Dark Tranquillity (Sweden) on their 2006 east coast tours.

Maximum Perversion $5,021

Four piece extreme metal band, Maximum Perversion will be undertaking an East Coast tour as part of the Grindhead Records Showcase. The band have been playing its unique brand of heavy rock for over 10 years and in 2003 they signed to Sydney-based label, Grindhead Records who have been successfully distributing the bands music and merchandise through international distro and mail order.

Joel Smoker and the Red Dirt Band $7,500

Joel Smoker and the Red Dirt Band will be undertaking a concert tour of the Pilbara, taking in five towns in July 2007. Joel will be promoting his latest CD release Smile and also selling his previous four recordings.

The Sure Fire Midnights  $5,132

The Sure Fire Midnights will tour Melbourne and Sydney to coincide with the launch of their second album Treat Me Mean. The Sure Fire Midnights sound is heavily influenced by AC/DC and with guitar riffs powering each song, they are faithful to their influences of late 70s rock’n’roll. This will be the first east coast tour for the band.

Natalie Ripepi $7,324

Singer/songwriter Nat Ripepi will undertake a solo tour of the UK and Ireland to promote her second CD release. Nat Ripepi has been a professional musician in Perth since 1995. She has a strong following in the UK after gigging solidly throughout England and Ireland on numerous self funded tours.

Abe Sada $7,574

Experimental four piece noise bass band Abe Sada will undertake a promotional tour to Japan in June/July 2007. The tour features three shows in Tokyo as well as gigs in Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya. They will be performing as part of the Creative Music improvised music festival. Abe Sada will be promoting their album due out in May 2007.

The Homicides $3,500

Punk band, The Homicides will undertake a tour of Sydney and Wollongong in May 2007 to further promote their fourth release and introduce the band to venues, promoters, record labels and a new audience in NSW. This tour is a follow up from their Victorian tour and performance at the Wasted Festival in 2006.


The Chevelles and Gigantic $24,380

Power pop bands, The Chevelles and Gigantic will be undertaking a month long promotional tour of Europe including Spain, France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands and Sweden in September/October 2007. The tour will be titled The ‘West Aussie Power Pop Assault’ and is in support of their album releases in Europe.

Antistatic $6,884

Rock act, Antistatic will undertake a national tour to promote their two EP’s Still Life Portrait and Stand Up In Disguise. Both EP’s have been released nationally through Sic Squared Records. This headlining tour will follow up from Antistatic’s successful national tour with fellow WA band Karnivool and Blindspot (NZ) in 2006.




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