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Legend Profile: Don Kent PDF Print E-mail

Though he spent some time as an "Australian" when he teamed with Al Costello as part of the Kangaroos, Don Kent was actually from Indiana. Though he spent the bulk of his career in the Ohio-Michigan area, feuding with Jay Strongbow, Dominic DeNucci, Fred Curry, Ben Justice, Stomper Mitchell, Igor, and the like, he had an earlier run in Arizona as a sadistic heel of the most vile order.

It was in the 1960s that Kent, then an obscure rulebreaker in his pre-Kangaroo days, came west, being allowed to finally show what he was truly capable of thanks to a cooperative Phoenix promoter. he became top villain at the Phoenix Madison Square Garden, after mauling through a number of undercard guys, whom he left bloody and pounded in his drive to the main events.

He did a lengthy series of matches with Frankie Cain, who would later become known as The Great Maphisto. It was when he was pitted against Tito Montez, however, that he truly peaked as a bad guy. The two met in every match known to mankind, or so it seemed, as they filled the Garden week after week, with Kent always winning on some type of illegal ending. They met in chain bouts, death bouts, falls count anywhere bouts and finally a cage bout, where Montez gained his long-awaited revenge. With the feud reaching its head and concluding, attendance dropped by half the next week, as Montez stayed in the main events and Kent was sent back to the undercard. He left Arizona shortly after, never to return.

Montez stayed in Arizona until 1979, when he headed for Oregon. In the early 1970s, a "brother", Bulldog Jimmy Kent showed up in phoenix, feuding with Bob Yuma, Tom Ramirez and of course, Montez. While the bouts were furious, they still did not match the intensity of the Don Kent feud long before.

Don Kent died in 1993 after a long battle with cancer. He is buried in Battlecreek, Michigan.