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Reaction to RGGI
By Fred Thys

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BOSTON, Mass. - January 19, 2007 - Governor Deval Patrick's decision to commit Massachusetts to the Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is drawing a mixed response.

Environmentalists are elated. Business groups are cautiously supportive. And there's a dispute over how the move will affect consumers. WBUR's Fred Thys explains.

The audio for this story will be available on WBUR's web site after 10 a.m. on Friday.

   From The WBUR Newsroom

40 years ago, the "Impossible Dream" team clinched the AL pennant.'Impossible Dream,' 40 Years On
BOSTON, Mass. (September 28, 2007) Recollections of the "Impossible Dream" Season: As the Sox play the Twins at Fenway tonight, possibly to clinch a division title for Boston, it could be 1967 all over again.
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BOSTON, Mass. (September 27, 2007) Governor Deval Patrick talks with Bob Oakes about why he's decided casino gambling is right for Massachusetts.
Mayors Raise Casino Concerns
BOSTON (September 27, 2007) A push to put a casino in Boston may face an uphill fight in the legislature. Some Boston-area lawmakers who have supported expanded gambling in the past say they are concerned the social ills of a resort casino would be exacerbated in Boston. Now, mayors across the state are expressing their concerns as well.

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