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A Great Learning Opportunity for Software Lawyers - Upcoming GPL Seminar

I got a nice note from Daniel Ravicher, Senior Counsel to the Free Software Foundation (FSF), about what sounds like a great set of programs on the General Public License (GPL) to be held at Columbia Law School in New York City on January 20 and 21, 2004. The agenda looks great, and I�m disappointed that I won�t be able to attend. But maybe you can.

There is definitely a shortage of lawyers who are knowledgeable about the GPL, so this program offers a way for more lawyers to learn the particulars of the increasingly important GPL.

There will be two seminars on Free Software Licensing and the GNU GPL,
and a series of conversations with Professor Eben Moglen on the SCO
v. IBM lawsuit.

On January 20, the program is called "Detailed Study and Analysis of GPL and LGPL", and will offer a section-by-section explanation analysis of the GPL.

On January 21, the program is called "GPL Compliance Case Studies and Legal Ethics in Free Software Licensing" will discuss the details of a few different GPL compliance cases and cover the ethical considerations for attorneys who represent clients that make, use, or sell Free Software products.

Professor Eben Moglen will lead two lunch sessions on the SCO v. IBM lawsuit and SCO's attacks on Free Software, and their implications for the development and use of Free Software.

More details about these events are available at

This program looks like a fantastic opportunity to learn about the GPL and related legal issues from the best inside sources. Lawyers who work with the GPL or expect to do so in the future should definitely see if they can work this one into their schedules.

I keep a web page of resources on Open Source and Free Software licensing legal issues at I'll also have a new article on the Open Source licenses appearing soon in the Journal of Internet Law.

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