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USS Enterprise 1969 Fire

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Shot List

1) LA-MLS Overall view of the ship's island structure with activity shown on the flight deck; A-4F is towed into scene from left, moving aft on the flight deck. G 2) MS Number 65 on lower section of the island. VG 3) CU LT. MICHAEL L. MCGRAW walking from the island in flight gear; PAN around to right, LT. MCGRAW leaves the scene as he walks behind a/c. G 4) CU PAN to right of LT. MCGRAW walking past the camera; A-4F is parked in MBG. G 5) CU LT. MCGRAW pre-flight checking his A-4F SKYHAWK. (SV) 6) ECU Front view, four 5" rockets in rocket pod under the wing. G 7) HA-CU Looking down over the face of LT. MCGRAW as he pre-flight checks his a/c. G 8) CU Rear view, LT. MCGRAW pre- flight checking a/c; Plane Captain is off to the left. G 9) LA- CU LT. MCGRAW climbing up ladder to check the air intake on port side. G 10) LA-CU LT. MCGRAW climbing into cockpit of A-4F. G 11) ECU LT. MCGRAW securing his shoulder harness with help of the Plane Captain. G 12) LA-CU LT. MCGRAW donning his helmet and lowering canopy. G 13) CU VA-113 insignia on side of a/c, a Bumblebee. VG 14) MCU Side view of A-4F with LT. MCGRAW aboard ready for catapult; plane is launched and air borne. VG 15) MS PAN to right of A-4C making a recovery. G 16) MS PAN to right to LT. MCGRAW'S a/c making a recovery. G 17) MS PAN view of A- 4F making a recovery. G 18) LA-MS LT. MCGRAW climbing down from cockpit, being congratulated by CDR ROBERT J. THOMAS, Commanding Officer of Attack Squadron 113, upon completion of his 200th combat mission over North Vietnam. G 19) CU LT. MCGRAW and CDR THOMAS walking down flight deck toward island. G 20) HA-MS PAN view of LT. MCGRAW walking down catwalk, starboard side. VG 21) LA-MLS Island structure, a/c parked in MBG forward of the island; E-2A attempts to make a landing in RBG; PAN to right with a/c air borne off the port side. G 22) HA-CU Blue Shirt relaxing on deck. VG 23) MS General view of island structure and a/c on flight deck; personnel are moving about the a/c. G 24) CU Front view of #65 on lower section on island; men are seen moving about the island; LCDR ROBERT R. BRENNOCK walking out of island with flight gear walks toward left carrying his helmet and leaves scene to left. G 25) MS Rear view, LCDR BRENNOCK walking toward his a/c. (scenes are short) G 26) CU LCDR BRENNOCK pre-flight checking his a/c, an A-4F. (SV) 27) LA-CU LCDR BRENNOCK on ladder rolling up a red flag; LCDR BRENNOCK climbing into cockpit. G 28) LA-CU Plane Captain handing LCDR BRENNOCK his gear and helmet. G 29) LA-CU LCDR BRENNOCK donning his helmet and closing the canopy. G 30) CU Side view of A-6A making a catapult launch from ship. G 31) MS Yellow Shirt directing the a/c on flight deck. G 32) CU Nose section of A-4F is seen from left on the catapult; plane is launched, PAN around to right showing A-4F air borne after launch. G 33) MCU PAN view of an A-4F making a recovery, taxiing forward. G 34) LA-MCU LCDR BRENNOCK climbing down from cockpit of a/c, being congratulated by CDR ROBERT J. THOMAS, Commanding Officer of Attack Squadron 113. (UX) G-F 35) MLS Three quarter rear view, UH-2C helicopter warming up on the flight deck edge. G 36) LA-LS Men and a/c on the flight deck; general scene. F 37) MS Three quarter rear view, A-6A with wings folded, being towed down the flight deck. F 38) CU Flight Deck Personnel chatting alongside an a/c. F 39) MS Three quarter rear view, A-6A being towed aft on flight deck by a tractor. F 40) MS Overall view of the island structure with a/c parked forward to the island. G 41) CU Number 65 on lower section of island. G-F 42) MCU Front view of LTJG THOMAS P. ANDERSON walking away from island in his flight gear. F-P 43) MCU PAN view of LTJG ANDERSON arriving to side of his A-4F, handing his gear to the Plane Captain. 44) CU LTJG ANDERSON pre-flight checking his a/c with the Plane Captain. G 45) CU LTJG ANDERSON checking over the nose of four 5' rockets in rocket pod under starboard wing. G 46) CU LTJG ANDERSON climbing around under tail of A-4F. G 47) MCU LTJG ANDERSON climbing ladder up to cockpit of a/c. (soft focus) F 48) CU Plane Captain looking up toward the Pilot. G 49) CU LTJG ANDERSON donning helmet. G 50) HA-MLS PAN view of ANDERSON being launched in his A-4F from the waist hatch. F 51) MCU PAN view of ANDERSON landing his A-4F; 5" rockets are seen in rocket pod under starboard wing. G-F 52) LA-MS ANDERSON climbing out of his cockpit. G 53) CU ANDERSON being congratulated by CDR ROBERT J. THOMAS, Commanding Officer of Squadron VA-113; ANDERSON chatts with CDR THOMAS, both men begin walking toward island. G-F 54) MLS General view of the parked a/c, Flight Deck Personnel are working in MBG between the two rows of a/c. G 55) LA-MS Overall view of island structure; nose of an A-4F comes into scene from L. VG 56) MS Overall view of the #65 on lower section of the island. G 57) MS LCDR PAUL D. STEPHENSON walking from island in his flight gear; a large wire basket of mail is setting next to the island; STEPHENSON walks by the camera in FG, PAN around to R showing a tail away view of STEPHENSON walking toward his a/c. G 58) MCU PAN view of STEPHENSON arriving at a/c, handing his bag and helmet to the Plane Captain, commences to pre-flight his a/c. G 59) LA-CU STEPHENSON pre-flight checking a/c with the Plane Captain. (SV) 60) LA-CU STEPHENSON climbing into cockpit. G 61) ECU STEPHENSON donning his helmet, checking his oxygen mask then lowering the canopy. G 62) CU Plane Captain giving thumbs up signal. G 63) LA-LS A-4E with STEPHENSON aboard, being launched from the waist catapult. G 64) LA-MS Catapult Officer giving a launch signal; some Green Shirts are seen in FG. G-F 65) LA-CU Three quarter front view, A-6A ready for launch; plane is launched and leaves scene to left. G-F 66) MCU PAN to right to A-4E bearing LCDR STEPHENSON making a recovery. G 67) CU Front view of plane moving into parking area. G 68) STEPHENSON climbing out of a/c, being congratulated by CDR J. L. NICHOLSON, Executive Officer of Attack Squadron 56, both men walk toward island.


Shot List 1) LA-CU Three quarter front view of RA5C making a recovery. P 2) LA-LS Unidt. a/c in flight. P 3) LA-CU Side view, F4J on flight deck; smoke is seen to R, PAN R to Fire Fighters with hoses; heavy smoke is seen over the flight deck, PAN back, showing A7As in line of fire; PAN L to Damage Control personnel. F-P 4) MS Black smoke rising from burning a/c on the flight decks personnel are seen amongst the burning a/c, fighting the fire. (SV, UX) F 5) LA-MS Looking up toward after part of flight deck with island structure seen to R; heavy smoke is seen rising from flight deck in BG; Damage Control personnel are fighting the fired PAN R showing a/c forward of island being hosed down; PAN L to fires burning on the after part of flight deck; PAN L as an explosion goes off. G 6) HA-MS Looking over after part of flight deck, showing Damage Control personnel fighting fires. (SV) (UX) out of focus) 7) HA-MS Burnt a/c on deck. G 8) HA-MS Two men carrying bunks from compartment. G 9) HA-LS Personnel on after part of flight deck amongst burnt a/c, smoke is seen coming up from EBG. F 10) HA-MS Looking down over personnel carrying wounded on a stretcher, F-P (UX) 11) HA-MS Damage control personnel hosing down an area. P 12) MLS Side view, CH3B, USAF Medic Medivac 'copter leaving carrier with wounded. F-P 13) HA-MS Wounded being moved across the flight deck. P 14) HA-MS UH2C type 'copter on the forward part of flight deck, waiting to remove wounded. P 15) HA-CU PAN view of flight deck, personnel and debris. P 16) HA-MS 'Copter turning up on the forward part of deck to remove wounded. (out of focus, unsteady, UX) P 17) LA-CU PAN view of flight deck area, showing Damage Control personnel in silhouette in BG amongst the fires, fighting the fires with hoses and foam. P 18) HA-CU Looking down over a Destroyer alongside the ENTERPRISE, assisting in fighting the fire; PAN R to Fire Fighters on the flight deck fighting fires. F 19) MS Heavy black smoke rising from the after part of flight deck as Fire Fighters in deep silhouette in FG are fighting the fire. (SV) F-P 20) LA-CU PAN view of Damage Control personnel fighting the fire. (SV, UX, out of focus) P 21) LS PAN view of flight deck area, island and forward of island. (OX, SV) P 22) HA-CU Looking down over DD alongside, assisting in fighting the fire; PAN R to personnel fighting the fire on the flight deck. P 23) MCU Silhouette of men on the flight deck; slow PAN to L showing more Fire Fighters on deck. USS ENTERPRISE FIRE (CVAN-65) PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII, 01/14/1969

Shot List

1) MLS Flight deck crews, hosing down smoldering a/c and debris on the flight deck, men are more or less in silhouette; F. 2) MS Two green shirts climbing over one of the burnt out a/c on the flight deck, PAN off to the right to another burnt out shell of an a/c; VG. 3) MS The burnt out a/c on deck; G. 4) HA LS Looking down over the starboard after side of the flight deck, showing the burnt out a/c, fire fighting crews are off to the right, hoses are stretched over the deck, the ship is underway at slow speed; VG. 5) HA MS Overlooking the burnt out a/c on the starboard after side and on the fantail area of the flight deck, fire hoses still stretched out over the deck with many of the crew on deck; VG. 6) HA MS Side view of a burnt out A-7A and a F-4J, PAN to the left over the tilly crane boom off to the left of the mass of burnt out a/c; VG 7) HA MS The burnt out a/c one on the port after side, a gaping hole is in the deck area, after the a/c alongside. PAN to the left over the several men on deck to the burnt out a/c, some worse than others; Men are seen around the a/c; VG. 8) LA MCU Damage to part of the antenna structure along the island; VG. 9) CU A small gaping hole in the bulkhead. 10) HA MLS PAN upwards to the damage to the flight deck, the burnt out a/c, some of the crew still on deck, wake of the ship is seen in the BG; VG. 11) HA MS Burnt out a/c, gaping burnt out hole in the flight deck; VG. 12) HA MS Men looking down over a gaping hole, blown into the flight deck, appears to have been blown downwards from an exploding bomb. 13) HA LS PAN view of a long line of fire fighters holding onto a fire hose, with some men standing around a smaller hole in the flight deck, aft on the port side. Burnt out a/c seen, in the BG; VG. 14) HA MLS Men looking around another gaping hole in the after part of the flight deck men tending a fire hose in the FG, many are relieved, men are red shirts; G. 15) HA MS Fork lift and a tractor amongst the debris and burnt out a/c on deck, PAN to the left showing damage to flight deck and catwalk, PAN back to right to men walking about deck. Fork lift is attempting to offload some of the junk off the fantail, by pushing it overboard; VG 16) HA MLS Burnt out a/c along the starboard after side of the flight deck, PAN off to the right over the after part of the flight deck showing the many holes blown in the flight deck, fire fighters still on deck; VG. 17) A-G LS Starb'd beam view of the USS ENTERPRISE (CVA-65) underway at sea, after the terrific fire abd the flight deck area. PAN up to the reflection on the left; G-F. 18) A-G MS Starb'd quarter view of the ENTERPRISE underway, showing damage to the after part of the flight deck; Destroyer Escort is seen underway in the MBG, slot PAN to the wake of the Air Carrier, release canopy reflection is seen; G- -F. 19) A-G, MCU Looking down over the port quarter of the ENTERPRISE, showing the overall damage to the flight deck aft, slow PAN down the port side, rather unsteady PAN PAN back to the right to damage on the after part of the flight deck, scenes unsteady; F. 20) MCU PAN view of the Carrier underway at sea, framed by pilot of the helicopter in the FG, in the cockpit, looking off to right through his window; VG. 21) A-G CU PAN view along the port side of the ENTERPRISE, showing the men on deck, damage to the after part of the flight deck, bad reflection in the scene. 22) A-G CU RA-5C on the forward section of tbe flight deck, damage in the FBG; F-P. 23) MS Men around a partially burnt out a/c on the flight deck, port side, more damage to other a/c seen in the left; VG. 24) MS Some green shirts around a burnt out hulk of a/c on the flight deck, somewhat unsteady; F. 25) MS Debris on the flight deck, (was once an a/c); G. 26) MS The burnt out hulk of the RA-5C, a group of men standing off to the right looking on; G. 27) MCU Men standing around burnt out sections of a/c; G. 28) MS A wing section of a KA-3B which was badly demolished, open sea seen in the BG, fire hose is stretched out on flight deck in the FG; G. 29) MLS The flight deck crew, spraying the fog foam over some of the burnt out a/c in the BG; VG. 30) CU A burnt out a/c, green shirts are seen around the a/c; VG. 31) MCU Men carrying injured man on the stretcher over the flight deck, PAN to the right showing a tail away view of men walking down the deck towards a U.S.A.F., CH-3B helicopter on deck awaiting the injured to be carried off to the mainland at Oahu; Injured are lowered ab'd the helicopter; G. 32) LA CU Rear view of the CH-3B lifting off, in flight towards the BG; G. 33) MCU Three quarter rear view of UH-34D, Marine helicopter on deck; G. 34) MCU ADM John HYLAND, CINCPACFLEET, and party approaching up the flight deck and on past the camera to inspect the damage of the flight deck; VG. 35) MCU PAN view of ADM John J, HYLAND and party walking aft on the flight deck, crews are still seen in the BG with fire hoses; G. 36) CU A large gaping hole blown downwards into the flight deck, PAN to the right to ADM HYLAND and party inspecting the severe damage; VG. 37) MS ADM HYLAND looking down near the hole, burnt out a/c seen in the BG, PAN downward showing the very large hole, 15 to 18 feet across, debris seen down in the lower FG in the hole; VG. 38)MS ADM HYLAND and party standing on the edge of the gaping hole in the flight deck, burnt out a/c seen in the BG; VG. 39) CU ADM HYLAND being briefed by an officer in a white helmet, hard hat, some damage is framed in the BG; G. 40) MS The red shirts standing around the flight deck with the deflated fire hoses, some hoses over their shoulders; G. 41) MCU ADM HYLAND with his hat off, bending over looking down in the gaping hole in the flight deck, PAN on down to the FG showing the large rip hole and debris; VG. 42) MS PAN view of the burnt out a/c on the flight deck, swish PAN to the left to ADM HYLAND and his party; VG 43) MS The debris on the flight deck of the burnt out a/c. A lone red shirt is walking about in the BG; G. 44) MCU ADM HYLAND, his hat in hand, two other officers, they chat, walking over the fire hoses, amidst the burnt out a/c; VG. 45) HA CU A shoe on deck amidst the debris on deck; G. 46) CU Looking down over two shoes, burnt to the sole, on the flight deck. PAN upwards to the charred, burnt a/c; VG.

This video documents the tragic fire aboard Enterprise (CVAN-65) in January 1969. The first part of the video is a Navy training film titled "Accidents Don't Just Happen." This narrated film (approximately 10 minutes) compares and contrasts the causes and events leading up to the Oriskany fire in 1966, Forrestal fire in 1967 and Enterprise fire in 1969.

The remainder of the video is not narrated (music soundtrack); and is divided into four parts: activity on Enterprise's flight deck in July 1968, firefighting efforts by sailors aboard Enterprise in January 1969, the aftermath of the fire and damage assessment, and Enterprise's subsequent return to Pearl Harbor.


Color/B&W, 45 minutes

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Service: Navy
Theater: Vietnam

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