Bryan-College Station: Quick Facts

Population of Bryan: 64,209

Population of College Station: 73,026

Population of Brazos County: 156,700

Average Annual Rainfall: 39 inches

Average Elevation: 367 feet above sea level

Average Temperature: 68 degrees

Agricultural Resources: Cattle, corn, cotton, eggs, hay, sorghum

Mineral Resources: Sand, gravel, lignite, gas, oil

Location: 95 miles north of Houston, 169 miles south of Dallas, 166 miles northeast of San Antonio and 104 miles east of Austin; 75% of the Texas and Louisiana populations, a total of 13.1 million people, reside within 3 1/2 driving hours of B-CS.

City Governments: Council/Manager

Public Safety: 178 police officers, 70 patrol cars, 147 firefighters

Total Employment: 101,979

  • Brazos County: 86,550
  • Bryan: 36,188
  • College Station: 39,469

Sales Tax: 8.25%

Bryan: Established in 1859 in honor of William Joel Bryan, nephew of Texas pioneer Stephen F. Austin. Incorporated in 1871, Bryan prospered with its robust agricultural resources and a railway system completed in 1876. That same year, the State of Texas established the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas just south of Bryan.

College Station: Planned as a model community by college professors when the college could no longer accommodate their living needs on campus. College Station, named as a railway stop by the Postal Service in 1877, burgeoned in the 1960s when the college opened its doors to women and became Texas A&M University.

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