Dr. Joseph D'Appolito

Dr. Joseph D’Appolito
Chief Designer, Snell Acoustics

Dr. D'Appolito is an internationally recognized authority on loudspeaker system design and testing. He has designed over 80 highly successful loudspeaker systems for both private and commercial clients, including the ARIA 5 Point Source for Focal, France that was selected loudspeaker of the year for 1991 by hi-fi video magazine (Paris) and the Signature Home Theater loudspeaker system for HECO/Recoton, GmbH.

Dr. D'Appolito originated the popular MTM (mid/tweeter/mid) loudspeaker geometry, commonly known as the "D'Appolito Configuration." Known for its ability to better control vertical system polar response, this driver arrangement has been copied widely by numerous manufacturers throughout the world and used in many THX-certified loudspeakers.

Dr. D'Appolito has published over 30 refereed professional journal and conference papers. He is a Contributing Editor to AudioXpress Magazine and has published numerous articles in the popular audio hobbyist press. His new book, Testing Loudspeakers, is now available from
Audio Amateur Press.

Dr. D'Appolito worked in the defense industry for a number of years, but now runs his own consulting firm, Audio and Acoustics, Ltd. In this capacity he servers as Chief Engineer for Snell Acoustics and maintains a continuing relationship with HECO/Recoton, GmbH and Usher Audio Technology. He has also designed numerous DIY projects for Focal America, Audax, RCM Akustik and SEAS

Dr. D'Appolito holds the BEE (1958), SMEE (1964), EE(1964) and Ph.D.(1969) degrees in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Massachusetts.